Giving Thanks

We suggest this is a weekend that should be full of thanks. Thanks for good weather finally, thanks for the opportunity to spend some time with family and friends, and thanks to maybe get a project or two either completed or well under way. For many people, it is a time of year to enjoy the many blessing we have. As summer fast approaches, many thoughts are focusing on how to enjoy the wonderful area we are all blessed to enjoy here in the Maine Lakes Region. Within minutes we have numerous lakes, mountains, the ocean, and State Parks to explore and learn more about. There is so much to see and do here year-round, and we suggest that the ability to go to a favorite spot to enjoy quality time with family and friends is a blessing each of us should make time for, regularly. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in our day-to-day lives, and being able to disconnect and enjoy our family and friends with quiet fun focus is what this weekend is about for many, along with all of our deepest respect and gratitude for those who have served our country with honor. All gave some.. Some, gave all. From each team member here at Anne Plummer & Associates we thank any and all of you, and your family members who have made great – and the ultimate – sacrifices to keep us all free. Freedom, is far from free. Our freedom to live where we want, to express ourselves without fear, and to enjoy our daily existence is built on a foundation of those who have cared enough to defend our blessed freedoms in this country. From our work family here in the Maine Lakes Region to you and yours wherever you may be right now: Happiest of Memorial Day Weekends to you. Let’s make it a great summer! Give us a call and we will help you make your summertime camp, lakefront, water view, mountain view.. whatever your view of what your property dreams may be, come true!

Who is surprised that next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend?

We expect conversation around many water coolers and amongst friends and family are similar this week, in that it seems universally surprising that next weekend is already Memorial Day weekend. There are many indicators here in the Maine Lakes Region that point to summers fast approach. Mud season is behind us, many were awakened just after midnight due to thunder with lots of lightning rolling through Saturday night. The Day Lillys are already knee high – does any regional plant grow faster than Day Lillys? – the Forsythia is in full yellow bloom or almost there, all the tree buds are happening – everything now is getting really green, and a sure sigh around here is that the Songo Queen is out of winter storage and back at her Long Lake berth on the Naples Causeway. Also, who hasn’t mowed their lawn yet? Those who haven’t are really starting to show.  Other area signs of life are Ricks Cafe is preparing for the season, Merced’s and the marina’s in the area are reaching peak activity, teaming with visitors and customers as individual property owners open up their non-year-round waterfront, water access, and water view properties here in the region. We are seeing many sail and power boats on area waterways, in addition to Long Lake there is Brandy Pond as you duck under the Naples Causeway bridge southbound, and Sebago Lake which you can easily continue to access via the connecting waterways through the Songo locks, that delightfully surround us here at Anne Plumber & Associates. It’s a busy time of year, and there is a buzz as to how Memorial Day seems to have come out of nowhere.  Quick research suggests here is a reasonable explanation for this. The holiday this year happens to fall on the earliest Monday possible on the calendar, since the decree in 1971 was written that declares Memorial day will fall on the last Monday in May. A simple look at the calendar shows that the Holiday could not come any earlier than it does this year.  Enjoy!

Reflecting and planing for what’s next..

A good real estate company has to cover a lot of ground. You need knowledgeable and dedicated team members – check – along with great knowledge of the area in which you’re working including the features and benefits of the most common types of real estate work that you focus on.. In our case waterfront, lakefront, water view and water access building lots, homes, camps, and property in the Maine Lakes Region from Gray towards Windham, Raymond, Casco, Sebago, Naples, and to Bridgton and beyond.  Double check.  We suggest a key ingredient is an obvious focus on sales, professionalism, and productivity. Selling a home you may or may not be very proud of, or helping you find that dream of just what you’ve been looking for, is our job. Dreams matter. Goals matter. Success only comes from setting goals, and striving to obtain them. How many of you have a bit more dread going into this mid-May work week than normal due to the hot, delightful weather this weekend coupled with delightful reflection and thankfulness that all comes with Mother’s Day? With lots of family time, celebrations of Graduations, and the general taking-in and self evaluation of our individual stock, we sometimes think about both the blessings we have to be thankful for, and about what could be. Please call us about both. We can show you how much you can really have to be thankful for in your situation, and if you can dream it, we want to help you make that dream come true. To all the Mothers out there: Happy Mothers Day. If you are blessed to have your mom still around call her. Even if it’s now past Mothers Day. Because it is never too late to call someone and talk about what matters to you.. And learn from them! And then, call us too. Thank you. You will be glad you did.

Are You A Risk Taker?

This weekend brings us to another monthly Rabbit Rabbit moment – Google Rabbit Rabbit – which is about belief in luck. This blogger feels strongly that you make your own luck in life. It is an interesting weekend to consider such things, with more money wagered this weekend than possibly any other time so far in human history. This is due to the many professional and international sports teams playing, coupled with the running of The Kentucky Derby and the Floyd Mayweather / Manny Pacquiao prize fight in Las Vegas.

Risk vs reward is an interesting subject. There are some incredibly high risks out there, with massively high rewards. The bi-weekly Powerball drawings are an example.

Here at Ann Plumber and Associates we want to understand your goals and dreams.  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about the purchase or the sale of Land and Real Estate here in the very desirable Maine Lakes Region. We are blessed to have significant waterfront and lakefront property to work with.  As you weigh your risks and rewards in life, we suggest the risks are delightfully low that we will not be able to help you find that special place that you have been thinking about in the greater Sebago Lake area. Enjoying the journey with one of us at your side, we suggest is also very low risk.  That is due to our professional team of very experienced Brokers knowing the Maine Lakes Region very, very well. Our goal is to help you find just the right spot, home, camp, waterfront property, or just the right piece of land for you to build what you want for you or your family.  And our experience in this region will help you to obtain top dollar for your valuable Real Estate, should that be your need.  All of this to say, our Brokers strive for your buyer or seller experience to be very low risk, with very high rewards.   We hope to hear from you soon!