Seeking your immediate attention:

Due to the multiple storms we have been enduring, and the significant snowfall totals in the region, please do the following: Check the exhaust vents of your heating systems, and that of your neighbors. If everyone who reads this does so, who knows if together we just might save your family or a neighbor from a very dangerous situation, should last night’s, or the next heavy snowfall be the one that starts to back-up dangerous, deadly gasses into your – or someone’s home.

If you do not have plenty of clearance, and you are not able to move the snow yourself because you are elderly, frail, sick, maybe you just had surgery, whatever the situation may be: Call our office, say that you read this blog, and we will help you get the help that you need to make your – or your neighbors property safe. The author of this blog commits to helping you! We want each and every one of you, to be safe in our delightful Lakes Region area for a long time. That said, this certainly has been the season for record snowfall and unseasonably cold temperatures. I had a friend who went night skiing at Shawnee Peak last week who raved about the amazing conditions and how much fun it was to get a good workout for a couple of hours, as long as you dress for the cold. I could not doubt him, because his wife posted a short video of him online, proving that he can still ski the bumps! The Maine Lakes Region has a lot to offer. We choose to live and work here for many great reasons. If you want a dream lakefront year-round property, or you just want to upgrade your current home, call us for all of your Real Estate needs. Thank you, and make it a safe week.

Enjoying a bonus day

Today is Sunday February 15th and we’re more than half way through the month already. It is an odd day here in Maine. Depending upon where you live, you either have over 20” of new, being-blown-around powder today, or you have next to nothing compared to the predictions. Here in the Lakes Region, it is the latter. We have a lot of wind, yet only a few inches of fresh snow. Even though we are busy here at Anne Plummer & Associates, we understand that this time of year is the “Calm before the storm” for most people’s buying patterns when it comes to our expertise in Maine Lakefront Homes, Property, and Real Estate. Today is oddly the calm after ‘The storm that never was’ for a majority of the area. The sun is out at our headquarters on Rte 302 in Naples – right across from where Rte 11 intersects Rte 302 from the north – and it is only mid-morning on a day when most were planning on being snowed-in. Great news for the last day of the Sebago Lake fishing derby today and for anyone who knows how to dress for the chilly, windy conditions. Like most things in life, today’s unpredictable weather is a bonus for the majority of our area!
Locals, please pick up a copy of the Lake Region Weekly and vote for the BEST OF BEST in Windham, Raymond, Naples, Casco, Bridgton, Gray, New Gloucester, and Standish – especially line-item #51. We do our very best to be your preferred Real Estate Agency. Serving the area with diligence with a great team of people gives us pride. Each agent has a desire to serve both sellers and buyers with integrity and a knowledge-base that is the envy of our competitors. When it comes to waterfront, water-view and mountain-view properties here in the Sebago Lakes Region, we welcome the opportunity to serve you. Give us a call any time at 207-693-5200.

February 8th, 2015

For anyone reading this Blog locally, if your thoughts ever include looking for a new home, a Lakes Region vacation spot, or that perfect lot to build that lakefront, lake-or-mountain view delight you’ve had in mind, now is the absolute best time to really “see” any of the many properties and lots that are currently available. And it’s a great time of year to get out and about, because of special annual events – some this weekend – that many of us enjoy, and we recommend planning a showing with us for this coming weekend along with planning to enjoy some area fun!
It’s Winter Carnival time in Bridgton right after we all get through Friday the 13th, and whether your fancy is winning a ping pong tournament, taking a polar-bear dip in the lake to raise funds for a great cause, or surprising your significant other on Saturday night by attending the annual Winter Carnival Dance – Saturday happens to be Valentine’s Day as a reminder! – so you have those activity options along with many others.
The annual Sebago Lake fishing derby is also this coming weekend. The many regional and nearby ski areas are saying so far this is an amazing year to enjoy a day on the slopes with attendance being festive and high – which makes good sense. Local southern Maine skiers – and those from away from all over New England – who come here to enjoy Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Saddleback, Mt. Abram, and Shawnee Peak right next door to us, all skiers seem to think more about skiing, when there is plenty of snow in their own backyards. On that note: school cancellations are already coming in for Monday, and additional significant snow is expected to fall through this coming Tuesday. While we all figure out where to put more new snow, we here at the agency suggest that a focus on fun, also matters. You only live once in this lifetime. Get out an enjoy your often too-idle cross country skis, ice skates, downhill skis, or snowshoes. Plan something fun and maybe a bit different for you, with your friends and family. And if you want to really “see” a property just for the heck of it while you are out and about: Give us a call. This is the time of year to do so. One of our talented agents will work with you to set up the right showing – or two if you’d like – smoothly into your schedule while doing our best to add some more fun to your weekend. What could be more fun than actually finding just what you have been looking for? Whatever your plans, we suggest that you get out there, be safe, and have fun!

1st winter blog of 2015!

Welcome to Anne Plummer & Associates 1st winter blog of 2015! The timing for this entry I expect hits home for many locals, as it certainly is winter here in the Maine Lakes Region as January comes to a close! With upwards of 2’ – yes two feet! – of snow ending yesterday, and another 6”-12” due within the next 36 hours and supposedly more to follow next week, we are in a weather pattern that has many thinking about vacation, lakefront fun, and anything other than moving some snow around. The fact is this – and any true Mainer will tell you it is so: This too shall pass, and quickly!
The well-covered boat outside seems to be smiling at me. Maybe it, too, knows that the Red Sox pitchers and catchers report in just 22 days, and we are only 27 days away from the Red Sox baseball team’s first full workout! Spring follows quickly afterwards each year, and that is why now is the perfect time to see any of our talented and experienced staff about making your dreams come true this summer. Whether the goal is to relax on your new waterfront or water-access property, maybe you want to turn a short-sale into a worthy investment, it is time for the perfect view of the nearby mountains, or it is time for you to retire and enjoy yourself here in the lakes region, we are the right team to help you reach and exceed your goals. Right now is the best time to view and look for the ideal property for you. Call today and one of our experienced Realtors will explain why right now is the absolute best time to stake your claim to the best that the lakes region has to offer!