Upcoming Winter Fun 2019

As we approach the middle of January 2019 already, let’s take a closer look at upcoming winter events here in our region. Just about one month away there are two of our larger events taking place here in the Maine Sebago Lakes region and just west, in Bridgton, on the weekend of February 26th.
Here is a link to the Bridgton Winter carnival:



Greater Bridgton Lakes Region Winter Carnival
February 16, 2019
Headlined by sleigh rides, dogsled rides, a polar dip, and ice fishing, this button-admission event also includes a snowshoe 5K, ice bar, and evening fireworks.



Also February 16th and 17th, 2019: the annual Sebago Lake fishing derby will be taking place on Sebago Lake on both Saturday and Sunday that same weekend as the Bridgton Saturday Winter Carnival event:

Sebago Derby

These are well attended annual events that – much like the Naples Maine Blues Festival weekend that always takes place on Fathers Day weekend each year – find themselves growing in popularity each year. And once again, if anyone pulls a record Togue through the ice, the prize for that fish will earn you an amazing $100,000.00 prize!

We do not speak often enough about how blessed we are here at Maine Real Estate Choice to be located right directly in the heart of the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region here on Route 302 directly across from the intersection of Route 11 here in Naples Maine, where we as dedicated agents in a great organization, have a singular advantage of being located truly in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region. So many people vacation here, and have vacation properties for good reason, and we are so very fortunate and thankful to be able to enjoy our area, year round! We are truly a four season destination, and we hope that we can help you with any of your Real Estate needs here in the region. Give us a try. You will be glad that you did!

Awesome News – Please Read !!

We are very proud to announce in this blog that our all-new Maine Sebago Lakes Region Maine Real Estate Choice Website along with it’s many helpful resources, is now available to everyone here:



Please cut/paste and save this URL as a favorite.  There are so many great reasons why, way beyond this blog that you are reading, where we do our best to keep you apprised of current events and happenings here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, along with tips and helpful information we feel can be helpful to our appreciated clients, readers and followers.
Why save this URL?
Information is Power!
Let’s start with our Statistics Option drop-downs:
Select any one of the two dozen tabs and within, you will find a wealth of information. Facts are facts and statistics that we keep and track here at Maine Real Estate Choice, have tremendous value! Who would you rather have working for you, someone who might help sell or purchase a couple of waterfront properties each year, because they are a friend of a friend who may be a great general Real Estate agent, or, will you be better served from one of our agents who specializes here in the region, here at Maine Real Estate Choice? The facts are astounding when you look at them, and we are very pleased to allow you to learn for yourselves the many important factors as to why we know we can diligently be a most important part towards your ultimate success, here at Maine Real Estate Choice! We explain a lot with the facts provided with our powerful new web presence, as to why that is true, in the many pages within!
Under out new Main Menu you will find:
The Home Page: Our welcome, with website guide information.
Our About Us, gives you our Team Member Bios, our location and contact options.
The 5 tabs under our Listings Section provides a wealth of search, for sale, and sold information at your fingertips.
The wealth of information awaiting you in our Lake Region Info, Resources, and Links drop-downs menus, is best described with you exploring there, too, yourselves!

We are very proud of our investment, and we hope that you will share this resource and the valuable information within freely, with your family and friends!
Make it a great week! See you next year, this time next week!

2018 Holiday Thanks

As the last full week before Christmas 2018 approaches here in our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, it appears we will be inconvenienced at the end of this weekend, whether-wise.  Sunday night through the Monday morning commute, and well into Monday, we have snow in our forecast with varying amounts depending upon how close or how far away you are from the coast. Right now, early this weekend, the whether from Virginia to New Your City to Toronto to Cleveland and back, is currently frightful.. and headed our way! For those with school-aged children it is possible that Monday morning may bring a snow day to some communities here in the region, and this weekend will be a good time to prep the outside of your properties, accordingly.
Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice is very excited for our significant investment in being the best possible Agency for you, in all aspects of your Real Estate needs. We have an unparalleled team of experienced Real Estate Agents. We also know how important it is to understand and leverage the facts for our clients, in and on the many towns and lakes here that we specialize in, that no one knows better than our collective team. We as an agency understand how important statistics are when you are looking to buy or sell property.  Please stop by and let us explain to you why now, in this very strong market still especially for sellers, it has never been more important for you to have a trusted and experienced Real Estate agent at your side, regardless if you are selling or buying.  The overall value and actual bottom-line reality is consistently better when working with a good Real Estate Agent, to avoid those too-often costly pre and post-close mistakes, omissions, or oversights.

