18 Olde Village West, Naples, Maine 04055
Intersection of 302 & 11
Deb Hamilton

Deb Hamilton

Growing up in Southern Maine, I was given a unique view into the Hospitality Industry through our family-owned-and-operated campground. Everything about it, from the community aspect to making people feel “at home”, gave me a sense of self and joy that is hard to describe and, until Real Estate, was hard to duplicate.

For 15 years prior to entering the Real Estate business, my career was corporate bank management. I earned my Master’s degree at a small private business school in Central Maine for Business Management while simultaneously earning my Bachelor’s degree in Finance. This background wired me to function around real estate a bit differently than the average agent. Since I am licensed in lending and with my banking background, I understand how the “back work” navigates through banking channels. This experience enables me to better achieve my customer’s goals in a timely fashion. I pride myself on being able to find nontraditional avenues that help expedite the closing process while ensuring methodical accuracy.

My clients have learned to count on me being prepared, efficient, honest, and knowledgeable. I view my customers like I always viewed my campers at our campground—as extended family. So welcome! I look forward to bringing you “home” in Maine!

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