With the first week of the month of August 2017 behind us and this next week bringing us already into the middle of the month, young and old alike are taking advantage of summer fun here in our great Maine Lakes Region, grabbing vacation days and full-weeks to enjoy the remaining days and evenings of summer before grade schools and sooner-for-many college orientations and classes begin.
In July, the Maine Fair Season kicked-off as it does each year in northern Maine with the agricultural-based fun making it’s way southward with both the Topsham Fair August 8th through the 13th and the Skowhegan Fair the 10th through the 19th taking place this weekend – and next weekend as well for the always well attended Skowhegan Fair.  The Fair Season culminates on the west side of our area again in full fall with the Fryeburg Fair taking place the exact first week of October, the 1st through the 8th this year, at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds. If you are “from away” visiting our great region, it is certainly worth a day-trip to enjoy the sights, smells, and wonderful tastes you’ll enjoy at one of these traditional agricultural-based fairs. Here is the link to take a look at how your schedule may allow for a great time at one of these annual area events:


In our world here at Maine Real Estate Choice, the key word is the same here as with the entire region, and that word is inventory. We cannot stress enough the value of simply investigating and taking a look at what your home, land, Real Estate, waterfront, water view, water access, or mountain view Real Estate may be worth in today’s marketplace. Close your eyes and ask yourself this question: Is my primary residence and seasonal living exactly as I would have it for myself, family and friends, if it were designed from scratch? Is the location now ideal? If you have lakefront property at this time and it has been in your family for years, we completely understand and respect both the history and the sentiment that comes with the agonizing decision to investigate what the value really is worth in today’s marketplace. And our team has tremendous experience in helping stage and present property as the little things really do count, for maximum value.  We want your experience to be easy and stress-free. If the spot where you choose to hang your hat today, may no longer be the ideal spot that you would prefer for your family to enjoy for years to come: Our team here at Maine Real Estate Choice has individuals with many valuable years of experience right here in this region, helping people just like you buy and sell property with great satisfaction. Our team knows the lakes, rivers, streams, summer camps, back roads, and most importantly the history of this area with an experience factor, that is unmatched in the area. Whatever your situation may be, we hope that you will call us today if there is anything that you are thinking about investigating with either a current property, or like many who call us, you are seeking that ideal spot to call your full-time or summer home here in this delightful area. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and enjoy the challenge of listening to your vision – the one that you have with your eyes closed – and working closely with you to have that vision become reality.

That is our goal.

Dialing (207) 693-5200 is a phone call that you will be glad that you made today. Thank you.