Area Fair Season: It’s Officially Fall

It is officially Fall and with the Cumberland Fair starting this weekend on the 25th and then with the Fryeburg Fair starting at the end of next weekend – a week from Monday is the famous WOODSMAN’S DAY at the Fryeburg Fair – and we are officially in the season of Fall here in the great Maine Lakes Region both on the calendar, and in spirit with the final two big area Agricultural Fairs of the season now upon us. Here are this weeks links to help you with the Cumberland Fair, just a stones throw away from here:

and this link will help you with the schedule for this coming week:

There is some great music this week with area performers all week so don’t wait for the weekend for some great entertainment options and fun.

With the warmer weather starting to fade, and with us struggling to have daylight last past the evening news these days, there are a lot of important simple things to consider as we move towards colder weather. Take your air conditioning units out very soon and button-up those windows to conserve the heat in your homes, with furnace and heating units that will have to start running to keep your home comfortable as the days progress. Make sure that your oil burning furnaces, and your wood stoves, and your pellet stoves, and all of your heating units of choice are safe and running efficiently. Cleaning them now if you have not done so recently will absolutely pay great dividends come spring.  If you have storm windows, it is time to put down the glass windows and raise the screens, and tighten-up any drafty areas like rarely-used doors. As the leaves continue to fall from the trees which has started early this year due to the very dry overall conditions, it is good to try and keep up with yard work so there will be less debris to have to clear up in the Spring. And most of all, get out to the Fairs!

Happy Fall!

Mid-September Blog

And as somehow we are all now looking behind us at the 15th September 2016 , here are some realities in our Maine Lakes Region when it comes to what we do best: All of your Real Estate needs here in the great Maine Lakes Region.
It is still a buyers market, and it looks like it may remain this way for some time to come. We see no end in sight on this trend, at this point.
If you have been considering “testing the waters” on seeking an evaluation of the potential financial value of your lakefront, waterfront, water access, or Mountain View property here in the region, this is definitely the time to do so. We expect you will be astounded at the levels of value that are being achieved.. And swiftly. Inventory is still very low, and the time that properties are remaining on the market prior to firm offer commitment and acceptance, is still trending at record short timeframes.
Unlike the middle of summer when we can show properties well into the evening, we will be at the halfway point between the longest day of the year to the shortest day of the year for daylight, this coming week on Wednesday, September 21. We very much enjoy showing you property after work, and having your property shown in the evenings, however we need to be wrapping that up for outside lot, land, and grounds viewing by 7 o’clock in the evening these days and that time is only going to move earlier as the days progress.
We want to help you find that perfect spot here in out region, whether it is for your primary full-time residence, or for that perfect spot to have family gather and enjoy the many blessings our region has to offer.
Call us today.
You will be glad that you did!

Giving Thanks

The goal of this weekend’s Anne Plummer & Associates weekly Maine Lakes Region blog, is to reflect and bring attention to the importance of giving thanks for the many blessings we have, here in the region and beyond.. And hoping these words can be a reminder of the value each day, of leading a thankful life.
This week’s focus on the value of being reflective and thankful centers around this weekend’s 15 year anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist attacks on targets in New York City and Washington, DC.. resulting in the destruction of both World Trade Center Towers and massive destruction also at the Pentagon. Our hearts and condolences go out to the countless thousands of individuals in pain, on this date each year.
My memories of standing on the rooftop observation deck on the top of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, and on several occasions standing between those two massive towers looking upward (memories now vividly running through my brain as I write this..) and outside of New York City the many additional deaths that day with other suicide hijackers crashing a plane into the Pentagon in DC, and into a field in Pennsylvania.. These are moments worth reflection upon.  Those passengers and crew on flight 93  were blessed with more-instant communications and brave passengers with the foresight to believe and understand that they, too, were on a hijacked flight doomed towards an unknown target in the Washington DC area. Those passengers on Flight 93 only had that opportunity because their flight was delayed almost a half hour prior to take-off and the more-instant news and more-instant communications capabilities, giving those brave passenger and crew the opportunity to put two-and-two together, and to do their best to not allow their hijacked plane to reach whatever was its intended target.

You can Google “9/11” and what you will find is an amazing amount of research and information now available, as to events of – and leading up to – that tragic day.
This easy-read link just below – and the short four minute video – is a concise, clear place to start reflecting on our many blessings, and also on the value on being aware and diligent in our day-to-day lives. The mastermind of the entire operation funded by Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden – Mohammed Atta – and one other terrorist accomplice “at the last minute” decided to drive from Boston to Portland and walked amongst us here, on September 10th, 2001, then boarding a 6 AM flight from the Portland International Jetport back to Logan in Boston, to stagger and differentiate the arrival of the many terrorists boarding flights leaving Boston that morning, all originally bound for California. They had purchased tickets on those specific flights, knowing the planes needed full-capacity jet fuel onboard, turning those planes (from their murderous cockpit takeovers) into maximum destructive-powered, kamikaze, fuel-filled missiles under their control.

Be thankful. Every day.

Our very best to those of you reading this who have family and friends directly affected, by the events of September 11, 2001.. 15 years ago this weekend.

Labor Day Weekend

Well, the long Labor Day weekend is upon us. The weather looks good for Saturday and Sunday however the hurricane that is charging up the Eastern seaboard, leaving much rain and a mess in our Southeastern and coastal states, is supposed to slow down and sit off the New England coast on Monday into Tuesday.
There were reports that the traffic coming into Maine today, Saturday morning, was very heavy so there will be a lot of people and automobiles headed southbound at the end of this Labor Day weekend. Based on the poor weather for several of our southern New England states scheduled for tomorrow, that makes great sense. And for those of us who have lived in these parts most of our lives, it is suggested that if you are here visiting, that you understand and remember how long it can take, to leave the state southbound, especially at the end of a long holiday weekend.
With that said, it does look like Sunday into Monday will be much better weather in these parts, than in southern New England.

There is a great annual event, that always ends on labor day each year, which has been going on all this week, about an hour north of here. If you are anywhere near Central Maine, the great Windsor Fair is absolutely worth a visit, if your travels have you in that area, just east of Augusta.

If you’re hanging out in this region, due to the fact that it is getting dark closer to 8 o’clock with the sunsetting now closer to 7 PM,  if you can find a spot with no lights, and good open space to do some stargazing, from personal experience,  there have been a few shooting stars to be seen.  Do not forget to enjoy the simple things, that this region has for all of us to enjoy!
Whatever your plans are for this long holiday weekend, everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates wishes you and yours a safe, and a very happy Labor Day Weekend!