Where Did July 2017 Go?!?!

This blog somehow ends July with this next week bringing us into August already here in the great Maine Lakes Region. Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants to remind you that we have rarely in our careers seen a better time to explore the possibilities of checking on the real value, that your Real Estate may hold.  You will be glad that you gave us a call if you are considering the possibilities of seeking a more ideal location for your primary residence or vacation property.
The next blog it will be August, and early August brings us here in Naples, Maine an annual event marking it’s 24th year this summer:


A display of beautiful craft with interesting things to see and do, the event runs August 8-12 at the Naples Town Docks.

Berry picking has been great this season and will not last much longer. Here are some area spots for self-picking:


Gillespie Farms, Inc. – strawberries, peas, raspberries
752 Mayall Road, New Gloucester, Maine. Phone: 207-657-2877. Fax 207-657-2870. Open: You pick strawberries 7 days a week when in season typically, Mid June through early August, call for times.

Crabtree’s Blueberries – highbush blueberries
703 Bridgton Road, Sebago, ME 04029-3344. Phone: 207-787-2730. Call for directions and information. Route 107, 1.5 mile north of Sebago Town hall, Sebago, Maine.

Maple Springs Farm – Pick your own flowers and raspberries.
808 Maple Ridge Road, Harrison, ME 04040. Phone: 207-583-4698.

The wonderful people at Camp Sunshine will benefit from you visiting the L.L.Bean campus on Saturday August 12th for the Watermelon Festival, and if you are not familiar with the most awesome work that Camp Sunshine provides to individual children and their families, here is a link for you:


Get out and enjoy the excellent weather, as somehow this blog marks our transitions from July into August, 2017!


This coming Thursday, July 27, after work starting at 6:00PM will begin this year’s three day festival in Casco known as Casco Days. Always an area favorite and a family-friendly event, there are many things to do and enjoy for us year-round residents, and for visitors alike.
On both Thursday and Friday evening, July 27th and 28th, the midway opens at 6:00PM. On Saturday morning in midway Will be opening at 10 AM, and will stay open up until 4:00PM when it will close for a two hour supper break, re-opening again at 6 PM in the evening on Saturday.
To clear up any confusion, the fireworks are scheduled for opening night, Thursday, July 27, and not over the weeekend. Saturday night, the scheduled band is one of the highest rated family acts to ever perform regularly here in our great Maine Lakes Region: Rick Charente and The BubbleGum Band. Backed by seasoned and talented musicians, Rick always puts on a great show for kids of all ages, whether a toddler, parent or grandparent, you will find it difficult not to sing along with Rick’s catchy family oriented tunes.
Set some time aside for this weekend to enjoy Casco Days, and please remind your friends and family that the fireworks display will be taking place around 9:30 PM Thursday evening, July 27th.
Make it a good week!

Summer Fun 2017

Here in our great Maine Lakes Region, everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice and our neighbors and friends know how blessed we are to have the opportunity to live in this wonderful place year-round, and there are many facilities here in the region that flourish this time of year – we mentioned the many day and overnight camps in the area – and there is one special camp that we want to make everyone aware of, that does fantastic work for children and their families in need: Camp Sunshine. Located right here on Sebago Lake, there are two upcoming events we would like to mention at this time because they both take place in a few weeks on August 12th, to help the camp with its mission to assist those families with children who are affected with a Cancer diagnosis. There is the 24th annual ride that starts just north of here for those of you who enjoy vehicles will less than 4 wheels! Here is the link and information for you:


And getting your tickets early to the ride gives you the opportunity to secure a destination room if you wish as this event almost always sells-out room capacity, and everything goes to a great cause. The very same day for those who prefer 4 wheel travel, you and your family can take a very short drive to Freeport to the L.L.Bean Campus for this event:


where the streets of Freeport and the L.L.Bean Campus will be transformed into Watermelon Central! Starting late in the morning about 11:00am through to 4:00pm there are many events schedule with live music to enjoy, providing another opportunity to support a great asset in our region, and the many families that Camp Sunshine serves with their programs and great cause towards the positive, when families are confronted with the unthinkable.  Thank you for your support in advance.

