As January Comes To A Close..

Many of us set goals and our 2017 resolutions a month ago, and as this is already the last weekend in January: How are you doing? A key question to ask while looking in the mirror is: Are you really happy? Professionals coaches say the average human does not ask themselves this question often enough. For me: “Happiness is an approach to life that embraces a willingness to overcome challenges with a smile.” The term “Attitude Of Gratitude” is a mindset worth fining, as is believing in the power it can bring. Regardless of how people see things, a positive thing you can do is to literally look in the mirror and ask “Are you / am I happy?” We all have key factors to a positive response to this question. Health, occupation, relationship status, comfort, location, and how our family members are doing are common denominators. Oddly, financial situations certainly can play a role but are rarely at the top of the list, because the truth is: money can not buy happiness. Many wellness experts agree that a positive attitude, is everything. The willingness to be proactive and act to change things is a key success trait. Seeking a different job and acquiring new skills can help if you understand and believe this: Do what you love to do and you and you will never work again! Here at Anne Plummer & Associates – we are located in the heart of the Maine Lakes Region in Naples, Maine – we each embrace and enjoy what we can do for you and your family. Our team of dedicated people have many years of experience, and Real Estate experience matters, especially here in the Maine Lakes Region.
Your location matters.. especially when it comes to your core happiness. When was the last time that you asked yourself “if I could live anywhere, what does that place look like.. where should it be, and why?” The answers, might surprise you. Let us show you how easy selling your place to get there, or finding just the right place, can be! (207) 693-5200 Call us today.

Ten More Days..

With this weekend upon us, we have only ten more days remaining and January 2017 will be behind us. I agree with other motivated people that this time of making and working New Year’s Resolutions, that a goal has to include written actions and a clear, manageable plan. Statistically less than 10% of Americans say that they “Achieved Their New Year’s Resolution” when asked later in the year. Why? Too many people do not “Plan their work, and work their plan”. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. The fact is, that each of us are the direct results of our actions. A very wise individual told me once to never forget, that inaction, is absolutely an action, of choice.
Everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates understands the value of setting goals, personally and professionally, and working towards meeting and exceeding those goals. Wanting to be as “plugged-in” to our area and community as possible, we are now posing this weekly website blog also onto our Facebook Page in addition to here:

and if you have Facebook, we would appreciate you typing Anne Plummer & Associates in the address bar, clicking on our company Facebook page, liking us, and interacting with us there! We have recently exceeded 1000 likes to our page, and we thank you for that. Keep them coming!

You may notice if you go there or are there now, something that sets us apart from other organizations: we do not filter out less that desirable viewpoints unless there is unsociable language which is a function of FB, and we do not edit nor alter posted comments – excellent or less than favorable – for instance to correct errors in spelling or to alter comments “to be more in our favor” made by the community. The fact is, we welcome all feedback because that is the best and quickest way we know how to grow, learn, adapt, and best serve you. For instance a recent post demonstrated a clear direction to not ever assume a buyer or a seller is 100% clear on who has what responsibilities. When entering into an agreement to have our dedicated team sell your property, it matters a lot to everyone on our team as to mutually being clear “who is responsible for what”. For instance, if you as the homeowner wish to choose to transfer your responsibility to maintain your property for such items as grounds maintenance, grass mowing, winter plowing and snow cleanup including winter roof snow removal, this needs to be clearly and mutually understood in advance and factored-in to what should be done by whom, for a mutually satisfying relationship. We want to earn your business, and clear mutual expectations matters as to who should do what, when, and why, as to staging and showing your property. We are pleased to make the best arrangements for you the customer, at all times, and that includes working-out all arrangements and responsibilities for the best mutual experience and success possible. As mentioned when discussing the best way to attack any goal, clear action steps matter, as a goal without a plan is just a hope.

What can you write down today, to take advantage of the remaining ten days of January, 2017?

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We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business, everyday, and we also appreciate people who understand the power and advantages of seeing homes and properties during this time of year. Call us today, to discuss!

