Many of us set goals and our 2017 resolutions a month ago, and as this is already the last weekend in January: How are you doing? A key question to ask while looking in the mirror is: Are you really happy? Professionals coaches say the average human does not ask themselves this question often enough. For me: “Happiness is an approach to life that embraces a willingness to overcome challenges with a smile.” The term “Attitude Of Gratitude” is a mindset worth fining, as is believing in the power it can bring. Regardless of how people see things, a positive thing you can do is to literally look in the mirror and ask “Are you / am I happy?” We all have key factors to a positive response to this question. Health, occupation, relationship status, comfort, location, and how our family members are doing are common denominators. Oddly, financial situations certainly can play a role but are rarely at the top of the list, because the truth is: money can not buy happiness. Many wellness experts agree that a positive attitude, is everything. The willingness to be proactive and act to change things is a key success trait. Seeking a different job and acquiring new skills can help if you understand and believe this: Do what you love to do and you and you will never work again! Here at Anne Plummer & Associates – we are located in the heart of the Maine Lakes Region in Naples, Maine – we each embrace and enjoy what we can do for you and your family. Our team of dedicated people have many years of experience, and Real Estate experience matters, especially here in the Maine Lakes Region.
Your location matters.. especially when it comes to your core happiness. When was the last time that you asked yourself “if I could live anywhere, what does that place look like.. where should it be, and why?” The answers, might surprise you. Let us show you how easy selling your place to get there, or finding just the right place, can be! (207) 693-5200 Call us today.