As this Holiday and end-of-year Season fast approaches, our dedicated team here at Maine Real Estate Choice wishes you great success and happiness. This is a season of reflection, giving thanks, and of appreciation for the many gifts we each have. Even when there are difficult moments or situations in our individual lives, we each have much to be thankful for. We sincerely thank the many of you that have helped make 2018 a great year here at Maine Real Estate Choice. The opportunity to help you with diligence and pride with pleasure, really is a gift that the entire team here at Maine Real Estate Choice is truly thankful for.

And as always: Make it a great week!

Post Thanksgiving Real Estate Fun!

From everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice, we all hope that your travels and time this Thanksgiving holiday has been safe, and enjoyable.
On Monday November 26th the majority of us will be back to work, some of us back on a diet, and many reading this will be more focused on what is left for gift buying, now that we are post Black Friday deal shopping. It is worth reminding everyone how blessed we really are here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region of Maine. We are less than an hour to great summer beaches and also less than an hour to some of the best mountains anywhere, in our western Maine mountains and in the White Mountains in our neighboring state of New Hampshire. We have been talking a lot about the value of investigating the worth of your home and your property should you have any desires in considering selling anytime soon, as it is certainly still a sellers market. Our Maine Lakes Region has great value year round thanks to the beauty and convenience here, and there is zero need to wait until spring in a market that is still not only strong, the market is also still very low on inventory, allowing for proper valuations and asking prices to result in the real possibility of above-asking-price results. Here are a couple of important questions to ask yourself: Are you currently living in an ideal location for you? Remember that  your location is absolutely the ideal location, for someone out there! Are you in your dream home, today? Congratulations if you responded with two yes answers. We suggest that life is too short to spend it, with too much time in a non-optimal situationir location. We hope you will call us today. Our goal is to really listen, and to help you and yours make your Real Estate dreams, come true!

Approaching Thanksgiving

We are about ten days from Thanksgiving here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region.  It is time to finish winterizing and get those final outdoor fall projects completed prior to consistent cold.  The approaching snow and frozen weather is on the horizon here and a reality just an hour or two north of here, these days. The spectacular morning and evening clear views of Mt. Washington have more of the summit and great mountain covered in white this past week. A true bell weather of where we at at, here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region. It’s beginning to more consistently drop below freezing overnight, with the daytime temperatures now struggling to reach the upper 40’s to 50 degree mark during the decreasing daylight hours. The approaching Holidays are both a joyous, yet often stressful time for many – in part due to the decreasing sunlight – and also with the gathering of extended family and each of us wishing for our offspring, only increasing opportunities.
Each of us here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants only the best possible outcomes for you and your family, and here are some important Fall tips for you. Any outdoor painting or deck staining you may want to accomplish prior to spring 2019 only has a very few possible days remaining that will be warm enough to allow for those projects. Same with yard cleanups now that there are many more leaves on the ground than are remaining in the trees surrounding our properties. It is time to tune-up our snowblowers and snow removal vehicles. Double-check your home heating oil tanks and heating systems. When was the last time yours was cleaned? Deck and outdoor furniture needs to be stored away, and if you happen to grill outside all winter as I do, it is much easier to fill up that primary and back-up propane tank now, when you don’t have to carry them in slippery and icy conditions.

