The world of being a landlord – it does have its pros and cons; is it for you? If you are thinking of owning a home but you don’t want to stress about a mortgage from month to month you may want to look into owning a rental or a multi-family home, where you have one or two apartments you rent out while you live in one of the units. I personally own a three family home with my husband, it is our first home. We chose that path because with being self-employed it gave us a crutch if work ever slowed down, and we could get out of the in-laws. Let’s face it no matter who your in-laws are you still want your own place! Click hear to get started – just remember to switch the property type from Single to Multi-family –
You may also want to consider buying a water-front property as an investment to rent out on a weekly or monthly basis and save a week or month for yourself as a vacation home. One in the lakes region would be key; you could rent year round, advertising the ponds and lakes for fishing or ice fishing, snowmobiling, and swimming and the mountains for hiking, snowshoeing, or hunting. With the rental income you may be able to cover your mortgage and even make a profit depending on location and how many weeks you want to rent. But doing so there will be quite a few repairs and most likely higher cost in home owners’ insurance. Use the link to search for waterfront properties by pointing at the lakes