If you know of anyone who has any thoughts as to questioning what their land, home, and property might value in today’s marketplace, even if they or you are not necessarily “ready to sell” at this time, we would appreciate the opportunity with no cost, no obligation, and zero pressure from us, help you fully understand the value you may have in your current situation. It is surprising how often just asking the question Am I in the ideal situation for me at this moment, can prompt great things for you and your family. Give us a call today, and it is our pleasure to discuss anything that you would like to, regarding any of you real estate needs.

We appreciate any and all of your support for the many worthwhile local events in our region.  Get out and enjoy summer!

The 2nd Week Of July 2017

This Second week of July is upon us, and has new things to report here in the area along with the traditional Maine Lakes Region summer fun and events that we expect.

One unexpected event last Saturday had 5 confirmed tornados in our region including what takes place when a tornado hits one of our lakes as this Sebago Lake picture shows the distinct and dangerous waterspout:








This is a very rare occurrence with Maine rarely having tornadoes actually touch down.  Many blessing that other than some localized property damage, no lives were lost and the impacts were much more minor than they could have been.

This Week, the many seasonal summer camps are now running in full force as Maine Summer Camp season is upon us. Here is the impact of this industry in our region based on a recent Portland Newspaper release:

Report: Maine camps generate $332M for economy
Maine’s 330 summer camps employ 500 full-time and 10,500 seasonal workers. Summer camps generate a total economic impact of $332 million, including payroll, benefits and goods and services bought by the camps that range from bug spray to fuel to food. A ten year old study also found that the economic impact of the summer camp industry to be about 90 percent of Maine’s boatbuilding sector, about 40 percent as big as the value of the annual lobster landings, and about 34 percent as large as the state’s commercial logging sector.

Some of the elite, top camps share a website:


If you search Maine Camps on Facebook, you have great presence there including this site featuring over 100 options:


We again welcome staff and campers families alike to contact us, if you would like to own your own spot of heaven here in the region!

This weekend the band playing at Brays Brew Pub in Naples on the Brays Website are advertising this week that they are playing at Gary’s Olde Town Tavern so it looks like changes will be coming if you look here:


And there appears to be a very new Facebook Page with this logo:

IMG_0662So changes appear to be here with more to learn about this long-time Maine Lakes Region establishment.

For all of your Maine Lakes Region real estate needs, our dedicated team here at Maine Real Estate Choice is dedicated to assist you with unparalleled experience and professionalism.

Please call us today, and you will be glad that you did!

Welcome To July

Here in the great Maine Lakes Region – which is located just a half-hour drive west of the Greater Portland area on route 302 – there is a much to do and experience this time of year! Schools are finishing up,  most have had graduation ceremonies, and the many seasonal summer camps are welcoming their counselor and campers either this last week or next. Kudos to the Windham Summerfest committee, volunteers and participants for a very successful and enjoyable Festival this past weekend and from a first-person account, the fireworks display this year was spectacular.
There are many fireworks displays in the next few days that are scheduled, and here is the State of Maine Link for you to investigate where you might want to go this week, and make sure to search all pages that are available via clicking below:


We hope you will get out and enjoy these wonderful Fireworks displays in the region – and we are quite certain that there is something for everyone to enjoy this Fourth of July early summer Holiday season.

We want to remind everyone that the single most common visits for medical care during the 4th of July Holiday season results from various degrees of burns from Sparkelers first and foremost, followed by too much exposure to the sun without sunscreen.  Thank you for focus on safety and driving defensively with awareness of motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians while enjoying the Maine Lakes Region is appreciated by visitors and year-round residents alike.  Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants your holiday to be both safe and fun, and for all of your real estate needs, call us if there is a property you would like to see and it is our pleasure to help you maximize your investment if you are considering selling property in the region.  Call us today, you will be glad that you did! (207) 693-5200.