Everyone here at Maine Real Estate choice wants you, our valued clients and our readers, to remember what is most important this week, for so many of us here in the region.

  This week we all need to be extra-aware of very important additional traffic out on the roadways: Our regional and local school busses will be appearing this week with most schools startling classes tomorrow, which is already the week prior to Labor Day Weekend, next weekend.

  We do our best to have our priorities straight, and for those of you who dropped their son or daughter off this weekend, for their ongoing or brand new college experience, know that we care, and we we want any new or ongoing Real Estate business to happen with the understanding that our goal is to have our, and your priorities, straight during this annual time of change for many fatalities.. We also want everyone reading this blog to  help raise awareness that it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus, traveling in either direction: Let’s all think Rte 302 in downtown Windham proper, 4 lanes of traffic.. two lanes east 2 lanes west: YOU MUST STOP for a stopped school bus in ALL 4 LANES when a bus is stopped with its lights flashing.

   We want this back to school season to go smoothly for everyone involved, and for those of us without children or family members directly involved with anyone getting on or off of a School Bus for the next 9+ months, the fact is that each of us reading this blog, is going to encounter a School Bus on the road, sometime very soon again.. so be mentally prepared and aware to support our valuable youth with your safe actions as we all venture out onto our Maine Lakes Region roads starting tomorrow.

   Thank you each, for your attention and support of our most valuable youth.  It’s our pleasure here at Maine Real Estate Choice, to work with you, and serve you.