Well this is an interesting weekend shaping-up here in our delightful Maine Lakes Region. We are predicted to receive anywhere from 4″ to 10″ of snow early this weekend, and the real story will unfold starting Sunday afternoon through Monday with a true Nor’Easter snowstorm heading our way. One of the most important things we can talk about is safety, and preparedness. One of the most important items to discuss with safety is carbon monoxide poisoning. Do not run a generator either in a garage, shed or basement as a generator needs to run only in the open due to the exhaust fumes. Be aware that many new home construction furnaces do not vent up through a roof chimney and the outside aluminum cover for the furnace exhaust vent can be located low near ground level. If the vent becomes covered in a snowdrift and the furnace exhaust fumes back up into the home, a very dangerous or deadly situation could develop. If you have elderly friends or neighbors who might be on crutches, etc, everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates wants to remind us all to keep an eye open for your neighbors and those in need during what looks like it could be a storm measured in feet instead of inches. The most impressive part of this storm could be the winds late Sunday into Monday with some predicting sustained winds of 50-60mph during the storm peak. Coupled with 18-36 inches of snow this will certainly make traveling for the simplest of reasons, likely difficult or impossible. Such winds often result in widespread power outages so candles, alternative sources for heat, plenty of batteries and enough food and water for the household for a few days is a prudent step.
Let’s look out for our neighbors and please keep an eye open for any situation where any exhaust from any motor vehicle, generator, or furnace could affect clean air. If you must travel, do so with caution and supplies on board, should you become stranded or without gas.
Let’s hope the news next week does not include any personal tragedies for anyone here in New England and especially here in our beloved great Maine Lakes Region. Be Safe!