It’s that time of year for all of us to think about certain safety in our homes, the homes of other family members, and the homes of our neighbors. Each winter, people unknowingly put themselves at great risk by not checking and not heading warnings as to carbon monoxide poisoning. The two most common mistakes people make to put them and others at risk: AC Generators – either too close to the house or not even set-up outside but placed in an enclosed garage  (never do this!) and/or faulty or snow-covered furnace venting. Check the exhaust vents of your heating systems and that of the homes in your neighborhood as you walk and drive around. If each person who reads this blog does this simple thing, who knows if together we just might save a family or a neighbor from a very dangerous situation. More heavy snowfall is in the forecast, which could be the storm that starts to back-up dangerous, deadly gasses into a home due to more common direct-vent systems in place with many newer homes not having chimney venting. Let’s avoid this possible scenario here in our great Maine Sebago Lakes region if we can!
If you might be elderly or recently out of the hospital, we have offered this in the past:  As a team we will absolutely help you if needed. Call our office.  Mention that you read this blog, and if you need help clearing your furnace vent, I the writer of this blog will help you get the help that you need to make your, or your neighbors property safe.

Being the true four season destination area that we are, reports from all of the NH ski areas and Maine western mountain resorts including the great night skiing at Shawnee Peak all seemed pleased about great conditions that they are enjoying this peak winter season of 2019. Our great region has a lot to offer. The many snowmobile trails in our area bring a lot of important recreational revenue to our local economy. We all choose to live and work here for many great reasons. Please call us today. Every great Real Estate reality starts with a dream and a goal in mind. Even if it might be just a dream for you to have a lakefront camp or a year-round property on the water, or you just want to upgrade or downsize your current living situation, call us for all of your Real Estate needs. You will be glad that you did!