Setting Reasonable Resolutions

The most successful people and businesses demonstrate similar habits and best practices when it comes to achieving goals. One of the most important similarities is self-honesty. This is all about setting reasonable goals and having metrics in place to keep track of progress towards success.

There is much research on this subject and the numbers show that 40% of Americans make New Years resolutions on average each year, and of those 40% – on average – 92% will fail, and will not reach their resolutions – with only 8% reaching their goals and able to call their resolutions a success.


Here is how they do it..

Making and understanding Bucket Lists are a proven and effective method of highly successful individuals, and knowing not to approach New Years Resolutions in this way, also matters. Those 8% who will claim success in 2016 have this methodology in common: They approach a specific problem or improvement by setting an achievable goal. Please remember this fact: The average person has so many competing priorities that the “Bucket List” type of approach to reaching New Years Resolutions is usually doomed to failure. Essentially, shooting for the moon can be so psychologically daunting, you end up failing to launch, in the first place. Pick ONE thing on your bucket list, evaluate an achievable goal, set reasonable timeframes, checks and balances, and allow for a small, certain amount of ‘slippage’ along the way. For many individuals, a common goal is to lose weight. Another of the most popular common goals, is simply to eat better and healthier. Consistently those who are successful – those in the 8% – set up tracking and documenting results at least daily – if not multiple times a day – and always doing so first thing in the morning is a proven method towards greater success. Seek great tools like “My Fitness Pal” to bring great self awareness as to “The calories in things”.  Logging your actual weight on the scale daily as opposed to weekly, takes very little time and yet can be extremely motivating as to the rewards and pitfalls of our average day.
So this year, keep your resolution list short. Make your goals attainable. It is often not the extent of the change that matters, but more the lifestyle change that results in your success that will matter most. Here’s an important fact to remember: there are just as many good habits, as bad habits!
Everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates wishes you and yours, a safe, and Happy New Year.. And much good fortune towards your goals!

Sharing Christmas Week Thoughts

This is a very hectic time for everyone.. Even last-minute shoppers are getting started in this timeframe, families are finalizing plans, many workers are trying to figure out how to use two + weeks of remaining vacation time yet still accomplish what needs to be done at work..

And so I hope you will take a moment to absorb the following thoughts, ideas, and the sincere well wishes from all of us here at Anne Plummer & Associates,  from our families, to yours:

Remember The Reason, For The Season

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” ~ Judy Garland

“Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one, it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other.
~ Brian Tracy

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. ~ Zig Ziglar

If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere. ~ Zig Ziglar

The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity. ~ Zig Ziglar

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. ~ Winston Churchill, 1874-1965

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Christmas isn’t a Season.  It’s a feeling. ~ Dana Ferber

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays.. From our families, to yours.

Seasonal Activities

‘Tis the season for celebrating and for a lot of preparation going into, and for celebrations that remind us the real meaning of this Holiday season -regardless of religious preference. That is absolutely a learned – and a for most a teachable – true gift and an Art Form when done properly: Entertaining guests. This past week found the Anne Plummer & Associates family of Realtors, dedicated support staff, and their families gathered at Anne and Randy’s lovely home in Naples, Maine for hors d’oeuvres, an amazing Prime Rib meal with delicious sides, and lots of fun and merriment including a fun Yankee Swap done right, some movie-title-only charades, and lots of visiting. I know that I can speak for everyone there, that this party was not only done right, but in the true spirit of “giving”.   People who “Get the art of helping people” and that “the gift really is, in the giving” are the type of individuals I suggest you do your best to surround yourself with, year-round.

Whenever you put many people in a home – no matter how positive and caring they may be – there are bound to be a couple of mishaps.. A dropped partial Yankee swap gift reminded all that glass indeed doesn’t do well with gravity.. And a kitchen moment proved that wine can, on occasion, indeed defy gravity! Not only was a great time had by all, but as the appreciative author of this weekly blog, it could not be more obvious to me why working with everyone at this gem of a Maine Lakes Region organization – – and Anne Plummer’s Team is such a positive experience. Caring matters. Attention to detail, matters. Being positive and appreciative, matters. I personally can not possibly thank Randy, Anne and their family enough for a delightful evening where we all learned more from a personal perspective why we all should work hard and really care about doing a good job. Happiness comes from finding something that you care about doing to the best of your ability, and a job done to the best of our ability this and everyday: Matters. And remember: Work, to live.. And not the other way around. Life is, too short.

I know I can speak for everyone when I say sincerely:
Thank you Anne, for everything. For this much appreciated-by-all gathering this past week.. And for really understanding and promoting from “The Top Down” what it really means to care about individuals.  Your Team focus, and you teaching that primarily “by example” and surrounding yourself with the best individuals that you can, and I can assure you that it shows there is indeed great value in enjoying the unmatched experience that you and your team are blessed to have created.
Trust me when I consistently suggest that if you are not giving Anne Plummer & Associates a call for all of your lakefront, waterfront, mountain view, lot, land, and Real Estate needs: You are missing out on a very positive experience. Call them today @ 207-693-5200 and you will be glad, that you did!

Less Than Three Weeks..

The title of this week’s blog reflects shopping days until Christmas now, and even though the Holiday Season is well underway, with no snow on the ground and no appreciable frost in the ground, our mild fall continues here in the great Maine Lakes Region. Christmas lights are out, up, and shining nightly. Shopping is certainly rampant now, and more and more homes are showing lights on the inside with lit trees and a place to store those already wrapped packages underneath. For our friends of other faiths, this weekend marks the beginning of Hanukkah on Sunday December 6th through the evening of Monday December 14th this year. Here’s a quick primer on the Jewish Festival of Lights. The key ceremony at the center of Hanukkah, has followers on each of the eight nights lighting a candle on the branched candelabrum – called the menorah – in celebration of the wonder of a one-day supply of oil, miraculously lasting over a week for a small band of Jewish people fighting to defeat the Greek army in 165 B.C. These days people observing the Jewish faith also celebrate Hanukkah by eating foods fried in oil, such as potato pancakes called latkes. There are also customary games children play, like spinning a dreidel, and they receive chocolate coins called gelt for victory. I was blessed to learn a lot about these traditions at a young age, having had the opportunity to attend one of many summer camps for boys and girls that sprinkle our many Lakes here in the Maine Lakes Region, as they do all over our fine state. My Christian faith was in full evidence morning # 1 when I asked at the age of ten “What are those..?” as I pointed at a tray piled full of Bagles, with a big aluminum tin full of cream cheese firmly holding the knife inserted at an angle – as several kids who overheard me turning my question into a wildfire of people pointing at me as the kid who had never seen a bagel before – and so began my education in the Jewish faith. The vast majority of the kids could not have been nicer and more helpful about our differences, and I learned a lot about tolerance, diversity, and that this season starting this weekend marks when the Jews celebrate their victory in their fight for religious freedom more than 2,000 years ago. Tragically, that fight is no less important today, and not only for Jews, but for people of all faiths. Sadly, even though 22 centuries have passed since then, religious liberty is at great risk still, in many parts of the world. Christians and other faiths are being persecuted throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia, and our world could use a lot more, when it comes to tolerance as evidenced in recent weeks here in the states, and in Europe, especially Paris.  So as our Holiday Season progresses, and we have the opportunity to gather with friends, co-workers, and loved ones, let’s all focus on the most important Reasons, for The Season.  Please be safe, and we can each promote safety.  Do not drink, and then drive, and if we all commit to not let anyone do so, this Season will certainly shine.

See you ALL, next weekend!