Thinking Safety

So you have your home on the market or you are thinking about calling us or someone, to do so. First, we here at Maine Real Estate Choice have the most experienced team in the great Maine Lakes Region and we hope you will give us a call, come meet with us here in Naples, Maine. We are right across from the intersection of route 11 and 302 and stop by before you make your final decision on who you prefer to work with, to help you with your Real Estate needs. And whomever you choose to work with, here are a few things we want to share with you about basic safety that can be overlooked.
Remember that your trash is another man’s treasure and you just purchased that expensive dream flatscreen and a new sound system to dress up your property for sale. The bunch of empty boxes sitting outside until trash and recycle day triggers an alarm to would-be thieves. Instead of putting the boxes out in plain sight, cut them down, and do not make your new expensive electronics inside so obvious.
Once you start having showings, always hide your personal information,
and do not leave mail or bills out in the open where someone could pocket it for identity theft. Be sure to lock down your computer, lock up your laptop and any other expensive, easy-to-pocket electronics like iPods and phones, before all your showings.
Know that when we are showing your property, it isn’t over till it’s over. We never assume that everyone has left the premises at the end of an open house. We’ll diligently check all of the rooms and the backyard prior to locking the doors. Safety first, and last. Sturdy doors are key to home safety. Make sure that all your home’s doors to the outside are metal or solid, 1 ¾” hardwood, and have good, sturdy locks. Do not use hide-a-keys or leave a key under the mat or the plant pot. Strangers will be walking through the home during an open house. Again, hide any valuables in a safe place. For security’s sake remember to remove keys, credit cards, jewelry, crystal, furs and other valuables from the home, or lock them away out of sight during showings. Also remove prescription drugs. Some seemingly honest people wouldn’t mind getting their hands on a bottle of that may be in your home.

We hope this awareness may be helpful to you. Make it a great week!

Seeking Inventory

The single current challenge in today’s Real Estate marketplace is no different here in the great Maine Lakes Region than it is almost everywhere in the country right now. It matters not if you have land, waterfront, water-view, mountain-view, Lakefront, seasonal or year-round property: It is all at a current peak value due to the demand in the marketplace exceeding available inventory. If you have been debating whether or not to investigate the potential value of your current property, we strongly suggest that you allow us to put together at no charge to you, a fair-market evaluation. This is a comprehensive study of what your home and property is worth in today’s marketplace. The evaluation is based on many factors including location, ongoing costs of ownership – taxes, any association fees – and the most important factor includes the recent sales price that the homes and properties in your area actually brought for a final selling price. Since waterfront and year-round lakefront property is in such high demand here in our Maine Lakes Region, we suggest that if you have any curiosity to see if now is the time for you to capitalize on your investment, you should call us today because our team has more experience here in the region than any other. The need, importance, and value to have an experienced Real Estate Agent and strong Agency working for you has never been more important than today. Especially when it comes to the day that you list your property at the right price: You should immediately be faced with multiple offers – literally often overnight – and at that moment you need the experience we bring to you, to understand the value of each offer based on the purchasers involved. There are many in the marketplace today who suggest that if you are not getting your asking price or even above that figure, either the property is overpriced, or certainly something important has been overlooked. Details matter. Having an experienced Real Estate Agent and team working for you has never mattered more than it does right now. Give us a call today at 207-693-5200. You will be glad that you did!

Here Comes The Month Of May

Many people have mentioned this week that April seems to have passed quite quickly, despite this years delay in consistently warmer weather. However you might feel about this year’s weather so far and the non-typical transition from winter towards summer here in our great Maine Lakes Region, here comes the month of May. Remember on Monday at work it will be 05/01/2017 and we’ll say goodbye to April Showers until next year, and it’s time to welcome some flowers despite the chilly 40°’s and 50°’s temperatures predicted for the 1st full week of May. Along with the odd consistency of the weather, is the strength of how quickly homes, properties, land, waterfront, Waterview and Mountain View properties are receiving offers as soon as they are listed. Please call us today especially if you question why it is so important now for you to have the expertise of a great real estate team at your side as a savvy consumer, regardless if you are selling or purchasing in this marketplace. One of the key considerations is the complexities involved with a smooth, swift process because if you do not have everything in order, the odds of you winning-the-day as a purchaser in this age of an asking price offer often being insufficient to win the day is slim, and, as a seller if you are not handling multiple-offers in the proper manner, you may leave significant funds on the table in this sellers market.
The Maine Real Estate Choice team is dedicated to your success. We are not successful until you are successful. We want to talk to you. Give our team a try not just because we are the region’s fastest-growing Agency. Give us a try because we have the experience in the region to get you the best deal, and we are dedicated to your Real Estate experience being an excellent one!
Call us today: (207) 693-5200.

