Safety and Opportunity Awareness

By the time you read this blog, you may already be aware from experience driving this week, that you need to leave extra time in the morning getting to work, and please pay close attention during the early and mid afternoon timeframes, as School Buses are now back on the road this week. Next weekend is a long weekend with Monday being Labor Day On Monday, September 7th this year. Please pay close attention to the roads as the bus routes are not yet routine for the bus drivers, the parents, and especially the newer youngest students waiting at the side of the road, who may not be paying close attention as they should be, waiting for the bus. Please be aware that if you are on a longer stretch of 4-lane road – Route 302 through Windham comes to mind – that if a school bus is stopped with it’s Red Lights flashing, all four lanes of traffic must stop in both directions. Thank you for paying attention as this will be the norm for the better part of the next 10 months.
Another consistency at this time of year, is often the amount of waterfront, water access, and Real Estate in general that becomes newly available on the market, as people start to think about back-to-school, weekend-only use of many properties, and the opportunity to sell a property prior to “seasonal close up” timeframes. With the end of summer, Indian summer, early fall, and leaf-peeping to peak foliage season well ahead of us , there is a lot of time to show and sell a property this time of year – and to visit, see, and to finally find exactly what you might be looking for. Let’s get together so you can learn more, about the many advantages of working with our team here at Anne Plummer & Associates!

Back To School Time!

Who else helped or is helping as we speak move a College student or is preparing their kids for the new school year, with only one full weekend remaining in August?
With Labor Day weekend not until September 7th this year, almost every student regardless of grade level will have a week or two of classes under their belts, prior to the end of the last long weekend of summer that seems both late, and all too soon this year!
We are seeing an increase in activity which is normal here in the Maine Lakes Region for all things summer, whether it be a last-ditch effort to finally enjoy some time on the many lovely waters or waterfront properties here in the area, or to gather with friends to enjoy late-summer fun here in the area prior to family members returning to school. Real Estate and Realtors in general this time of year find many customers beginning to think more about the work year, careers, family education, and less about recreation as summer quickly wanes, and people evaluating what is most important to them is common in this season. Often young adults leaving rooms open that have been filled for 18-20 some years, prompts reflection and desire for a Real Estate change. Please give us a try if any of this applies to you. Everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates will make you very glad that you placed your call to 207-693-5200 for any, and all of your Real Estate needs.
It is the perfect season whether you are thinking about something new, regardless if your needs are primarily as a buyer looking into the many Real Estate options in our lovely Maine Lakes Region.. Or if selling is on your mind, you will also be thrilled with our professionalism, and our team dedication towards mutual success.
We welcome your call anytime.

A Hot Week Ahead Is Predicted!

We hope you have either air conditioning or that waterfront, lakefront, or water access property available to you for this upcoming middle week in August. The weather forecasters are predicting a warm and hopefully delightful week ahead!
As an end of August reminder for you, for August 30th 2015 – (Naples first road race) Naples Causeway 5K starts 8am register at benefits the Patrick Dempsey Cancer Foundation. Also coming right up, this year the annual regional balloon festival occurs this very next weekend next door to the Maine Lakes Region in Auburn Maine, Aug. 21-23. Here is the link to the schedule of events for your convenience:

Does your home – both the style of home you have and the location, reflect who you are as an individual, as a couple, or as a family? If you are looking for something to better reflect who you really are, give us a call anytime so we can understand your needs and desires. If you are thinking about selling and want to know what your home and property is worth in today’s market, or if you have specific thoughts on how your next place should be the perfect reflection on you, that is what we are here for. We each have many choices in life, from the clothes we pick out to wear to the vehicle we drive.. Even the license plates on the vehicle we choose can now better reflect who we each are day-to- day. Your property should also reflect your individuality.
Here is a Fun fact: Represent in a fun way how and why you choose to live your life in the Maine Lakes Region. Shout It Out with a vanity plate, easily searchable and reservable, here:

Call us anytime should real estate, homes and property be on your list of individuality changes that you would like to make for the better, and enjoy this great weather and time of year!