Givers Gain

Here at Anne Plummer & Associates we strive each day to be the very best choice in The Maine Lakes Region for any and all of your Real Estate needs. Our focus is lakefront, waterfront, water view, mountain view, and all property, lot, and land dealings in the region. Whether you are considering selling a property or you want to look for an existing home, camp, cottage, lot, or land to better suit your everyday or seasonal needs: We understand that an attitude of gratitude matters, and we could not care more as to your success. We win, when you win. Asking good questions and then really listening to responses from an individual’s experience can make a powerful difference, which leads to greater and more successful outcomes, especially when our valuable client and business relationships are blessed with a trusting, open, inquisitive, mutual exchange.. And you factor-in the experience our team members provide you. The term “Giver’s Gain” is used by an International organization called BNI – Business Networking International, and it is one of the foundations for success in business. The concept is a simple one, and there are many BNI chapters in the region. These are groups of motivated, dedicated individuals from all walks of life and professional affiliations who get together to really Listen to each other, create leads for each other, and promote each other’s endeavors. Many groups have open categories for individuals who want to bring enthusiasm and integrity to the meetings, as just one person per professional specialty is allowed in each chapter. A great way to find the most motivated and experienced individuals in any area or vertical segment, is to search the BNI directory the next time you need a trusted electrician, plumber, business coach – all business segments – and you can search by Zip Code here:

and make sure you call us here at Anne Plummer & Associates for all of your Maine Lakes Region real estate needs:


Remembering To Write 2017!

The question is: What is one of the easiest and more important goals we can individually set and accomplish in the days and weeks to come? See the Title above!
This is especially true when writing personal checks for certain payments by check each month. Here are some facts and answers as to what happens if, this week you have written your CMP, your Time Warner / Spectrum Cable, or your oil company a check for the 200 gallons of oil just delivered, and those checks are dated January 5th, 2016 instead of 01/05/2017!
When you talk to most large providers such as the Cable giants, your major utility companies and cell phone carriers, they will “simply cash the funds” date-regardless, and the key question is if your bank will then release the funds, or not. And because the major utility had zero difficulty with “funds not being available” the worst thing that may happen is that your bank may notify you that you would need to re-issue a new check – properly dated of course – to the Utility / the entity you are paying, creating a delay in your funds being finally received by those named on your check(s).
The Uniform Commercial Code, which is a standard set of business laws that governs financial contracts and has been adopted by most states, says that a bank does not have to accept a check more than 6 months old. It is up to the bank.
So what can you do to avoid the 2016-2017 possible error? Personally, this time of year I write ’17 or 2017 on the next couple of checks in my checkbook “ahead” and fill in the exact date the day I write out a check. Hope that may help you too!
Local Event Note: A movie we enjoyed recently is being shown for free – based on the New York socialite of the same name Florence Foster Jenkins – with snacks provided as well this week at the Windham Public Library on Wednesday, January 18 starting at 1 PM, ending a few minutes before 3pm. Call 207-892-1908 if you seek more information. It is a family friendly movie geared for adults.

Happy New Year 2017!

As we welcome 2017 this weekend, everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates wants to remind you why 207-693-5200 is your preferred first, and certainly should be the last phone number you will need to call, for all of your real estate needs in the Maine Lakes Region: We want you to have the best experience possible for all of your Real Estate needs! And we believe in the power of people making a resolution, and in helping people stick with it! Are you living currently in your ideal situation? Do you have all of the amenities, room configurations, general style and feel of your day to day living as you prefer and deserve? Do you have the Lakefront, Lake access, water view, or mountain view you desire from your property when you wake up each day, or that you look forward to when you come home? Is your desire a second property focused around relaxation and fun? What is most important to you? Even if it is just to look to see what may be available with the ideas you have in mind, and remember that your current home and property is very likely the best choice for someone out there, thanks to its style and location.
Whatever is your resolution, here are a few facts to ponder:
% who make New Years Resolutions:
45% (Usually..)
% who never make Resolutuons:
Those who are never successful (usually because they set unrealistic goals..) 24%
Those who achieve resolution success:
Let our team here at Anne Plummer & Assiciates here in the great Maine Lakes region, help you to set achievable goals, and give us the opportunity to help you best attain your Real Estate goals in 2017. Start the year off right and call us today! You will be very glad, that you did!