Real Winter Approaches

As this blog takes shape, many here in the Maine Lakes Region will be inconvenienced Monday morning it appears from the weather forecasts. There is a winter storm approaching – this from the west not coming up the coast from the south – and it’s easy to see to anyone who glanced at or is watching the Buffalo Bills football game to see that this storm has some passion, at least where it is at the moment early Sunday afternoon. A quick glance at the radar and you will see a quarter of the northern USA blanketed by this weather system. Predictions are for the snow to start late Sunday night / early Monday morning here in our Maine Lakes Region. A key question for the weathermen is all about the temperature. This storm is predicted to start overnight and then through mid morning dump some impressive snow amounts – averages appear to be in the 6″ ranges – however many are predicting that the temperature will soon approach 32° and there are fears of sleet, ice, freezing rain and possibly rain before this storm system eases up after noon tomorrow so it looks like an interesting Monday. If you have a plow guy remember to position things accordingly on your property, and there are many students in the northeast – and many teachers too – who are hoping for “that call” and notice to be posted in their school system so they don’t have to get out of bed as early as usual.
There is no doubt how blessed we have been this season. Many years we have experienced significant snow and winter weather starting on or before Halloween, and we are six solid weeks beyond that timeframe right now. Everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates wishes you and yours a very safe first real winter storm as we rapidly approach the holidays and just a bit more than two weeks away now, is 2017. Make it a great week!

This Weekend = Three Weeks

The title of this weekend’s blog is a reminder that even though the Holiday Season is now underway, the little-to-no appreciable snow or frost here in the great Maine Lakes Region, has the Holiday Season rapidly approaching for many thanks to a very tame fall this year. Many are shopping more and more now, and the air is much more consistently dipping below freezing at night. This week coming marks the beginning of Hanukkah and here is some refresher information on the Jewish Festival of Lights. The key ceremony at the center of Hanukkah has followers on each of the eight nights, lighting a candle on the branched candelabrum called the menorah in celebration of a one-day supply of oil, miraculously lasting over a week for a small band of Jewish people fighting to defeat the Greek army, way back in 165 B.C., which was 2181 years ago!

In modern times, people observing the Jewish faith also celebrate Hanukkah by eating foods fried in oil, such as potato pancakes called latkes. There are also customary games like spinning a dreidel – a top – and children receive chocolate coins called gelt for victories. As we all approach the holiday season , let’s remember and celebrate our differences with people of all faiths who want peace and prosperity. As our Holiday Season progresses and we have the opportunity to gather with friends, co-workers, and loved ones, let’s focus on being inclusive and remember the the real Reasons For The Season cover many faiths and beliefs.

Please be safe and promote safety. Do not drink and then drive, and let’s all commit to assist anyone in question, to not do so. Simple things matter everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates wants you and your family to enjoy this season to the fullest here in the Maine Lakes Region, or wherever this next few weeks may find you. Be Safe!