Here Comes The Last Week Of April

In reflecting on the general importance of this time of year in the Real Estate Industry – we are fast approaching the ‘traditional’ best time of year to sell a property, however many things are far from traditional due to the same situation the industry faced last year at this time: General softness as to available inventory. Homes, properties whether they be waterfront, water or mountain view – are no less challenging to find in abundance from an inventory perspective here in the Maine Lakes Region. New England as a region saw new homes sell quicker than ever this past year. Multiple offers on the same property in this market makes this the ideal time to sell a home or property. And everyone suggests that this trend will continue long past the traditional best months to sell which are traditionally in the Spring, as well as the trend for more-than-asking-price being a reality for many situations. National statistical data traditionally indicates that property sales in the month of May bring about a 1% premium to sellers, which is on average a $1700 increase above the other months of the year, however this entire last year has proven to disrupt this normal annual advantage due to both the general lack of inventory and speed to sale from listing date. And what is a normal trend, is that more people shop for homes when the weather turns nicer, increasing the pressure on inventory. We are often talking about this time of year being a good time to sell. This has been true traditionally, and what we are seeing and hearing is that no one is predicting any swift change to the Seller’s Market reality we find ourselves in.
With this said, no one knows this great Maine Lakes Region properties and nuances better than the amazing members of our team. Let us work hard for you!

Call us today at (207) 693-5200. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Feeling Like Spring Finally!

Everyone here at the new Maine Real Estate Choice in the heart of the Maine Lakes Region could not be more excited about this warm weather, predicted as we start the week with Patriots’ Day
this Monday, which is also an observed holiday for many people due to Easter falling on Sunday. It is a bank holiday and according to the Post Office website Monday is not an official USPS holiday.
It was four years ago on Patriot’s Day, just after 2:45 in the afternoon, when two bombs detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Most people, and especially us here in New England, will forever be reminded of that specific Patriot’s Day as forever Boston Strong day, due to that tragic event.
Each year the Marathon Runners are staggered to leave the starting line in different groups beginning just before 9 AM, leaving the starting line through about 11:30 AM. Here’s a good link from the Boston Globe about this annual event:

In keeping with this blogs title, it is feeling more like Spring due to the many lakes here in the Region having the Ice drop away to open water, and we can tell you that as of this weekend, directly behind our office, Brandy Pond is free from ice and yet just across the Naples Causeway, you can see a lot of very gray-and-dark-colored ice in the majority of Long Lake up to Harrison. We are starting to see the beginnings of small buds on the trees, and the amount of snow that has been lost on Mt. Washington is significant in the last week.
Remember, there is no better time of year to “see” any property, home, Lakefront, Waterfront, Water-View or Mountain View property than right now, before those tiny tree buds become tiny and growing trees leaves! Call us today, and don’t forget to click around our new Website for important information towards why we should be your Maine Real Estate Choice!:

Make it a great week!

Spring Is In The Air!

It has been a long time coming, and it is suggested that it seems this way because of the warm spell that we all enjoyed in February.. but there is finally some nice warm weather predicted for this week coming.
For those of you who have not yet filed your taxes, with April 15th falling on the weekend and as April 17 Monday is a bank holiday in observation of Easter this year, the word is that you have until midnight on April 18th Tuesday, to get your taxes postmarked. You can go here to our page

to click on any of the towns in which you may live here in our great Maine Lakes Region, to check the last hour on that day you can walk into your local postmaster to take care of last-chance on-time tax filing. Typically on the last tax filing day, the city of Portland will keep their front counter open until midnight at their main post office on Forest Avenue. Here is that address and phone number if you may need it:

US Post Office
125 Forest Ave
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 871-8519

Enjoy the weather this week, and remember to call us today to look at vacation homes, land, waterfront, Lakeview and Mountainview properties before the trees really start to bud out with the warmer weather we are about to enjoy.
Make it a great week!

Taking Deep Breaths

In thinking about this weeks blog, there is another winter storm bearing down on us that seems like it is going to have significant teeth for the first half of this weekend in our region, Friday night through the first day of April into Saturday night per prediction. As the chosen title of this blog suggests, instead of expressing personal feelings about the delightful weather this season, and how this month maybe one of the coldest months of March ever on record.. let’s take a collective “deep breath”.
The value in doing so, has more than one real benefit. It forces the individual about to speak – or in my case, the one about to write – to momentarily gather ones thoughts, and not just ‘blurt out’ the first thing that come to mind. This has value in both not speaking hastily, and, it allows you to choose your words in such a way that with any grace you can get your point across respectfully and thoughtfully.
Let’s face it. What looks like another significant snowstorm is definitely late at best this season – most everyone that I have talked to has “had enough” – and I will mention the positive reality that whatever happens, due to the strength of the sun this time of year, it should not last long whatever happens despite the more than 12″ accumulation prediction.
And no matter how many people that you know – or maybe even you – are taking a deep breath on the reality that is the weather here in our great Maine Lakes Region right now, as March turns to April, the very good thing to remember is, that this weather too shall pass.
Also remember that this is a great time to call us to look at properties, prior to foliage coming out!
Make it a great week!!

