Sunday June 28th Let’s see some properties this week!

This Sunday, June 28 the area is expecting a day-long soaking rain. What better time to get out and check out an open house or two or three or more. Help us celebrate our 10th year and we will help you with all of your real estate needs. Due to the fact that things change over time, we highly recommend that you see as many different types of properties as you can, so that you, or you and your husband / wife / partner / family can not only talk about what is important to you, you can see and feel the numerous varieties of specific options available today for yourselves. We highly suggest that knowing what you don’t like can be just as, or even more important, than knowing the features and property options that you do want to have. “We definitely want a garage” may make perfect sense, but do you know what the perfect garage means to your significant other and do they, know yours? You should! Communication matters! Does it need to be attached or is detached okay? Large oversized one car configuration is okay? Does it need to be able to take two cars and the riding lawnmower and other items?  One large door, or two separate doors? The nuances of kitchens, daylight basements, yard configurations, layouts, and various possible options, are almost infinite. We suggest knowing what you don’t like matters a lot. We would like to help you in the Maine Lakes Region. Call us to see anything you’d like on our listings. Or better yet call us and say “These are the things we want, and these are the things we don’t like” and we will search just the right spots to protect everyone’s time. Make the most of your time. Call us today!

You will be glad you dId!

It’s Officially Summertime!

Each year at this time we celebrate the first day of summer – Summer officially arrives this weekend on Sunday shortly after noontime – So the first full official day of summer is this Monday, June 22nd. Okay, who else is wondering what the heck happened to June and why is it that we have to decide about our plans on the 4th of July weekend already?!? The 4th is only a couple of weekends away now, and it’s a busy time here in the Maine Lakes Region with the many waterfront and water veiw property owners – especially those who travel “from away” as the locals like to say – are also now arriving and are here to enjoy the warm weather and the warming waters. Tony’s parking lot is always a valid indicator of area activity. The many area Marinas all are very busy as watercraft lovers get out on the many area lakes and connecting waterways. A Songo Locks voyage, really is an area must-do sometime!
From early reports this weekend, the Maine Blues Festival here in Naples is again a rousing success with excellent crowds, thanks in part to area support and promotion of this annual fun event, like WCSH’s 207 7pm evening show that often highlights talent performing in our region. The teaming throngs enjoying the Naples Causeway this and each Fathers Day Weekend, will certainly be rivaled by the 4th of July Fireworks and festivities.. And Harrison Old Home days and Casco Days celebrations will soon follow. It is a great time to enjoy our region. Call us for the best real estate experience here in the Maine Lakes Region, an area roughly 30 miles west of Portland that includes Bridgton, Harrison, Naples, Casco, Raymond, Gray, Windham, Standish, Sebago, Denmark, Brownfield, Fryeburg, Lovell, Sweden, Stow, Stoneham, Norway, Oxford, Otisfield and Waterford. Come visit! And everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates appreciates the opportunity to help you stay.. Let’s together find that perfect spot you’ve always dreamed about!   Call us.  Anytime.

Happy Summer!

Can June Be Half Over!

Mid-June is upon us!!
Is it possible that June is half over? It is difficult to believe as I stare at the calendar. Many things are going on, so if you are early-bird readers in following this blog – and of course you should be! – there are many fun things happening in the Maine Lakes Region, right here in Naples, and next door in Portland. It’s the last of 3 big festival days today for the annual Old Port Festival and today is the big day. Head out soon especially if good food and lots of great music are your thing. Here’s the schedule for Portland’s Old Port festival today, and it looks like the weather will be great down on the Waterfront!
This upcoming weekend is Father’s Day, and what happens on Father’s Day weekend every year? The Maine Blues Festival happens here in Naples! Come out and enjoy wandering from venue to venue. Here is the official website link and I have another very helpful link for you at the end of todays blog:
Happy Flag Day everyone! On June 14th we commemorate the adoption of the United States flag in 1777 . Thinking of a new place to proudly display that Flag? Think of us! You will be thrilled with your land, home, waterfront property, water-view or mountain-view experience.
If you are coming to enjoy the Maine Blues Festival, stop by our office across from the intersection where Route 11 meets 302. Say hello, or pick up a brochure anytime. It is our pleasure to serve you for all of your Real Estate needs here in the Maine Lakes Region.
Now for that helpful schedule for next weekend here in Naples: if you or anyone you are with, needs to have a plan, everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates hopes you find this chart helpful:
Get out and Enjoy!

New Beginnings

What is on my mind?

New Beginnings

This first full week of June brings all of us to a time where so many families are celebrating – Likely your own as the odds are in favor of someone in your connected family being promoted or graduating from High School or College in this timeframe. I am supplying an inspirational link at the end of this blog for you to absorb and share, from an unlikely speaker of important perspective and very wise words, as created and delivered by Jim Carry the Comedian and actor.
This is a commencement address worth watching, absorbing, sharing, and taking to heart. It speaks to setting lofty goals and believing in yourself. Doing what you love, loving what you do with thanks, and without fear, as life often proves, is easier said, than done.
Everyone should do their best each day, and this inspirational speech is worth sharing with your family and friends as it defines a roadmap for what success is really all about. This speech is full of values that matter, values that each of us here at Ann Plummer & Associates hold dear as to meeting and exceeding your needs each day for Real Estate, waterfront, water view, and mountain view property and homes here in our Maine Lakes Region. Are you thinking about selling? Buying something new that is just right for you now, and better fits your needs? Dare to dream. We will help you make those dreams come true. New beginnings are for everyone, not only for our celebrated graduates amongst us at this blessed time of the year.
Everyone should watch this speech.. and everyone that you care about, should see this as well. Watch, share, and Enjoy!

Thinking About Consistency

This blog finds us saying goodbye to the month of May and oddly, in saying hello to June, we are also welcoming much cooler and rainy weather in the next few days per the weather forecasts. There will be little sun through Wednesday, which includes some much needed rain. The rain is needed here in the Maine Lakes Region, however it feels like we’re going from May to April.. Not May to June.
There isn’t anything we can do about the consistency of weather in our lives, but there are many things day to day, that we can do about being consistent. Be on time. Keep your word. Plan your work, and work your plan. Do your best. Pay attention to details. Here at Anne Plummer & Associates, consistently providing the best customer service possible is a core value that is very important to each of us. We live is a blessed area where core values still matter to the vast majority of individuals. There are many things and events here in the region that are very consistent. Father’s Day is in 3 weeks on Sunday June 21st. Our hometown of Naples, Maine holds an annual event that is always on Father’s Day Weekend, and it is also consistent in it’s excellence. If you have not ever attended the Maine Blues Festival, we highly recommend that you do! Great music outdoors and inside for 3 days – June 19, 20, and 21 this summer – is consistently excellent and one of the best managed – and attended – festivals anywhere. A simple wristband system gives you access to come and go, and wander from venue to venue to sample dozens of performances – last year there were in excess of 40 different performances from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. For this year’s details, click here:

For consistency in all of your Real Estate needs: call us today.  You will be glad you did!