Upcoming Items Of Importance

Next Saturday ends the month of October with Sunday being November 1st. Do not forget to have candy on hand if you are going to be home next Saturday late afternoon and early evening as the Trick or Treaters will be out for Halloween. Next Saturday evening will also be a good time to rest up, or to plan to be with those you enjoy most, as we gain an hour Saturday night.  Early Sunday morning daylight savings time takes place, we gain one hour – early Sunday morning at 2am it becomes 1am again – and the way I was taught seems to be easy to remember: We “fall back in the Fall” and we “spring forward in the Spring” so enjoy the extra hour this next weekend.  The Maine Lakes Region is enjoying peak and post-peak foliage with the higher elevations now reaching peak colors with our weather still being seasonably quite warm during the days, with a few mornings now having reached hard frost temperatures in the mid to low 20° range. Home heating oil prices have edged up 10 to 15 cents, but comparatively to recent years the price is currently still more reasonable in the $1.75 range across the Maine Lakes Region here in southern and south-central Maine.  It is the perfect time to come and see us to visit the many camp in Lakefront properties before the snow flies, so let us show you  the many value-packed opportunities we have to show you here throuhout the Sebago Lakes Region.

We offer a full assortment of real estate services including the sale and purchase of residential property, land, vacation, lakefront and waterfront homes, fixer-uppers, commercial, new construction packages, along with short sales and foreclosures to discuss. Our experience and desire to navigate you towards a successful purchase or sale, is why you should give us a call. Call us today!


Peak Foliage And More..

This weekend has the first frost here in the Maine Lakes Region with Sunday morning temperatures scheduled to be in the mid to upper 20’s, with the predicted high temperatures Sunday to peak between 40° and 45° for the daytime highs, so heating season certainly has begun. This week will likely be the seasonal “changing of the clothes” for many, making sweaters, hats, mittens, gloves, and heavier jackets readily available, and a necessity that most do not like to admit to, until they have to.. and it appears from the thick breath-clouds forming when out with the dog and not breathing hard , that that timeframe is now. Fall foliage is currently at it’s best or will be very shortly here in the region, and it is a great time to take a drive with those you love, and find a friend or relative that may not get out as much anymore, and help them get out to see this wonderful spectacular scenery we are blessed to enjoy here in the Maine Lakes Region. With October officially – somehow – more than half over this weekend, it is time to embrace the heating season and begin to make prudent preparations for winter. It is time to check weatherstripping around doors, windows, bulkheads, and especially garage doors. Replace your screens with glass storm doors and windows. Check for drafts and Caulk where needed. Clean and dry your patio furniture, and cover with a heavy tarp or store inside a shed, basement, or your garage to protect it from the elements. It is time to bring in any outside hoses and shut off / drain exterior faucets and any irrigation watering systems to prevent bursting from a hard freeze. Check that your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order, and if they are 10 years old or older replace them with new models. Be safe, and call us with any and all of your Real Estate needs today.  You will be glad you did!

Welcome To Columbus Day Week

This week has many enjoying Monday as a Holiday in observance of Columbus Day here in the Maine Lakes Region, a timeframe that seems to officially end the summer season each year. The entire region is enjoying significant and growing foliage colors, and as the rest of October progresses, we will be in peak foliage season. Our 1st hard frost is looming, however as of this weekend we are only flirting with overnight and early morning temperatures in the lower 30’s. It appears – per the local weathermen and women – that next weekend on Saturday morning the 17th has the 1st predicted 28° overnight and morning starting temperature range, so be prepared!. Many have removed – or will soon be removing – window Air Conditioning units, and due to still relatively warm temperatures and some much needed rain recently, we all are finding late season mowing a required chore in many cases. Other than Thursday this week, it looks like sunny and delightful weather so take advantage of this week to make prudent season change preparations. It is still a great time to order your 1st tank of home heating oil or fuel, prices are still reasonable but rising, with the average price now between $1.79 and $1.89/gallon, so it looks like the prices ten of fifteen cents  cheaper may be behind us unfortunately.  It is a good time to have your vehicles evaluated, your tires and your fluids and there are free clinics this time of year put on by AAA so you can trust in what really does need to be done.  You should call your local AAA office for details this week! If your changes might include looking for a different or your 1st time summer fun property here in the Maine Lakes Region, call our office as we are a dedicated team here at Anne Plummer & Associates, ready to assist you and work hard on your behalf.  Call us today!

Here Comes The Fryeburg Fair

The Fryeburg Fair starts this Sunday the 4th through October 11th this year, and we are here in the region all starting to see more signs of fall: Trees are turning color more and more, the air is cool in the evenings and morning even though we have been spared our first frost as of yet, and the sun is now setting close to 6:00pm here in the Maine Lakes Region. We all endured some of the heaviest rainfall in a 36hr period we have seen in years this week – 5 to 7 inches locally and regionally, and most of us were blessed to not be underwater as a few spots in downtown Portland were for a few hours. Understanding your property and how your land may fair during difficult seasonal weather, is prudent awareness that we here at Anne Plummer & Associates advocate for all of our customers.

Back to the Fryeburg Fair this coming week, Monday is the annual Woodman’s Day, and here are schedules for you:



The day-long Woodsman’s competitions are a great tradition, with men and women from all over the country coming to compete with the world’s best. Some of the evening entertainment this year has last season’s winner of The Voice Craig Wayne Boyd on the main stage Tuesday evening, along with other big names like Clint Black performing during the week on Thursday evening this week. Expect lots of traffic from Windham to Fryeburg this year, however we do not expect things to look like the same kind of “busy traffic jam” as this classic photo of Fryeburg Fair Traffic on the Naples Causeway from many years ago!

Get out and enjoy this early fall weather and enjoy our Maine Lakes Region!