Maine Sebago Lakes Regional Fun!

Those of us blessed to work here at Maine Real Estate Choice know the value that comes with owning property here in the region. Whether you plan on living here full time year-round or if you are looking for that second home or camp for weekend or seasonal getaway fun, a huge blessing being located here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, includes the many activities available in this four seasons region where many of us are blessed to call home.
While we are on average a half hour to 45 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean to our east, we are only on average 45 minutes to an hour away from truly world class mountains located in both western Maine and eastern New Hampshire, especially in the White Mountains Nation onal Forest. The highest peak in the continental northeast, Mt. Washington, is clearly visible from the heart of our great Sebago Lakes Region, weather permitting, and the diversity this region offers our day-to-day options is the envy of many who have neither mountain activity nor ocean activity options available on any given day. And being here, now major city access is not only just a two hour drive to Boston, but if you so choose, the Amtrak Downeaster is now a seasoned option for hassle-free simple and fun options into North Station Boston Garden. Check out the Dome Car options coming up this month:

Whatever you might want to do, odds are very good that you can enjoy it here, or, nearby the great Sebago Lakes Maine Region.

Get out there, and make it a great week!

Mid-July Peak Summer Season

It is mid-July here in the Maine Sebago Lakes region,  and it’s important to remember – especially for those of us blessed to live hear full time – that well within a one hour drive, the ocean and some of the finest mountains anywhere on earth, are right here. And in-between: you can enjoy dozens and dozens of lakes, ponds, and hiking or you can climb aboard the Amtrack Downeaster train in Portland for Boston, or north to stops in Freeport and Brunswick.. and soon beyond. Your love of trains can take you west to North Conway to the scenic ride station in the middle of downtown, and the cog railway to the highest point in the Northeast, up the west side of Mount Washington. If you prefer you can drive to the summit up the Mount Washington Auto Road to the summit, always a memorable experience. And while we are talking about driving, here is a worthwhile area tip to remember: if you can avoid driving west on Route 302 during the weekly peak: which happens Friday starting early to mid-afternoons into the early evening, you will be glad that you did, the northbound Maine Turnpike peak each week. Also avoiding traveling eastbound on route 302 mid-to-late afternoons Sunday’s is recommended, as is an early Sunday arrival onto the Maine Turnpike southbound. Enjoyment of what you want to do here in peak summer season is often about ‘the early bird getting the worm.’ Early arrivals are a must at lake beaches such as TassleTop in Raymond and Sebago Lake State Park in Naples if you are expecting a place to park or entrance at these and the many other beaches here in the region on the busiest days. And one last reminder for this peak summer 2018 season: everyone wants your summer fun to be without incidents so make sure that you and your family members wear sunscreen, drive safety, and do not let anyone drink and drive!
Make it a great week from all of us here at Maine Real Estate Choice!

Summer 2018

Summer 2018

With this weekend ending the Fourth of July festivities, I suggest we can expect this Monday early morning work commute to be back to a more normal flow, with many individuals taking four vacation days around the Independence Day Holiday this year.
Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice hopes you have all enjoyed the holiday this year, and we could not be more thrilled about many things here these days: who can complain about the great weather, and the wonder and the joy that is the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, especially at this time of year. One thing that we all want you to be aware of, is that there has never been a better time to look into what your property is really worth, in today’s market. Even if you are only remotely considering selling or relocating of possibly upgrading your home, or downsizing and simplifying is what may be best for you and your family, please give us a call. We can not emphasize enough that you may have the ability to afford a lot more than you may think, based on the fact that almost every property that does go to market at this time, is receiving unprecedented attention and value. We are more than pleased to sit down and talk with you about your short term goals and we want to fully understand your long term goals as well, to give you the best possible advice so that our valuable team members experience can help you as it has helped so many here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region. We are pleased to supply references because we pride ourselves on our client relationships and our work ethic to do our very best to meet and exceed your needs. It has never been more important to have a Real Estate Agent at your side – and please ask us why if you are not sure why this is true in today’s marketplace – and we strongly suggest it has never been more important to have the right Real Estate Agent, at your side. Calling us today, is a great way to accomplish this! We look forward to hearing from you!

Summer 2018 Is Officially Here!

Each year we celebrate the first day of summer which is officially the longest day of the year this June 21st! As Summer officially arrives, so has some delightfully warm and even hot weather here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region.  The 4th of July is right around the corner in a couple of weeks, falling on a Wednesday this year, marking some of the busiest times here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region with our many waterfront and water veiw property owners arriving to enjoy the many events like the Maine Blues Festival – Always on Fathers Day Weekend! – being deemed a well-attended and rousing success again this year!  The parking lot at Tony’s and the Umbrella Factory outlet is always a great indicator of bustling activity here in town. Our Marinas all are very busy as watercraft lovers get out to enjoy the many area lakes and connecting waterways. There are many area 4th of July Fireworks displays and festivities planned, and like each year, Harrison Old Home days and Casco Days celebrations will be soon follow. 

