As we welcome March 2023 this week, the numbers for last month are in, and here are the trends and facts as to where things stand in Maine this year. In January 2023,  some good news is that home prices in Maine are up 5.3% compared to last year, with a median home price being $323,300.00.  A difficult reality here in Maine to start this year, is that the total number of homes sold in Maine was down 35.2% with 843 homes sold in January, down from the homes sold in January a year ago. The median days on the market last month, was 50 days, compared to 29 days in the first month of 2022.  As to inventory of available homes to purchase in Maine, there were 2,723 homes available for sale in Maine in January 2023, which is down slightly by 3.5% year over year indicating that the sellers market continues this year.  A large dip seen this year, was the number of newly listed homes being 440 which indicates a drop of 49% compared to this time last year, so as you can see from these numbers, there has rarely been a better time to give us a call if you are considering selling your home or property here in the great Maine Lakes region.  A very key factor that we like to remind everyone, as this time of year has huge advantages for any potential buyer to see and fully understand “what they will be seeing” with any property.  Definitely give us a call today if you are looking to purchase in the area, because seeing a property now, before the trees start budding out, allows you a full view of any potential new neighborhood for you!  Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice is committed to your full customer satisfaction, and we will help you with all of your Real Estate needs with the professionalism and attention to detail that you and your family deserve.  And as always, make it a great week!