This Thursday Is October 1st

After this weekends Blood Red Moon Eclipse we will find ourselves moving from September into October this upcoming week, with the first tastes of fall now becoming a reality in the region: Cooler nights, crisp air in the mornings, with some of the leaves starting to give us just the first hints of color are now a reality here in the Maine Lakes Region. It looks like a great week to go and enjoy the county fair at the Cumberland Fairgrounds through next weekend. There have been some reports of overnight frost upcountry and one or two nights so far here regionally, and it appears that the time to purchase your home heating oil has rarely been more favorable than now:

The average per gallon price as of this weekend is currently $1.699 which is significantly lower than recent years. According to a regional paper, heating oil prices have plunged at this moment to their lowest levels in six years, with business and homeowners likely to see hundreds of dollars in savings this winter season on their heating bills, especially if rates remain near these levels, which certainly is a hope with zero guarantee . Now is the best time, with warm pleasant daytime temperatures and cool evenings and overnights, to take care and start preparing if you haven’t already, for the upcoming season: Filling that tank now if you can afford to do so, obtaining firewood or wood pellets if you heat or supplement your heating with these methods are all prudent choices for many. Checking your door and window seals, removing or securing your Air Conditioning, and checking your roof, attic, basement, and bulkhead installations and insulations, will help save a lot of heating money this season with the right amount of attention now. The old adage: An Ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure is true, in this case.
We are finding many people thinking about Real Estate changes. If you are too, call us anytime at 207-693-5200. Make it a great week!

Summer Is Turning To Fall

As we start to feel in the new crisp evening air and the upcoming fall season more and more each day, what better time to talk about Fall Events here in the Maine Lakes Region, while enjoying the amazing stretch of beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with this year. When I think about Fall, I think of Mums and Pumpkins displayed on the porch – those are showing up everywhere now – and about visits to the Halloween Store to pick out fun costumes, and about attending area Agricultural Fairs. The Fair circuit has been making it’s way south, and another big regional Fair starts this upcoming week: The Cumberland Fair, representing our county. Cumberland County has the deepest and second largest body of water in the state, our Sebago Lake, which supplies drinking water to most of the county. The county is the economic and industrial center of the state of Maine, including the resources of the Port of Portland, and was founded in 1760 from a portion of York County, Massachusetts, named from William, Duke of Cumberland, who was a son of King George II. The Cumberland Fair, billed as “Maine’s Family Fair” starts this Sunday the 27th and runs through Oct 3rd. For all of the Fair details this year – and every year – go here:

And don’t forget, see two blogs previous for details to this Saturday’s – Sept. 26th – for this year’s Maine Lakes Brew Fest on the grounds of Point Sebago just off Route 302.

It is a special time of year here in the region, as the many waterfront, lakefront, and seasonal property owners start to prepare for the upcoming Fall and Winter. If you are one of the many who are considering upgrading your property to something different, please give us a call simply to meet and discuss your thoughts and needs. We pride ourselves on listening to our sellers – and our buyers – carefully, to best understand your needs and desires so that we can meet, and hopefully exceed them!

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Enjoy the week!

Preparing For Change

Our area weather will be changing soon and now is the time to prepare for the changes predicted for the northern 1/2 of our state by Sept. 15th and our entire area by Oct. 1st.. Our first frost of the season is coming soon. Here are some quick and hopefully helpful thoughts to make the upcoming season easier for everyone. Do you heat with home heating Oil? Fill your tank now if you can, as heating oil has not been a better value than right now, in many years. The price seems to be creeping up however in checking prices this weekend you can still find #2 Home Heating Oil under $1.80 a gallon and in a few spots even still under $1.70 per gallon, but those prices seem to be disappearing fast, so act today and here is a helpful tool for us all of us here, who live in the Maine Lakes region:

If you like to save extra energy on your fuel bills, window plastic wraps either inside, or the exterior installation type can lower heating costs, especially for homes that have older, less efficient windows. Installing these soon if that is in your plan, before the weather gets too cold, will help reduce costs this heating season. If you have any major yard work to do, especially gardens and flower beds, you have a couple of weeks according to the weather channel before our first frost will hit, so now is the time to prepare them, along with any decorative and potted plants you may have. And your favorite small engine dealer will tell you that now is the best time to tune-up and prepare your snowblower and to test your plowing attachments to tractors and trucks, before the “rush” they experience at 1st snowfall each year.
And if you are thinking about selling anytime soon, give us a call as it is our pleasure to educate you as to the nature of today’s market. Make it a good week!

Enjoying Labor Day Weekend And Beyond

The Maine Lakes region and the majority of the Northeast has been blessed with a delightful stretch of weather, that is going to continue into this next week with very hot and muggy conditions more like July, than September. Some showers are possible but in general it just looks Hot! This busy Labor Day Weekend saw the Blue Angels and many other Professional aviators taking to the skies Above Brunswick Landing this weekend and for everyone involved this delightful weather was a blessing for their visit back to our area.
An upcoming event we want you to be aware of takes place the weekend of September 26th, which will take place on that Saturday. arrive hungry and thirsty to he Maine Lakes Region Brewfest to be held at Point Sebago Resort. Over a dozen food vendors, and over 30 different breweries will be represented, and there will be master brew craftsmen from all over the world representing their art and passion to create a favorite for you! It Starts and ends early 11am – 4pm so get there early and plan on a delightful lunch there! Point Sebago has lodging available, please note all of the participant links on the left side, here on the dedicated website link to this fun event with all of the details:

While many are packing up camp and getting things ready for the fall and winter seasons, we are hearing that many are hanging on to summer as long as this weather continues. As you look towards your time to prepare for the approaching non-summer seasons, if it might be time to sell or you are considering changing summer lakefront, waterfront, or mountain-view property here in the region, now is prime time to do so while many are looking either for a change, or for just that right spot for them. Whether you are selling or looking, we listen! Don’t delay.. call us today!