This weekend marks the beginning for many, of preparation for the new school year. Most who have kids in college, university, or grad school are either already at school or headed there this last weekend in August 2016.
As for our regional school districts this coming week marks the beginning of school with most having teachers already arriving daily and many getting a couple of full school days for all students onto the calendar before the long Labor Day Weekend that is upon us next weekend. It is worth noting that most area school districts start full time classes for students starting between Monday and Wednesday this week, and check your local schedules carefully, as some have No School on Friday September 2nd, allowing for a 4+ day long weekend over the Labor Day Holiday.
Please remember to take extra time and leave a bit earlier on your morning work commute to allow for both school bus stoppages and increased traffic due to our area schools, and that will especially be true this coming week, with everyone’s schedules being new and always needing a few days to become familiar, to fall into a routine that will turn this Indian Summertime, into Autumn, all too soon.
Please be safe out there, and check your local school calendars so that you are where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be this coming week – and most importantly if you are a School District with Friday September 2nd scheduled as a NO SCHOOL day, that you do not arrive or stand waiting for the school bus, that will not be arriving that morning.
Please take caution driving extra safely as our area children are both excited and nervous about what is new this coming week, so let’s all do our part to drive safely, defensively, and responsibly. Remember, even if you are on a 4 or 5 Lane, middle turn-lane through-way (like much of Windham / North Windham..) all vehicles in all directions must stop, for any school bus with it’s Flashing Lights on, and please be a responsible citizen and report anyone who does otherwise so they can be made aware.. so we can all enjoy a tragedy-free, accident free School Season!

Enjoy the end of Summer, and be safe, from all of us here at Anne Plummer & Associates!