Maine Lakes Region Reminders

There are many reasons the Maine Lakes Region is a delightful place to hang your hat, either full-time living here, or during your favorite parts of the year. We talk a lot about area Real Estate and how we want to assist you in any way that we can in that regard, here at Anne Plummer & Associates. As a reminder to our readers, there are many things that the region has to offer besides great natural resources. Many people are unaware that public transportation includes very affordable services Monday through Friday here in the region between Portland and Bridgton, starting early in each direction

And more info here:

and by looking at the schedule there are 10-ride pass, and monthly pass options.

You can stay in touch with local events in The Windham Eagle, there is a Forecaster publication available by area,
and for the many who seek more and more information online instead of enjoying the tactile experience of picking up available papers and publications at local convenience, retail, and grocery stores, this link will help you find local Maine Lakes Region information:


where you can find all kinds of local color and information such as recent town and chamber of commerce information, as well as some great writing such as this article featuring a family that is keeping the art of the outdoor movie experience alive here in the region with the Prides Corner and Bridgton Twin Drive-Ins:

Outdoor movie theater marking 60 years

where I found it interesting that few Drive-ins remain – there are just six now statewide when there were 37 in the heyday of Drive-Ins here in Maine.

We love the Maine Lakes Region here at Anne Plummer & Associates.  Our dedicated team is helping sellers and buyers alike find what you need and we enjoy helping you find just what you are looking for. It may be true right now that it is “a sellers market” in many ways, and yet now is the time of year we see more and more homes, lakefront, water and mountain view properties become newly available, than any other season of the year.  Call us today, don’t delay! (207) 693-5200.

You will be glad that you did!

Sellers Market Update

Having heard some appreciated feedback on last week’s post, this certainly is a popular topic in Real Estate circles. The lack of inventory – houses, properties in general whether they be waterfront, water or mountain view – are no less challenging here in the Maine Lakes Region. New England as a region saw new homes sell on average almost 20 days quicker than the beginning of 2015. Those average cycles have dropped consistently throughout the region, and the exciting trend is the amount of time between the moment a home or property is listed, and when a firm offer is being made. Not having exact statistics to share at this moment, we can tell you the timeframe is swift. If you go to an open house, be prepared to hear – even on the first hour of the first day – that an offer has already been made, and that you likely are going to have to fight and bid for the property if you feel it is your ideal dream home, or just what you’ve been looking for. The physical turn out for open houses – especially this spring – is nothing short of remarkable. According to a new study, the best time to sell a home is in May, though we suggest in this market there will be no bad time in the foreseeable future. According to an article in the Huffington Post, the spring selling season got off to an early start in with intensity in Southern California with the market’s low inventory sending potential homebuyers into packed open houses and bidding wars that sometimes included competing all-cash offers. Real estate site Redfin found that homes in the area were selling faster than last year, and many were going for higher than asking price. The reality is that if you are in a rush to find a home, to be prepared in the month of May to pay slightly more on average. National statistical data indicates that property sales in the month of May bring about a 1% premium to sellers which averages nationwide to be about $1700 more then the other 11 months of the year. The major reason for this is simple. More people shop for homes when the weather is nice out. In regions where there are more distinct seasons and therefore traditionally more difficult weather and colder temperatures during winter, this is naturally the time of year when people simply start to get out more. Do not be discouraged if you are a buyer and not a seller in this or any market. Understanding exactly what is important to you, and at the end of the day what really is not that important, is very helpful information to talk about openly with your loved ones and with experts who care.

Calling us at (207) 693-5200 makes great sense, and it is our pleasure to serve you.

Understanding The Sellers Market

Real Estate – just like many things in history – goes through phases.  New listings have been on the market rarely for shorter periods of time, than now.

At a recent networking event, A commercial broker mentioned to the group that if anyone had any ideas or leads for new inventory, that information is the best possible referral at this time.  The same is true in the residential market.

In a seller’s market, the seller – because of the scarcity of underlying inventory, choices, and options – is able to obtain better conditions for the sale, and usually higher prices, than when there is an abundance of inventory and choices for people to pick from. Right now, there are more buyers than properties to sell within certain demographics. A relative told me yesterday that his doorbell has rung three times in the past 60 days to entertain the question “do you have any interest in selling your home?”

If you have a home, waterfront property, a water or Mountain View location today: do not be surprised if you are asked if you have any interest in selling.  There may not be a better timeframe to obtain a top-dollar offer and we suggest, that a clear plan of “next” has also rarely been more important.

It may be an ideal time to locate your ideal lot and built exactly what you have always wanted.  There are no ‘lack of inventory concerns’ with that choice.  Odds are that if you list your current property soon, that you should be ready for the possibility of going under contract swiftly. If it is time for you to find just the right spot for you, our team has collective years of experience that brings huge value to you here in the Maine Lakes Region. If you need to see your next ideal place to hang your hat, please give us a call at (207) 693-5200 anytime.
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Maine Lakes Region 2016 Must Do Suggestions

As we all wait to see the results of the pending snowstorm schedule for late this weekend – possibly a southern New England event more than a Maine Lakes Region difficulty with any luck – let’s focus on the positive: Suggested area must-do’s!

If you have never visited a regional sugar shack, we recommend the experience.  That golden amber liquid sitting on your breakfast table requires a lot of interesting time and effort!

For summer fun, we recommend going out on the Songo River Queen II, berthed on Long Lake at the Naples, ME Causeway. Great places to eat and/or enjoy a beverage within easy walking distance: Rick’s Cafe, Merced’s, Brays Brew Pub, The Freedom Cafe, Captain Jacks at Naples Marina, Lotus Garden for Chinese food, and right in front of Sandy’s Flight Deck you can enjoy a Float Plane ride, rent a Kayak, Canoe, Paddle Boat, go Waterskiing, Parasailing, rent a Jetski and more, all without moving your car.

There are great short hikes to enjoy in the area. A quiet gem that many do not know about: Turn right on 302 westbound as you are leaving North Windham just before Sherwin Williams into Donnabeth Lippman Park – and enjoy the Chaffin Pond trails. The core trail is an easy and lovely 2 mile walk with storyboard stops.  It is a great park for families with little kids and a great place to walk with an elderly parent or friend. You can rent a kayak or canoe in season, there’s a fun playscape for the kids, ample parking, it is rarely crowded, and it is free.

You should rent a cabin for a weekend here in the Maine Lakes Region.  If you enjoy your time, rent a waterfront property for a vacation week that the whole family can enjoy.  And when you are thinking about purchasing that perfect spot for you here in the lakes region:  call (207) 693-5200 and you will be very pleased that you asked us, to assist you!