This weekend marks the beginning for many, of preparation for the new school year. Most who have kids in college, university, or grad school are either already at school or headed there this last weekend in August 2016.
As for our regional school districts this coming week marks the beginning of school with most having teachers already arriving daily and many getting a couple of full school days for all students onto the calendar before the long Labor Day Weekend that is upon us next weekend. It is worth noting that most area school districts start full time classes for students starting between Monday and Wednesday this week, and check your local schedules carefully, as some have No School on Friday September 2nd, allowing for a 4+ day long weekend over the Labor Day Holiday.
Please remember to take extra time and leave a bit earlier on your morning work commute to allow for both school bus stoppages and increased traffic due to our area schools, and that will especially be true this coming week, with everyone’s schedules being new and always needing a few days to become familiar, to fall into a routine that will turn this Indian Summertime, into Autumn, all too soon.
Please be safe out there, and check your local school calendars so that you are where you are supposed to be, when you are supposed to be this coming week – and most importantly if you are a School District with Friday September 2nd scheduled as a NO SCHOOL day, that you do not arrive or stand waiting for the school bus, that will not be arriving that morning.
Please take caution driving extra safely as our area children are both excited and nervous about what is new this coming week, so let’s all do our part to drive safely, defensively, and responsibly. Remember, even if you are on a 4 or 5 Lane, middle turn-lane through-way (like much of Windham / North Windham..) all vehicles in all directions must stop, for any school bus with it’s Flashing Lights on, and please be a responsible citizen and report anyone who does otherwise so they can be made aware.. so we can all enjoy a tragedy-free, accident free School Season!

Enjoy the end of Summer, and be safe, from all of us here at Anne Plummer & Associates!

Mid-August Events

In discussing events in the area, this is the time of the season where everyone is realizing that their opportunity to enjoy summer fun is rapidly coming to a close.. Especially wanting to be able to enjoy time with family prior to school starting up. Many students are already involved in preseason sports activities this week, with the dreaded double sessions for those playing football and early arrival on college campuses for student athletes taking place in this timeframe.
Here in our delightful Maine Lakes Region, the many lakefront and waterfront owners that we serve – especially those who own that are here visiting that do not live in those properties year round – are enjoying a stretch of delightful weather, with many wanting to maximize their memories of this summer. There are a couple of annual events this weekend that are well worth a short travel to, to help you accomplish those goals.
A short drive north taking Route 11 from Naples or jumping on the Maine Turnpike in Gray, provides you the opportunity this weekend to enjoy the Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston. If you have not attended a 6 AM, or a 6 PM multi-balloon launch, you are missing out on a wondrous experience. Here is the schedule of events for this weekend:

2016 Schedule

And for those of you with Scottish heritage, A trip to Brunswick’s sister city Topsham where the Maine Highland gamesWill be taking place at the Topsham fairgrounds this Saturday, August 20th. Here is a link to the brochure and the schedule of events click below,  then on the more information link,  then click where it says “here” for the schedule PDF:

Maine Highland Games

If you are contemplating whether to spend your time closing up your camp or vacation property, versus getting out and enjoying the many things there are to do here in the Maine Lakes region: There are several local companies who will assist you with closing up for the season. Take advantage of that opportunity, seek them out, and get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Oh My Gosh!

I have friends from all over the country who find a way to spend time in Maine – here in the Maine Lakes Region and all over our great state, from the mountains to our vast coastline – and why is that?  Why consistently spend time here?

Those of us who live here – as is human nature – often literally tend to not “see” the forest for the trees. “Oh my gosh” moments become commonplace. For example:

Westbound on 302 when you hit the Naples Causeway and Mount Washington is right there behind Long Lake..

Continuing westward just past Beaver Pond, Shawnee Peak appears in the reflection of Moose Pond and looms upward beyond the far shore..

I can still recall my first drive up Route 27 around one of the most famous “Oh My Gosh” corners here in Maine, seeing Sugarloaf Mountain for the first time – for me, back in the 1970’s!

Drive up the State Park Road at the southern-most tip of Camden Hills State Park to the top of Mt. Battie, and you look down on Camden Harbor..

The first time you drive to the pinnacle of Route 85, and at the Raymond Elementary School looking westward you see before you the entire Maine Lakes Region to the White Mountains that on a clear day, seem so close..

The vast rolling potato fields southward from Caribou through Presque Isle to Houlton, to the views of Mount Kathadin through Island Falls, Sherman, Benedicta, and the scenic lookout overlooking Salmon Stream Lake..

The view of Casco Bay from the Eastern and Western Promenades in Portland.. This is why many visit, and why so many of us choose to live here.

Many of us pass these and other amazing places on a daily basis, not always “seeing them” for the special, unique-on-earth majestic places that they really are.

We here at Anne Plummer & Associates understand, appreciate, and believe in the power of “this place” that we are blessed to call home. Whether you are looking to upgrade, downsize, or you are seeking that “just right” special spot to enjoy delightful, year-round, four season activities and down-time periodically: Give us a call today! Soon you, too, will be saying “Oh My Gosh” more often!

Fair Season Has Begun!

Here in the Maine Lakes Region we are blessed to enjoy Fair Season later in the fall, however right now is the timeframe each year – soon after the Yarmouth Clam Festival – where a great Maine tradition gets into full swing: Maine Fair Season and the Agricultural Fairs that run from now through October. This week brings us both the Northern Maine Fair at the Presque Isle Fairgrounds July 29th – August 6th

and the Bangor State Fair July 29 – August 7th

The tradition gets to the roots and the core what Maine life is all about – The Way Life Should Be – and certainly this timeframe, when July is about to become August, is a sure sign that summer is well underway and that the treasured season of Fall will be soon to come – and a bit too soon, for many that I have talked to. Where did July go..?!? Here is a list where you can follow all of the current and upcoming fairs and many festivals, this season:

On a personal note to Anne Plummer and her team: the annual “summer party” that Anne puts on each year for her crew was a lot of fun and very much appreciated by all who were fortunate enough to attend this season, including this particular blogger who – along with my better half – were blessed to enjoy the company of many delightful individuals “away from the office” and to add to the festivities, it was coupled with a fun Birthday Celebration for Diane Monaco. Many thank to Anne and her family.
See for yourself, why all of your Maine Lakes Region Real Estate needs are in the very best hands, with the dedicated professionals at Anne Plummer & Associates!