Halloween is Upon Us

Topics I have heard duscussed this past week include “Where the heck has October gone?” and “What are you doing to celebrate Halloween this year?” Many adults are discussing plans to go out and enjoy a local area dance or public costume party – many are scheduled in our area – or to dress up in costumes and get together with friends and family privately. Our team here at Anne Plumber & Associates wants to remind everyone how much our little ones look forward to this holiday that falls this year on Monday, and there will be many excited children dressed-up and Trick-or-Treating in the dark that is now late afternoon, on a regular workday Monday commute home from work. Please everyone, drive extra attentively, especially as you approach and enter any neighborhoods on Monday the 31st late afternoon and early evening. Next to Christmas, there are few holidays that children look forward to more than Halloween, attempting to gather as much candy and treats as they possibly can. Remember, excited young children often act impulsively with zero regard for how their actions – often based on doing the exact opposite of a pleading parent – can get them in swift danger and put them in harms way. Please expect the unexpected, when driving Monday afternoon and evening. Not everyone dresses in bright colors and not everyone carries flashlights and bright glow sticks to help identify themselves when out Trick or Treating, and we would like to have zero reports of Halloween difficulties, especially here in the great Maine Lakes Region where we have many neighborhoods that are delightful for our trick or Treaters – young and older alike – to enjoy the annual tradition that is sharing treats with our neighbors.
Be safe, and enjoy this Holiday.
From everyone here at Anne Plumber & Associates, Happy Halloween, be safe and promote safety, and we will see you again in November!

Peaking Fall Foliage

As we enter this peak foliage mid-October weekend here in the great Maine Lakes Region, we would like to remind you that there is no better time of year to have your property looked at to discover your market value in today’s marketplace. The results can be eye-opening! We are very proud of the depth, passion, and years of experience our team members offer to our appreciated clients. If you have been curious as to the value of a waterfront, lakefront, water access, waterview, mountain view home, camp, or property, there is no better time of year for full discovery than now. Give us a quick call, and you will be glad that you did!
It is also one of the most delightful times of year to get together with your family or your significant other, and take a drive. It is important to talk openly about what you really want if now is the time for you to consider downsizing, upgrading, or investing in that waterfront vacation property you have always dreamed about!
And just a reminder, if you are out and about in our area this weekend and you want to take the most spectacular drive possibly on the planet, this drive within an hour is “day-to-day” today as to  when it will have to be closing for the season:


From personal experience within the last couple of years, if you get the opportunity to spend half a day, this writer absolutely recommends getting the accompanying audio to listen to, as you make the drive up to the summit of Mt. Washington and then back down again.  This time of year especially, dress in layers and bring hats and mittens!

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, it’s a great weekend for a drive, so get out and enjoy the possibilities!

Fall Real Estate Opportunities

This weekend marks the end of the Agricultural Fair season and the beginning of peak foliage season.  This is also one of the best times to be thinking about Real Estate opportunities.
As the leaves begin to turn color and to thin-out, we here at MaineRealEstate.ME remind you that this is a great time of year to both look at properties in places where you might be interested in living, and to also consider finding out what your property may now be worth, in today’s  marketplace.
As true with most markets in the country, ours also is in need of fresh new inventory, which is a bonus for both those considering selling and for buyers, as no one is expecting Real Estate Lending and Interest Rates to remain as low as they are, for much longer. This reality allows for a larger pool, of qualified buyers.
The reason this is such a great time to get going and investigate the possibilities – along with the realities of the marketplace – is that a property can “really be seen” as it will be, during the winter and early spring seasons with no leaves on the trees. It is not uncommon to have a new property owner experience their 1st winter season, only to realize that “their private view” is now either far from private, or maybe they do need to put up some curtains for privacy, due to neighbors or passing vehicles on the road, now also having a much clearer view.

Whether you are here visiting our Maine Lakes Region thanks to the beautiful fall foliage, or maybe a work responsibility has you In the area, you really should consider the value of either your primary or secondary residence being right here, with the opportunity to take advantage of many day-to-day natural joys, so close by.

We here at Anne Plummer & Associates may be the best phone call you’ve ever dialed..

Give us a try!!

Seasonal Delight: Woodmen’s Day is October 3rd

This coming Monday October 3rd is Woodmen’s Field Day at the Fryeburg Fair.

Opening for the 2016 season on Sunday the 2nd, the Fryeburg Fair this year runs through – and including – Sunday October 9th next weekend.
Maine’s largest agricultural fair, it is the only agricultural fair in Maine to take place in the month of October, held in a beautiful setting annually, this year certainly in prime foliage season. There are many Exhibit halls showcasing local agriculture, foodstuffs, art, woodworking, there is a Fair museum, along with harness racing and various shows featuring livestock. The midway, rides, food, and games are favorites for many, and among the many things that set the Fryeburg Fair apart from other agricultural fairs, are the events always on Monday: Monday – October 3rd this year – is Woodmen’s Day here on the western edge of our great Maine Lakes region, and here’s some history along with things to look forward to..
Men and women from all over the U.S. come to compete in over 27 woods-related events.  Bucksaw, standing block, the axe throw, tree felling, pole climbing, crosscut, springboard, you will find this and more each year on Woodmen’s day. The events kick off at 9:00am and since there are many categories and skills to enjoy, you can watch these talented men and women all day, with the event wrapping up at 5:00pm.

The weather is predicted to be mostly sunny for the entire week, and though you might need a jacket first thing in the morning, as many suggest dress in layers, as it is likely to warm-up quickly into the mid 60’s most every day. The leaves are already turning various colors as September has just turned to October, so get out and enjoy this fall season here in our delightful Maine Lakes Region!