With the beginning of April upon us, there is snow in the forecast this week, and it looks like it’s going to be the kind of snowfall that us locals long for here in the Maine Sebago Lakes region. Not only could the snowfall be the last of the season, the best part is that it should not need to be shoveled, plowed, nor should the new snow last, with daytime temperatures reaching well into the 40 degree range these days. With some additional rain showers, and significant winds predicted as well, we continue to lose our hefty snow pack at a consistent rate.  Our brief and always delightful mud season will soon be upon us, which thankfully ends swiftly most years when the frost has not been at record depth, as has been true for this season.  The state of Maine, especially the northern part of the state in Aroostook county, has seen significant snowfall this year.  The deep  snow cover has mitigated the frost depth this season.

For all who are interested in looking to purchase real estate, or sell real estate, we are approaching the traditional and most exciting time of the year for Real Estate: true Spring and early summer. And seeing properties of interest in the next couple of weeks, before the leaves start to really bud-out, will give you a clear view of what your potential new property will look like annually from the Holidays through late March and early April when the leaves are not providing coverage.  It is our pleasure as experienced agents here at Maine Real Estate Choice to listen closely for just what you and yours are looking for, and to use our vast resources and unparalleled experience as a team, to help you meet and exceed your needs. If you give us a call today, you will be very glad that you did!
Make it a great week!
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