Area Reminders

Our Maine Lakes Region is a delightful place to hang your hat, either full-time or during your favorite parts of the year – and this is such a great place to be located year-round! We talk a lot about area Real Estate and how we here at the new Maine Real Estate Choice want to assist your Maine Lakes Region Real Estate needs. As a reminder to our readers, there are many things the region has to offer besides great natural resources. We are surprised how many people are unaware that public transportation includes very affordable services Monday through Friday here in the region traveling between Portland and Bridgton, with services starting early in the morning. Here is the link to the schedule:

A great way to stay in touch with local events is to visit the websites of those dedicated in the area to inform us of area events and news, such as The Windham Eagle and the Forecaster publication. Many grab a traditional paper copy free at our local grocery store, retail business, or convenience store, and here are active links to sections of their online content:

and to search the area this is a great resource

Right here in Windham Maine we have many opportunities to have fun year-round, like Seacoast Adventure which is a true four-season destination for fun family recreation, including a great onsite facility called the DeckHouse where the parents can relax between activites with the kids:

Our Maine Real Estate Choice team is helping sellers and buyers alike find what they need, and we enjoy helping you find just what you might be looking for. It is still very true that it is “a sellers market” and we are always seeking new inventory! We want to remind you as the temperatures warm, but the trees have not yet budded-out, that right now is the optimal time of year to really “see” land, properties, homes, lakefront, water and mountain view options in inventory. Call us today and don’t delay!
(207) 693-5200.

Thank you from the Maine Real Estate Choice Team!

Very Big News To Share!

We have very big news to share this week! One of the only things that is guaranteed in this life, is change, and we could not be happier to announce that Anne Plummer & Jocelyn O’Rourke-Shane have joined forces to create Maine Real Estate Choice! We are excited about our new team and ready for this New year!! Everything that you have come to enjoy with the amazing Real Estate Professionals associated with Anne and Jocelyn will continue as Maine Real Estate Choice under this new logo representing the team:


The Home base of operations of Maine Real Estate Choice will be located inside the expanding interior of the lovely headquarters that Anne Plummer and her team have occupied on Route 302 in Naples – directly across from the intersection of Route 11 – in recent years.
The GPS address is:

18 Old Village Wds, Naples, ME 04055

and this weekend the hard signage changes are underway with the electronic message board already displaying this exciting news. You can still get to the company website here at this this URL and please call us today with any questions about the new Maine Real Estate Choice at 207-693-5200.
We could not be more excited about continuing to bring you the absolute best Real Estate experience possible with additional great professionals to choose from, and now is the best possible time to talk to us about your Real Estate hopes and dreams in the year to come!

The Power Of Positive Knowledge

Here at Anne Plummer & Associates we each value the opportunity to help you first and foremost understand the true value in today’s changing world, of working with a Real Estate Agent that possesses skill, compassion, and valuable knowledge that brings huge value to your Real Estate transaction. It matters that as a buying or selling client you understand the new role we play in today’s very competitive Real Estate market. Our role is to be experts in the minefields and pitfalls of very real liabilities in today’s Real Estate world, that can quickly derail the uninformed, especially with our chosen focus of property expertise here in the great Maine Lakes Region. Waterfront, water view, water access – many with Maine and White Mountain views – these land, and first and second home transactions can have unique challenges, and as a seller and as a buyer, it has never been more important to work with a caring Real Estate professional than today. We will be the first to tell you that the only thing that is certainly guaranteed to happen in any situation, is possible change.. and preparing for the possibilities in every situation has more value today in Real Estate than ever before.
Our goal as Real Estate professionals, is to represent you with the highest level of integrity, trust, and caring as possible. The fact is this: the documented percentage of successful FSBO transactions is at its lowest point in history – 4% between strangers, 4% within families – for some very important reasons: A professional caring and knowledgeable Real Estate Agent has never been more important to have on your side so that you can buy or sell a property in confidence knowing that your current and future liabilities and important assets are as safe and secure as possible. No one likes surprises. Especially surprises that could cost you many thousands of dollars. This region has specific rules and regulations.. setbacks.. easements.. safety rules and regulations that need proper attention before, during, and after a transaction and the value our team’s collective knowledge brings to you, really does matter. One of the only things that is guaranteed in life, is change. It is our job to be on top of the many changes in rules and regulations in our Real Estate market. Let us prove to you the real value we bring everyday to whatever may be the Real Estate need-at-hand. If you call us today, you will be very glad tomorrow, that you did! (207) 693-5200.