If you are considering purchasing, selling, or looking at property: there truly is no better time than right now. This is because you are beginning to see exactly what views the property will see – and how it will be seen by others – with no foliage cover from November through April. And as we enter the second full week in November 2018, there is absolutely no reason to hesitate if you might be concerned that your property may be worth more “come Spring” vs. now, from a market perspective. The housing market has rarely been stronger than right now. Inventory is low. Homes are selling in hours and days, as opposed to weeks or months on the market, with multiple offers and above-asking-price being common with proper market evaluation and pricing. That, is our specialty.  It is our pleasure to assist you with all of your Real Estate needs.  We hope that you will look to us now.   There is no reason to wait, as may have been true in the past.  There has never been a better time to explore the possibilities, than right now. We hope you will call us today! (207) 693-5200
Make it a great week!


As we put away all of the Halloween lights and goulish lawn ornaments, witches, spider webs, headstones and Jack-O-Lantern decorations for this 2018 season, here are some thoughts as to some soon must-do’s and seasonal should-do’s.

Before the white stuff really starts to fly, do you want to have – or do you already have – a “plow guy” for big storms? Now is the best time to confirm things, or, to ask around for those providing residential plowing service this season.  The worst time to need assistance getting plowed-out is when that unexpected first snow happens to be a 24” to 36” event, and you then need to scramble to find someone to help you – when everyone needs help! So discuss your needs, plan expectations, and you can avoid unexpected difficulties!

If you have not yet cleaned your furnace, get it done, and you will maximize your fuel efficiency by making sure all is running in top shape. It is also the best time to fuel up.  Typically, once the first cold snap happens, we see a rush to demand and a rise in home heating fuel pricing. The average price of home heating oil right now is in the $2.80-$2.90 range here regionally this first week of November, 2018. No one expects those prices to drop any time soon.

Words of Safety:  Look carefully at the exhaust of your heating units. Should they exit via the wall of your home as many do today, is there anything located outside underneath that vent, that would allow for the snow to quickly build-up and then cover up your vent? Have any creatures like birds, mice or squirrels built any nests where you might not expect? Now is the time to look carefully for safety reasons. And along with safety, as we change the clocks and ‘Fall Back’ 1 hour, it is prudent to change the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at this time.  We want a very safe and enjoyable upcoming winter season for everyone here in our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region.
Make it a great week!

Enjoying Halloween

It is that time of year again when everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice – located in the heart of the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region – we know how important it is to remind everyone that this coming Wednesday it will be very, very important to drive very safely in the late afternoon and after-dark early evening hours, as Halloween is celebrated. We all want only a very safe and delightful day in our region for all during this year’s celebration. As always on this Holiday there will be many excited children in costume Trick-or-Treating in the dark that is now our late afternoon, again this year during a regular weekday commute home from work. Driving extra attentively is imperative as you approach and enter any neighborhoods on the 31st late afternoon and early evening. There are few holidays that children look forward to more than Halloween and we want to remind you that excited young children often act impulsively without understanding the potential danger of how their actions – which can be the opposite of a pleading parent – could get them in swift danger and in harms way in our many neighborhoods. On Wednesday it will be a best practice to expect the unexpected when driving in the afternoon and evening. No one wants any reports of any difficulties, especially here in the great Maine Lakes Region where there are many neighborhoods that are traditionally very safe locations for our trick or treaters of all ages, who look to spread the joy on this ghoulishly fun 2018 evening. The weather is predicted to be cloudy and in the in low 50 degree range dropping into the upper 40’s this coming Wednesday. Thank you for making sure that you spread the word and remind everyone you know that is driving on Wednesday, to be extra careful and expect, the unexpected! Thank you again this year! And as always, make it a great week!