Here is a great tool provided by the State of Maine, especially if you enjoy Fireworks displays! Check the many pages of events here at the official State of Maine website, and click the Search box half way down the page:

It is certainly a great and event-filled time of year to enjoy our region.

For your best possible real estate experience here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region, an area roughly 20-30+ miles west of Portland including Bridgton, Harrison, Naples, Casco, Raymond, Gray, Windham, Standish, Sebago, Denmark, Brownfield, Fryeburg, Lovell, Sweden, Stow, Stoneham, Norway, Oxford, Otisfield and Waterford – we want to help you with all of your Real Estate needs. Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice looks forward to providing you the Real Estate experience, that you desire! Call us today. You will be very glad, that you did!


Seems Like Summer 2018

With weekend activities in full swing this first week of June, and the increase in vehicle traffic here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, we can already remind you to head west early on Route 302 any Friday from now until the Fall, and start heading east early on any Sunday – if you want to maximize and be most efficient on how much time you’ll need to spend in your car in the area! It does seem like summer already with the marina slips full of boats and lake and nearby ocean moorings reaching capacity, even though technically it is not summer until the week after next. Does anyone else still find it odd, each year, that on the very first official day of summer, the days actually peak in length and then start to get shorter? It just simply feels wrong, for the last day of Spring to be the longest day and shortest night, of the year. Already here in the Sebago Lakes Region of Maine you can still see light in the sky and the last parts of a good sunset as late as nine-thirty in the evening, and that will extend to almost ten p.m. here in the area, as we approach the official Calendar start of summer 2018. Per the title of this blog, there is more excellent weather predicted for the next week and the immediate beyond, leading up to the first official day of summer. It is a very exciting time here in the region, with one of our major area events taking place next week – and always, on Fathers Day Weekend. We hope that you might visit us at our office here in Naples Maine sometime on Father’s Day Weekend, as here in Naples, the Maine Blues Festival that starts on Friday evening and runs through Sunday evening on several outdoor stages and within many Naples, Maine establishments during Father’s Day Weekend, is happening this next weekend, with Father’s day falling on the 17th of June this year. If you have never come to the Maine Blues Festival, it is almost impossible to have anything other than a delightful time. Please take a look at his year’s schedule of events, and everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice hopes that we will see you here in town, next weekend!

This Weekend It’s June!

Somehow we are all in the month of June this weekend and it is certainly still peak season in our industry here at Maine Real Estate Choice, located in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region here in Naples, ME on Route 302, directly across from Route 11. The reality with the real estate market for the foreseeable future, is that every season is continuing to be peak season due to high demand exceeding inventory, and it is rare these days for a home, land, waterfront, water view with water access, or Mountain View options to not end up exceeding asking price, due to competing multiple offers often being a reality. If you have any interest in finding out what your property could actually be worth in today’s unique environment, please call us, or better yet stop by today. We would love to meet you and have you meet our staff.  What sets us apart is our people. We are a team of dedicated individuals who each want you to be successful whether you are looking to get top value for your property, or you are seeking that special spot to call yours, either full-time or as a seasonal or weekend getaway spot, we have the people with the experience you need to maximize your success.
Here’s a tip from local weather folks, due to area headlines like this, this week:

What’s Going On? Warmest May In Portland & Record Dry Late Spring

Most yards, plans, and landscaping are literally starving for water compared to normal seasons. The best time to water is early morning pre-Dawn to early morning, and then again early evening to dusk. It’s okay to bucket water shrubs and landscaping as their roots systems can absorb and maintain one-time large waterings, and it’s the lawns that need the morning and early evening consistent waterings to give them a chance to start the season off right, due to the dry month of May that is now just behind us, this weekend. Good luck to all doing yard work, and please make sure that if you or anyone you know are interested in learning the true value of property, or if you are looking for just that special location here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, call us today at (207) 693-5200. Thank you!

The Beginning Of Summer Is Upon Us!

Even though it is not officially summer, this Memorial Day Holiday weekend always welcomes many regular visitors and seasonal property owners back to our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region for summer fun activities. Many are opening up their camps, getting their boats in the water, and there are several opportunities to have services taken care of for you, and here are a couple of examples:

Here are some of the popular Marina’s in the area for those with boats, or for those looking for a new or previously-owned boat, or a good place to keep your boat, and some great places to explore fun on our area waterways!


