We are about ten days from Thanksgiving here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region.  It is time to finish winterizing and get those final outdoor fall projects completed prior to consistent cold.  The approaching snow and frozen weather is on the horizon here and a reality just an hour or two north of here, these days. The spectacular morning and evening clear views of Mt. Washington have more of the summit and great mountain covered in white this past week. A true bell weather of where we at at, here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region. It’s beginning to more consistently drop below freezing overnight, with the daytime temperatures now struggling to reach the upper 40’s to 50 degree mark during the decreasing daylight hours. The approaching Holidays are both a joyous, yet often stressful time for many – in part due to the decreasing sunlight – and also with the gathering of extended family and each of us wishing for our offspring, only increasing opportunities.
Each of us here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants only the best possible outcomes for you and your family, and here are some important Fall tips for you. Any outdoor painting or deck staining you may want to accomplish prior to spring 2019 only has a very few possible days remaining that will be warm enough to allow for those projects. Same with yard cleanups now that there are many more leaves on the ground than are remaining in the trees surrounding our properties. It is time to tune-up our snowblowers and snow removal vehicles. Double-check your home heating oil tanks and heating systems. When was the last time yours was cleaned? Deck and outdoor furniture needs to be stored away, and if you happen to grill outside all winter as I do, it is much easier to fill up that primary and back-up propane tank now, when you don’t have to carry them in slippery and icy conditions.

If you are considering purchasing, selling, or looking at property: there truly is no better time than right now. This is because you are beginning to see exactly what views the property will see – and how it will be seen by others – with no foliage cover from November through April. And as we enter the second full week in November 2018, there is absolutely no reason to hesitate if you might be concerned that your property may be worth more “come Spring” vs. now, from a market perspective. The housing market has rarely been stronger than right now. Inventory is low. Homes are selling in hours and days, as opposed to weeks or months on the market, with multiple offers and above-asking-price being common with proper market evaluation and pricing. That, is our specialty.  It is our pleasure to assist you with all of your Real Estate needs.  We hope that you will look to us now.   There is no reason to wait, as may have been true in the past.  There has never been a better time to explore the possibilities, than right now. We hope you will call us today! (207) 693-5200
Make it a great week!