Looking Towards Peak Foliage Season

With the end of Fair Season here in the great Sebago Lakes region of Maine, we usually are looking at vest, flannel shirt, and hat weather as we transition into full fall season, but not so fast! We certainly have some Indian summer hanging tough here,
going into the second full week of October, temperatures many days this week coming are predicted to be in the 70’s and even the low 80°’s! And a reminder: Trick or Treaters will be out at the end of this month and there are bulk deals on candy available still now while it is warm and the demand is not yet peak. And though daylight savings time usually takes place in late October, this year it is a bit later and is still almost a month away, with the clocks not falling back until November 4th this year. Our Maine Sebago Lakes Region is beginning to enjoying almost peak foliage with the higher elevations to our west and north now reaching peak colors with our weather still not giving us any sign of a hard frost yet overnight in sight. Home heating oil prices have gone up 10 to 15 cents, to an average around $2.80 per gallon as we all should check our fuel gages and plan accordingly.  This is also a great time to come and see us so you can visit the camp and the Lakefront properties we have to offer while it is still easy to get to all properties, before the snow does fly this fall, and so that we can show you  the many value-packed opportunities we have to offer throughout our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region.
We offer a full assortment of real estate services including the sale and purchase of residential property, land, vacation, lakefront and waterfront homes, fixer-uppers, commercial, new construction packages. Our experience in the region is unmatched! Call us today. You will be glad that you did!

Make it a great week!

Approaching Fall 2018

It is officially Fall this next weekend starting on Saturday. A clearer sign for me, is the annual Cumberland Fair starting Sunday September 23rd for a week, immediately followed by the Fryeburg Fair starting Sunday September 30th. And for you fans of the Fryeberg Fair, this places Monday October 1st as Woodsman’s Day, a great annual event, here in the great Maine Lakes Region Of Maine. With two of our big area Agricultural Fairs rapidly approaching on the horizon, you can visit the official websites for entertainment and schedules of events at these URL’s / Links:

Welcome to the 147th Cumberland Fair


With our weather getting cooler at night and our daylight fading earlier and earlier each evening it seems, it is going to be increasingly important to consider preparations for our colder weather season, that is also not far over the horizon. It will soon be time to remove window air conditioning units to conserve heat, with furnace and heating units now starting-up as the daylight each day keeps shortening. Make sure that your oil burning furnaces, your wood stoves, your pellet stoves, and all of your heating units are safe and in good running condition. Cleaning them now will pay you measurable dividends in lower maintenance costs and fuel savings.  If you have storm windows, it will soon be time for the glass to be in place instead of screens, and tighten-up any drafty areas such as doors, including your garage door if you have an attached garage.  Soon the leaves that have started to turn will be falling from the trees. My personal wish is that we will not have to start doing our Fall season yard work clean-up, until after we’ve had a chance to get out and enjoy some time at the area Agricultural Fairs with family and friends. Be thankful that we have recently been spared some very difficult weather that has way too much of our friends in the  mid-Atlantic Region now flooded due to Hurricane Florence.  Let’s get out and enjoy our delightful Maine Sebago Lakes Region this late summer and Fall!

Worthwhile Seasonal Efforts

Whether you are preparing your home for sale, or you are out looking at new property with us or others, or, you are a property owner reading this that is also feeling the change in the season, it is time to prepare our properties for the upcoming season here in the great Sebago Lakes Region of Maine.
One of the most important annual, or at least every other seasonal events, is maintenance to your heating system. Furnaces should be cleaned, all furnace and  fuel filters should be changed, and you should carefully inspect your exhaust path for any obstructions, birds or bees nests, making sure that your burned fuel efficiently and effectively exits your structure. These facts lead directly to protecting yourself and those you care about should anything malfunction in your heating systems.  Any old smoke detector should be replaced with new detectors that will sound in the event of fire, or in the presence of any carbon monoxide, also making an alert noise when the primary or back-up battery is approaching its need to be replaced.  Other efficient steps are to clean the sills in your home for effective shutting and locking of all of your windows and doors, significantly reducing drafts. If you do not have storm windows to put in place of your screens there are both indoor and outdoor kits available to install plastic vapor barriers to assist in lowering your heating cost and lowering additional chilly drafts during the upcoming heating season that typically runs into May each year. This gives us here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region a heating season from September through May of eight months annually on average, that will require heating at some times.
Taking care of the exterior and seasonal functions of your properties now in early September before much colder weather becomes the norm, will make your efforts both more effective, and more enjoyable, including garage door and all exterior door vapor barriers are easier to do when your fingers are not numb due to the cold.
Make it a great week!