Why learn about Julian days and the Julian Calendar?

So with this Spring and the beginning of mud season feeling more like winter with another Saturday of pesky snow falling and not sticking much, who else has had this thought?
“When the heck will ice-out occur on Sebago Lake this year”
We are blessed with many lakes in the region, well-managed waters and waterways with rules to preserve and protect them for generations to come. As it turns out, there is public information available from a study performed by the U.S. Department of the Interior, from the U.S. Geological Survey, with the delightful title:
Historical Ice-Out Dates for 29 Lakes in New England.
In looking at this fascinating report, I learned 2 interesting things: Sebago Lake has the oldest records kept, dating back to 1807, along with another interesting thing: You need to understand Julian days and the Julian Calendar, to know what this report means:


January 1 of each calendar year is Julian Day 1, January 2 is Julian Day 2 and so forth, and the report runs from earliest data known – the average record being 108 years with Sebago Lake data going back the furthest. The end of March is fast approaching in a couple of days which will be Julian day 90. More than a dozen times, Sebago Lake ice out has occurred in less that 90 Julian days. This year, right now this last weekend in March, our dedicated team here at Anne Plummer & Associates sees no end in sight for the ice on all of the many lovely lakefront and water access properties we diligently serve for clients and prospects here in the Maine Lakes Region. Regardless of when ice out will take place on your favorite body of water – and thick ice this season – we have just the property for you.
So what is your guess? Let us know!
Ours is on the long side of historical data: 124 Julian days, April 24th!
Happy guessing!!

How much time is there..?

Today is March 22nd and a lot has happened recently. We have sprung ahead with the clocks and the Calendar says spring is here, though with more snow, stiff winds, and consistent difficult weather it feels a lot more like winter here in the Maine Lakes Region still, than officially the spring that so far has proven to be elusive. Mud season is starting to raise its sometime difficult head however it is more like a bit of frozen ruts here and there, as we all look forward to spring. Due to personal loss since the last blog post here, I want to focus your thoughts on a very simple concept. Your bucket list. What is really important to you and those you love, as you plan the rest of your life? And how much time do you feel you have, to accomplish things that are important to you? First and foremost, do you have a bucket list? Spending as much time together with family on lakefront property each summer, mattered to us. When you really look at the facts, we all have a lot less time that we think to spend quality time doing things we want to do, with those we value the most in our lives. Let’s say you are middle-aged and you feel you have 30 good years left. That’s just under 11,000 days. That’s about 1564 weekends. You will spend at least 33% of the time you have left sleeping, no matter what. On average an additional 12% will be spent eating. Even on weekends. That is about ½ of the time we all have left. Add in showering / bathroom time in general, household chores, exercise, general provisions, shopping, banking, paying bills, and when you look at the time we all have available to really do something memorable: Let us help you spend less time thinking about a memorable spot to enjoy your life. We are blessed to be able to enjoy our natural resources in the Maine Lakes Region. Let our team help you find that perfect spot to really enjoy your day-to-day. Or your quality time. Or Both. Call us today. Let us help you make each day, count.


It is early morning on Friday the 13th. It is estimated that almost $1 billion in business is not done on this day that would normally be done on a Friday, due to irrational fears of not wanting to do business or make decisions on a Friday the 13th. Highlighted by those who avoid air travel on a Friday that happens to fall on the 13th of the month, not only are air travel bookings markedly slow, air and public travel ticket agents know they will be extra busy with changes and no-shows today.
Approximately 25% of all humans associate the number 13 with bad luck. The fear of 13 can be traced back to a Norse myth about 12 gods having a dinner party at Valhalla, their heaven. In walked the uninvited 13th guest, the mischievous Loki. Once there, Loki arranged for Hoder, the blind god of darkness, to shoot Balder the Beautiful, the god of joy and gladness, with a mistletoe-tipped arrow.
BbbBalder died and the whole Earth got dark. The whole Earth mourned. It was a bad, unlucky day. From that moment on, the number 13 has been considered ominous and foreboding.

We challenge you to call us today at 207-693-5200 and enjoy a positive experience for any of your Maine Lakes Region Real Estate needs. Whether it is time to finally find that perfect waterfront, lakefront, water view, water access, or mountain view property, or, it is finally time to list your property that we will help you turn into someone else’s ideal spot on earth, we suggest that any fear of the number 13 is a myth, for a reason. Call us today – or anytime – and one of our talented team members and dedicated agents will be glad to assist you. That is what we are here for.  We are passionate about what we do because results matter.  Give us a call and let’s enjoy some lucky and appreciated time together!

Today is Spring Forward Day

How many of you remembered to change your clocks last night? Spring forward happened today, Sunday March 8th, and who wants to be that person, who is an hour late to work tomorrow?! We want everyone in the lakes region and wherever you are, to be on time. It is interesting how little that difficult moment occurs now, due to the number of cell phones, iPads, tablets, and mobile technology that changes the time automatically for so many. We understand that the majority of you reading this blog right now likely have that type of technology as a norm in your daily life, so reach out to your parents and any loved ones today who do not need, desire, or embrace modern communications technology every day, as we do here.

What is new from here, are some signs of spring! Many have reported seeing robins this past week, and what is really new, is that there are no storms in sight for our region until sometime next weekend. It was announced this week, and we want to acknowledge and congratulate the town of Bridgton for being listed as one of the top 20 safest places to live in the state of Maine. Congratulations!

We strongly suggest that now is the time to get out and take a look at that lakefront, lake access, water view or mountain view property so that you will know what you will be seeing when there are no leaves on the trees.  With all of the positive signs that the winter of 2014-2015 is finally coming to an end, we hope that you, too, cannot wait to embrace mud season! And thanks to today’s time change we all have an extra hour of daylight to get out together later in the afternoon, so call us today at 207-693-5200 and let’s do it!

Rabbit Rabbit!

Rabbit Rabbit!!


Today is Sunday, March 1st – and is anyone else wondering where the heck did February go, however that is really more than okay, this year?!?.  If you do not know where the title of this week’s Blog came from, here is a link that explains how and why many people start their month off by saying a variation of those words.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_rabbit_rabbit


Thinking about this upcoming week being vacation week for most college students, if you are one of many people with an abnormal amount of laundry happening as you read these words due to a college student being home right now, that is a great problem to have as we all flip our Calendars today from February to March.  This is a time of change each year, and change is in the air.  The Red Sox are now playing baseball getting ready for opening day.  Before you read the next Maine Lakes Region blog here, you will have lost an hour’s sleep next weekend!  Do not forget that on Saturday night – at 2:00 AM to be exact Sunday morning on March 8th – it will become 3:00 AM Sunday morning, March 8th.  SPRING AHEAD! That is how I was taught which way the clocks go.  Spring Ahead – Fall Back.  So we all miss out on 1 hour of sleep next Saturday night into Sunday morning, and we all get to laugh at the people who show up on Monday an hour late for work because they think it is 7:00 AM when it is really already8:00 AM! What you will not be missing, if you do have a student home for their last college winter break this week, is those monthly tuition bills much longer.  There are many families who are about to enjoy a lot more disposable income with a College Graduation happening in a few short months, and any and all of you should be thinking about that delightful change, your future, and we suggest an excellent way to make that extra money grow is to invest it into a Lakefront, Lake view, Mountain view, or Maine Lakes Region property that you will both enjoy, and realize is an excellent investment for both your finances, and your enjoyment.