As we approach Super Bowl Sunday this weekend with what many consider the turning point of the beginning of the end of winter, with many looking forward to spring thanks to the daily increases in sunlight’s duration and power, we’d like to continue our discussion of 2018 trends in Real Estate that we started in last week’s blog.
As we mentioned there are many trends in Real Estate coming into 2018 that are a bit different and growing in popularity than in years past. If you are not familiar with the tiny house trend, there is a lot to learn and understand about this choice, which most agree is as much a choice about generally minimalist lifestyles as it is being able to swiftly change where you chose to locate your tiny residence. A common theme in our great Sebago Lakes Region here in Maine is about neighboorhood development in the area which has become very commonplace and popular in recent years with contractors working directly with building development providing new construction options of several different home plans to select from, allowing for the customization of inside amenities designed to the homeowner’s taste, budget, and desires. And area building supply companies now have teams of individuals who will custom design your home of choice at little to no cost to the homebuilder, as long as you buy the materials for the new home from them. The realities of lower availability of property for sale inventory has created other options for new construction both fixed, and with the ability to take your home where you prefer to be!  Next week we will look at options, value, and savings that you can enjoy whether you currently rent, own, or are now creating your new living arrangements.
Make it a great week!