Early Easter And Maine Maple Sunday

This weekend marks the calendar with an early Easter and Maple Sugar Sunday. Easter is designated to be the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the Spring Equinox. When checking how Maple Sugar Sunday is predetermined, this is from www.mainemapleproducers.com :

“Maine Maple Sunday is always the fourth Sunday in March although some sugarhouses are offering events for both Saturday and Sunday (..this year due to Easter falling much earlier than usual). Please be sure to read the description of each sugarhouse to know what times they will be open and the activities they offer.”
If you might be interested in some long-range town planning that is picking up some steam again from being idle this decade, there is a well researched and well written article here in Friday’s Windham Eagle:


We all need to work hard and do the best we can each day, while working towards goals that matter. We here at Ann Plummer & Associates want to understand your goals, and our job is to help you meet and exceed them!  Let’s talk about the next 5 years, and together understand your thoughts and goals for ten years from now. We want to help you clearly define what is most important for you. For some, it is all and only about location. Others seek to invest and profit.. And repeat, with a lot of hard word helping to reap financial gain at each step up. Others want zero maintenance because they are “on the back 9” or their joy is in taking more time each day, to enjoy each day. Whatever your needs and desires are: Our team is focused on the Maine Lakes Region whether your focus is to sell, to purchase waterfront property or that special spot with an outstanding view, or just discuss the possibilities: Our team has the experience that to help you and yours swiftly realize your dreams. Calling us is the 1st step. Believing in the possibilities comes next.  We look forward to helping reinforce and promote the power of positive thinking!

The Winter That Hasn’t Been.. Might Briefly Be

So a lot of the talk this weekend is of winter storm Regis, currently near the Carolinas, due to come up the coast and arrive in northern New England Sunday night into Monday. The track currently has it hugging the coast and the center of this storm may be far enough out to sea to spare the majority of southern Maine and most of northern Maine to a dusting through a couple of inches.. As currently projected, the coast could receive 6″ or more. The eastern coast of Maine northeast – downeast from Rockland – is currently projected to get the most of the white stuff at current track, with our Maine Lakes Region due to see a coating to 2″. There is a chance this may remain the winter that never was for many, and even if it does accumulate here, we can all be thankful that the duration will be brief.  Here is what things look like as of early this weekend:


And for those of you paying attention this weekend, even if this storm does irritate us Monday and during the early part of this coming week, what started out as Winter Storm Regis will not arrive until it is officially Spring here!  EST spring arrives Sunday around 12:30am with the majority of the country seeing this earliest spring in our lifetime – since the late 1800’s – arrive Saturday.  Here are some interesting facts this early Spring compliments of the Farmers Almanac:


So whatever happens early this upcoming week, let’s enjoy the fact that  I suggest this WILL be the Winter that never was.. Regardless of what happens this week.. Because it will take place only after the spring of 2016 has officially sprung!   Make it a great week, and the best way to do that is not to put off anything you might need to do with real estate here in the Maine Lakes Region by calling us at Anne Plummer & Associates today!


Saving Time – And Electricity

I waited until Sunday to post this week’s blog, because if you haven’t figured it out by now I hope you will read this before you get up and get ready to go into work on Monday! Our clocks sprung forward and we lost an hour of sleep over Saturday night into Sunday. If you ever are curious as to the exact Time and Temperature regionally, this local information is accurate in downtown Portland: (207) 775-4321
Technically at 2:00 AM on Sunday morning this weekend it became 3:00 AM, which will remain until Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 6th. For those of you who travel, take note: Most areas of the United States do observe daylight saving time. Exceptions include Arizona – less the Navajo Nation which does observe daylight saving time – Hawaii, and the overseas territories of American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. Indiana used to not fully observe DST however they now have switched due to the scientific evidence the daylight savings time it actually does save about 1% on electricity usage wherever it is instituted. This is because it extends daylight into the evenings in the summertime when most people want to enjoy outdoor activities more, and it does lessen the need for interior lighting in the summer months in the evenings.

Another very positive plus to Daylight Saving Time is the positive effect it has on so many individuals simply by extending the daylight they “see” more, which moves into the evenings.  In a large pole of those individuals sampled,  68% were in favor of  DST because it allowed them to enjoy more outdoor activities, especially sports like golf and on or near water activities:   Boating,  canoeing,  kayaking,  sailing,  Beach and waterfront fun.   If you want to be 100% in favor of your Maine Lakes region real estate experience, call us today! 207-693-5200


Silver Lining To Cancelled Sebago Lakes Fishing Derby

Having worked diligently on the Sebago Lake Region’s annual icefishing derby for nearly 8 months made it very difficult for Deb McPhail – president of the Sebago Lake Rotary Club – to have to cancel last weekend’s event due to poor ice conditions.  As we all know there is very little lake ice that is safe this year.  Even though Deb was “terribly disappointed” to have to cancel the main ice fishing event, select portions of the annual event were still very successful.  One event in no small part due to September’s Miss America 2016 Pageant participant, Miss Maine Kelsey Earley. She and her friends helped raise over $1500 of the more than $40,00 -according to organizer of the Polar Dip, Tara Studley as reported in The Current – with all proceeds going directly to the Maine Children’s Cancer Program. Everyone involved – along with all of us here – would like to thank Shaw’s Supermarket for sponsoring this year’s dip which went on thanks to much hard work and safety prep by the the Sebago Lake Rotary Club, which oversees the fishing derby.  Ms. Studley is quoted saying the Rotary is always “hugely helpful with the logistics” of the dip, being responsible for cutting the hole in the ice and arranging for adequate emergency services to be present – just in case.  Kudos to all who have participated in this year’s events so far, and look for the pizza challenge event upcoming in May, where again this year we can all taste, sample, and rate different area pizzas in various categories – Yum! – and hopefully exceed last year’s 500 estimated in attendance, and also exceed in the fundraising efforts category as well.

Make it a great week, and we will make sure that happens for you, if you give us a call for any and all of your Real Estate needs!