It is officially Fall and with the Cumberland Fair starting this weekend on the 25th and then with the Fryeburg Fair starting at the end of next weekend – a week from Monday is the famous WOODSMAN’S DAY at the Fryeburg Fair – and we are officially in the season of Fall here in the great Maine Lakes Region both on the calendar, and in spirit with the final two big area Agricultural Fairs of the season now upon us. Here are this weeks links to help you with the Cumberland Fair, just a stones throw away from here:

and this link will help you with the schedule for this coming week:

There is some great music this week with area performers all week so don’t wait for the weekend for some great entertainment options and fun.

With the warmer weather starting to fade, and with us struggling to have daylight last past the evening news these days, there are a lot of important simple things to consider as we move towards colder weather. Take your air conditioning units out very soon and button-up those windows to conserve the heat in your homes, with furnace and heating units that will have to start running to keep your home comfortable as the days progress. Make sure that your oil burning furnaces, and your wood stoves, and your pellet stoves, and all of your heating units of choice are safe and running efficiently. Cleaning them now if you have not done so recently will absolutely pay great dividends come spring.  If you have storm windows, it is time to put down the glass windows and raise the screens, and tighten-up any drafty areas like rarely-used doors. As the leaves continue to fall from the trees which has started early this year due to the very dry overall conditions, it is good to try and keep up with yard work so there will be less debris to have to clear up in the Spring. And most of all, get out to the Fairs!

Happy Fall!