Summer Is Flying By!

Each year it amazes not just me, but most people I know, how the summer fun time just flies by and why is it, while having great fun here in the Maine Lakes Region, it seems like there is never enough time and suddenly, back to school for most families is now only 2 or at most 3 weeks away?
If you are looking to have fun out and about this weekend coming up and in the weekends to come, there are the following area nightspots to enjoy some great music!

Bray’s in Naples has another great band this coming weekend, check out the Boogie Mob Friday night, and Saturday night don’t miss the Nikki Hunt Band! Nikki is unique as she is an expert Hooper as well as being a great front person, check her out and her awesome band, here online:

and you can find the schedule at Brays by either calling them 207-693-6806 or on their facebook page is their only online contact now, as fyi, is no longer active. For an honest recent (July 21st) assessment of Brays at the height of our busy season here in the Maine Lakes Region, here’s the very recent review:

Bray’s Brewpub in Naples oozes charm (and lots of beer) in an old Victorian farmhouse

Another popular and very new venue is located in Windham at Seacoast Fun Park. Think of it as their ‘Base Lodge’ also featuring good food and beverages, their all-new Deck House Lounge is worth visiting. I witnessed a recent excellent performance by The Kelly Parker Band, and the atmosphere is excellent, fun, with appetizing eats featuring outside deck seating along with inside couch, table, bar, and loft seating.

gets you to all the adventure, with a full bill of Entertainment this coming weekend detailed here:

Enjoy the week! For all of your real estate needs – both search and sales needs – call us anytime at 207-693-5200.
It is our pleasure to serve you!

Once In A Blue Moon…

It is an interesting weekend, starting off with an event that happens every 30 to 40 months – about every three years – as “Once In A Blue Moon” does have real significance in life. A Blue Moon is a very real, tangible event, where in a single calendar month, there is a true Full Moon, twice in that same month, the second full moon of that same month being fairly rare, the ” Blue Moon”. With an average life expectancy in the USA now between 78 and 79 years, if we are lucky we will witness 25 or 26 of these “Blue Moons” in our lifetime. I challenge you to experience what 4 of us just did, which is to watch a moonrise from the horizon, preferably the moon rising out of the ocean as we here in the east are blessed to be able to experience, as we did this “Blue Moon” Friday starting at 8:02pm. As many times as I have witnessed the speed of our Earth’s rotation by watching the moon or sun rise or set, it is somehow always fascinating to me how much faster the event takes place, than we seem to retain. I mention this fact for several reasons, including how much time we all seem we think we have to accomplish things, to do things that matter to us, and how quickly time does often get by us. A very wise mentor of mine once told me that the most successful and the really happy people that he knew in life, both male and female, young and old, had something in common. They knew how to plan their work and work their plan.. And “The Plan” and “The Work” included a strong balance of important work – meaning doing something of value important to you that you enjoy with passion, along with planning time for fun, for family, for friends.. Inotherwords, understanding the meaning of the word Balance in life. We all tend to think there is plenty of time to ________ (YOU fill in the Blank!:).
What just popped into your mind? To save money? To Travel? To have a place on a lake, pond, waterfront, with a Mountain View? Another interesting thing this weekend, is that by the time you read this, the date is the ____ day of August 2015 already! Did July come and go in a blink of an eye for you? Why do you think this is true?
I suggest time is precious. Do not waste a moment! Anyone who has faced and overcome a severe illness – Cancer, etc – will tell you not to waste a moment and to live every moment to the fullest. Why is that? It is because these individuals have had to face the real possibility of no tomorrow, and all too quickly. Here is the fact I want each of you to see from my words this week: EACH and EVERY ONE of us, has less time than we will ever imagine.. All too soon.
Can we here at Anne Plummer & Associates help you to sell towards planned goals, or to purchase exactly what you have been thinking about?
We suggest there is no Real Estate Group more suitable, passionate, friendly, kind, and professional to help you do just that here in the Maine Lakes Region. We hope to hear from you today. Let’s make this August memorable and special!