Thinking About Happiness

Are you Happy? And why am I asking you to ponder this question? It is a question that many professionals suggest that the average human does not ask themselves, often enough. One of the best descriptions I have found of what Is the definition of happiness, goes like this: “Happiness is an approach to life that embraces a willingness to overcome challenges with a smile on your face.”

Some people seem to like their life because it’s going to plan, some feel like – or often act like – they’ve had a raw deal, and others tend to accept whatever fate throws at them day-in, and day-out. No matter how people see things, a positive thing to do is to “look in the mirror” and ask yourself, AM I HAPPY? There are several key factors to a positive response to this question. The major factors revolve around occupation, relationship(s) status, comfort, health, and location. Financial concerns that do factor-in, are rarely at the top of the list because the fact is, money can not buy happiness.

Attitude is everything.

Experts agree that this simple statement goes a long way towards happiness. So does the willingness to Act to change things. Maybe it is to find a new job or acquiring new skills to enable the options for a new job. Do what you love to do and you will never work again, is a statement worth embracing. If you don’t care for something, change it! We here at Anne Plummer & Associates – located in the heart of the Maine Lakes Region on Route 302 in Naples, Maine – love what we what we can do for you and your family: Our team of people have hundreds of years of experience collectively.  Choose our talents to enable your experience to find the perfect “Where” – and sometimes “Why” – questions we all should evaluate periodically. Location DOES matter. When was the last time that you asked yourself and your family, “if you could live anywhere that you wanted to, what would that place look like, where would it be, and why?” The answers you get might surprise you! Let us show you how easy – and effective – finding just the right place to hang your hats each day, can be! Call us today.
You will be glad that you did!

Talking Facts About Lake Ice Safety

Guidelines on the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website state that ice needs to be at least 4 inches thick for safe foot travel and at least 5 inches thick to support snowmobiles or ATVs. This season, there are very few places that meet this criteria for being on any lake or pond ice. The website emphasizes that the guidelines are for “new, clear, solid ice,” and that other factors besides thickness need to be taken into careful consideration which can cause ice to be unsafe. So far, this winter has been very unique and remarkable for so many lakes being slow to freeze at all, with much open water still in mid-February due to record-breaking warmth in December, and above-average temperatures in both January and February. The state’s largest ice-fishing derby is scheduled for next weekend here in the Maine Lakes Region, on Sebago Lake. The Sebago Lake Rotary, which runs the derby, has created a contingency plan they very well may have to implement for safety reasons. They have this plan at-the-ready after having to cancel the event four times in recent years: If there isn’t enough safe ice on the big lake, they will move the derby to smaller lakes and ponds throughout Cumberland County. And with the warm upper 40 degree temperatures along with nighttime temperatures not dropping nearly as low as is normal this mid to later February, the smaller lakes themselves will need to be scrutinized and very carefully evaluated as well. Great caution should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds, and this is the official website to stay current on next weekend’s Derby:


Being one of the major fundraising events for the local Rotary, please keep this in mind and spread the word as to charitable giving plans this year, should the weather adjust the opportunity to participate!

It’s A Great Time To Look At Lots & Land

In picking the subject matter and thoughts about this week’s blog, sadly the subtitle “And wear a warm hat and gloves” is a prudent suggestion, at least for this week approaching. This weekend here in the Maine Lakes Region we are experiencing the coldest temperatures we have experienced so far this winter, and it would be a blessing to hope that early morning temperatures near 20° below zero (yes, -20°!) in our major urban lake towns – with wind chill readings in the mountains ranging between seventy and eighty degrees below zero – might be the worst of this season. Next week the evening lows are projected to be much warmer, with Tuesday daytime temperatures approaching 50° which will be an almost eighty degree increase in warmth. The reason we recommend looking at house lots and land right now is a combination of factors. If you look at historical interest rates the experts in the field suggest that the increases in interest rates have not yet occurred as expected, and advantages to buyers, borrowers and builders have rarely been this attractive. This is also the absolute best time of year to view and walk property. The advantages of seeing everything that you are going to see from every spot on a property can only occur during this short timeframe each year when there is no foliage on the trees. It is also now much easier to get together and visit a property towards the end of a standard work day in the late afternoon and still have enough daylight now to enjoy not having to take valuable time away from work or a weekend day, to look for that special mountain view, water view, waterfront or lakefront property for you and your family.  Call us today!  You will be glad you did!!

Changes During Big Game Week

imageWhile many of us find no pleasure that our New England Patriots are going to be watching the big game on TV just like many of us, no one can deny some other odd happenings for this week. What was supposed to be a nuisance 1 to 3 inches of snow on Friday, turned into more than 6″ to 10″ of the white stuff for most of us in the Maine Lakes Region, along with the majority of southern Maine. And we are told to brace for another storm coming in Monday night into and through most of Tuesday, if you have not heard. No shooting the messenger.. We just want you to be aware! Home heating oil is still hovering at $1.35 – $1.37 a gallon. And the only ice to be found in Sebago Lake, is really really bizarre! Have you seen all the ice balls?

Sebago Lake might be open water for the first time in many many years this first week of February, and here is an explanation of the hundreds of thousands of ice balls you’ll see if you’re on the downwind side of Sebago Lake:

So as the big game approaches, the likely big winners this week are going to be the Jenny Craig’s and the Weight Watchers programs of the region, as this weekend comes in second only to Thanksgiving, for those who choose to indulge in too much food. Enjoy, do not drink and drive – do not let anyone drink and drive – and make it a great week, from everyone here at Anne Plumber & Associates.

The Maine Lakes Region 5 Seasons

Those of you “from away” might not be as familiar with this as those of us born and bred here, however a normal trip around the sun in these parts contains Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.. And Mud season. Our fifth season is a very real thing, and it varies in duration in direct correlation with both the amount of snow pack, and the depth of the frost within the ground each Spring.

When this weekend comes to an end, those of us with Monday through Friday employment will be starting our work week in February already, and without jinxing anything, it is very odd that so far, this winter season has been the winter that never was in comparison to most winters in these parts. One of the most bizarre occurrences is the reality that there is supposed to be an ice fishing tournament in a few short weeks at the end of February on Sebago Lake, and as of right now, this weekend, Sebago Lake is still open water. It has just been announced that the organizers of the Sebago ice-fishing derby planned for Feb. 27 and 28 will move it to smaller lakes, if there isn’t enough ice on Sebago by then. And since there is no ice and the daytime temperatures are expected to approach an amazing 50° early in the 1st week of February, ice fishing on Sebago looks very unlikely this season.
It is a most excellent time to be looking at homes, property, lots, and land for sale. You really get to see everything well this time of year, and unlike many seasons, there is excellent access to almost anywhere right now. Planning to spend a day or more with us may be the best thing you’ve done in a very long time for yourself, and for your family.