There are many great lakes and ponds and spots to explore with your canoe, kayak, sailboat, boat, or powered watercraft, and here are just some examples of popular places to put your craft, in the water:

Sebago Lake Station Landing

and for those interested in all of your options on every body of water, the State of Maine provides this excellent resource:

Remember that if you are planning on bringing a boat into the state that there are very clear requirement for the cleanliness of your watercraft here in the state. Milfoil has received recognition, and for your awareness you can familiarize yourself and your family with these facts:

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice located in the heart of the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region wants you and your family to have a great summer this 2018 season. If you are even remotely considering selling land, property, water-view, mountain-view, or waterfront real estate we strongly urge you to give us a call first, or last, but call us because due to our recent expansion we know that you will benefit from our important increase in area expertise! Our team has the facts, statistics, and hands-on years of knowledge necessary to provide you and your family the best possible experience during these crazy – crazy good! – times of still relatively low inventory and record price points. Let us help you negotiate your best opportunity for success. There has never been a more important time, to select the best possible Real Estate Agency and agent to represent you. Call us today. You will be glad that you did!
(207) 693-5200

Reminders This Spring

As the biggest of the snow piles disappear as if by magic and green overtakes brown here in the Sebago Lakes Region of Maine, there are a few reminders and thoughts we’d like to share with you. The first, is all about those of you who are looking at building lots, and lots of land whether you are thinking of selling, or you are in the market to buy land to build just what you have in mind. To really see what you will see from late November through late Spring, you will need to get out and see those spots, or show off your spots soon, if you want non-foliage views as there are now many buds starting to appear on the trees. For those of us who travel in New England, we can attest that the leaves budding out and turning into foliage that will block lot see through capabilities, are happening just an hour or two south via car, with the weather predicted likely to rapidly increase the greening, and spring foliage, of our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region. Another important reminder worthy of mention is that this season is being reported to be one that is very favorable for the possibility of you – and don’t forget your pets – to pick up deer and wood tics even if you are not spending much time in the woods. This appears to be a year due to conditions where the reminder that “the tics are thick” is a good one, and to always check yourselves and your pets for the pesky little pests.  Especially since our pets can easily bring them back into our homes, where they can jump or fall off ready to attach to any potential host. Now that the snow has finally melted, the adult tics that failed to find a host in the fall, are now out in substantial numbers throughout the spring, dying off in early summer.
The deer tick nymph season starts in early June, peaks in early July, and ends in August. The risk of contracting Lyme and other tick-borne diseases is highest then, because the small nymphs, smaller than a sesame seed, are difficult to see and their bite is painless. So remain diligent, be aware, and make it a great week!

Post Tax Time Advantages

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice located in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region is excited about this time of year.  And for good business reasons beyond the grass turning green and the trees starting to bud with flowers, which are now appearing as the final snow piles swiftly melt away.  This is the timeframe each year when buyers and sellers who want to take that extra step for staging or final improvements, often have additional cash flow and down payment funds thanks to the IRS and state refunds that are now appearing in individuals mailboxes, and often now directly into bank accounts via Direct Deposit.  For those considering selling, as long as you have lived in the property you are considering selling for two of the past five years, here is something you want to understand fully.  The two year Ownership and Use Rule is as follows and here’s the most important thing you need to know: To qualify for the $250,000/$500,000 home sale exclusion, you must own and occupy the home as your principal residence for at least two years before you sell it, of the previous 5 years. Your home can be a house, apartment, condominium, stock-cooperative, or mobile home fixed to land. If you meet all the requirements for the exclusion, you can take the $250,000/$500,000 exclusion any number of times. But you may not use it more than once, every two years, and the two-year rule is really quite generous, since most people live in their home at least that long before they sell it, and we as Americans move on average, once every seven years. By wisely using the exclusion, you can buy and sell many homes over the years and avoid income taxes on your profits.

One aspect of the exclusion that can be confusing is that ownership and use of the home don’t need to occur at the same time. As long as you have at least two years of ownership and two years of use during the five years before you sell the home, the ownership and use can occur at different times. This is a fact many recent renters and new Landlords may not fully understand. And regardless of these facts, inventory is still historically low as are lending rates however we are seeing interest rates now trending upwards so there has never been a better time to call us to represent you, as a seller or as you seek that Maine Sebago Lakes Region spot ideal for you.   Call us today and make it a great week!

Feeling Like Spring 2018

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice – located in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region – is thrilled about the slow yet steady turn of the season towards a much warmer spring this year. The days have been quite bright, clear, and the warmer trends we are seeing here during the daytime here in region are starting to slowly yet surely get us out of the overnight temperatures still below freezing. For those who may have picked some of the latest “Ice Out Predictions” in years and possibly ever, good for you, as this year is predicted to possibly break records on our many Lakes and Ponds as to when the last ice will finally disappear below the surface in 2018. Looking forward past the beginning of this week, there are no more overnights nor days starting with a temperature below freezing, and for us to be able to say that only as we approach the end of April, should give everyone reading an excellent idea why our many lakes and ponds here in the great Maine Sebago Lake region, are yet to experience ice out.
You can follow the ice out dates on your favorite Maine lake or pond here:

And now is an excellent time to really plan your spring cleanup and small projects for early spring for your yard, and your properties. It looks like we are finally turning the corner towards what will hopefully be a very short next season here in the region, which we affectionately call “mud season”.

And due to our daytime temperatures having been much more reasonable these last couple of weeks even though it has been chilly at night, the frost will not be coming out of the ground “all at once” which does happen in some seasons, and it looks like this year we will not have much of a difficult “mud season”.


Make it a great week!