The saying is “April Showers Bring May  Flowers” and the origination of that saying may date back to a poem from 1610 from some quick internet research that had the line “Sweet April showers, do spring May flowers”.  The same internet research suggests that this likely came from the northern British Isles and Ireland. It also may not be a coincidence that due to the typically dreary and inclement weather in the British Isles, this poem could have  been as much about the subject of staying positive as individuals during dreary weather, as it may have to do with ‘flower facts’. It is suggested that it may have been as much about looking forward to better weather ahead, than to speaking to the actual physical needs of the plants in the ground annually, for rain.
While looking at the history of this saying, it was also pointed out that the actual annual appearance of flowers has a lot more to do with temperature during the average spring, than it does the amount of rain received.
Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants to remind you to stay “chin up” during our seemingly dreary weather of late, here in the region, and a great way to better any of the  ‘weather blues’ that you might be feeling, is to give us a call today to let us help you work towards whatever your real estate dreams might be.  We are here to act as either a buyer agent on behalf of you and your family, or to be your seller agent to help you maximize and get the most out of your home or property. Thank yourself – and we thank you – for giving us a call today.  
Make it a great week!