Entering The Last Week Of September 2017

When you hear about Indian Summer in our traditionally colder northern climates, here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region I expect the fall of 2017 is going to be remembered very fondly for a true July and August-like summer heatwave well into the eighties and pushing the ninety degree range that we are experiencing – truly remarkable weather for the beginning of the turning of the leaves here. Further north in the Maine Woods and ski country the foliage is already approaching 50%, and we are all wondering how long this Fall heatwave can last.
Looking at the next ten days into the first full week of October, there is no day that is predicted to be below the high sixties with mostly low to mid seventy degree days, and the real surprise is no hint of cooler nights, with the nighttime lows here in our area predicted to be at amazingly high levels from the mid 50’s to mid-high 60’s. Midweek this next week is showing thunderstorms with highs in the mid 80’s and an overnight LOW of 68 degrees. That is true Indian Summer for the end of September into the beginning of October, in these parts.
When it comes to Real Estate, this is extending the ability to get a lot of outside work, especially groundwork accomplished that might otherwise be challenged, and it certainly allows us as agents to comfortably show you waterfront, lakefront, water view and mountain view properties that you might be interested in seeing without gloves and hats that many a year would be needed at least early and in the evenings traditionally. We encourage everyone reading this blog that has been curious what their Primary or Summer Home may be worth in today’s amazing market evaluations, to call us to test the waters as to the real value that your property holds in today’s real estate market. Even with the vast experience our team brings to you, we too could not be more surprised at times and excited about helping people maximize their investments to allow for the possibility of you and your family moving towards a property or a situation that is more ideal for you.
Sebago Lakes Region experience matters, and when it comes to understanding the right questions to ask per lake, per area, per town, you want and frankly in today’s Real Estate Transactions you need a professional at your side to assist with maximizing your value and negotiating offers whether you are purchasing or selling, both positions have unique needs in today’s marketplace.  You will be glad you picked up the phone and called us to learn more!

Make it a great week!

What’s Happening September 2017

As we sit today, right in the very middle of September, here are some area events to remember that are coming right up here in the Great Maine Sebago Lakes Region:

This Sunday the 17th starts the Farmington Fair, and there is a unique fair that also takes place each year in Unity Maine – The Common Ground Fair – which is also happening from the 22nd through the 24th this next weekend. This next weekend also begins – here in Cumberland County – the Cumberland Fair, starting on September 24th running through the following weekend. We urge you to get out and enjoy the excellent weather we are being blessed with here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region these days, as in years past we have had many a frost warning at night by this time, with none immediately on the horizon, yet this year. Here is the link for those interested in either of these upcoming fairs, and you will also find information on what many call the ‘Fair Of All Fairs’ in this region every year – The Fryberg Fair – which wraps up Fair season here in Maine, this year starting in early October. Here is the link for your convenience and planning:


Another event here in the region that is “Always the last Saturday in September” being one of their reminders, it will be very helpful if you like beer, or you want to learn more about brewing beer, or you enjoy great food, you will want to consider making plans and heading to Point Sebago in Casco, Maine. Here is the link with all of the details for this year’s 14th annual Maine Lakes Brewfest that happens this year on Saturday, September 30th:

14th Annual Maine Lakes Brew Fest

This is the time of year for many to prepare to remove their boats and watercraft for seasonal storage, and though packing up camp and getting things ready for the fall and winter seasons is a reality for many – with back to school now a couple of weeks gone by – our recent Indian Summer has many hanging on to this summer’s season as long as the delightful weather might continue. If this happens to be time when you are considering testing the waters when it comes to selling property, or maybe you are considering changing summer lakefront, waterfront, or mountain-view locations here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region, now really is prime time to do so while many are looking either for a change, or for just that right spot for them with the total available inventory still being a challenge for the Real Estate Industry in general. Whether you are selling or looking for just that ideal spot for you, not only do we really listen as an Agency and as individual agents, but we have valuable tenure, unparalleled experience, and valuable resources that we have put together working here in the region for years, that will significantly benefit you whether you are looking for powerful representation as a buyer, or as a seller. There are many new things that need to be considered in today’s Real Estate market that point to the real need and huge value that you will enjoy, with having the right Real Estate representation at your side. Do your own research on those in the industry who own the For Sale By Owner franchises that are out there. Did they perform their own personal Real Estate Transactions themselves? I expect you can tell by the question, as to what you will find for interesting answers to the question – and the reasons are many, and they are more important now, than ever before. Facts Matter. Statistics Matter. Knowing the ins and outs and the complexities of today’s Real Estate transactions, matters. And we will share our expertise with you so that you will really understand the importance of selecting the best representation for you.  Thank you for calling us here at Maine Real Estate Choice.  Our goal is to make sure that you will be very glad, that you did.


1st Full Week Of September 2017

With the full summer behind us, and some signs of Indian summer before us, this is a good time for some safety reminders from all of us here at Maine Real Estate Choice.

Our team here in Naples Maine wants you, your family, and our communities to be as safe, and as day-to-day successful as possible! It really doesn’t take much to do something kind on a random basis as you go about your day.  Think of a random act of kindness you can do both at home for the ones you love most, and out-and-about in our community, for this coming week. Recently I was treated with the person in front of me picking up the tab for my coffee and bagel driving through a local drive-thru, and it simply and quietly made my whole day!  In returning the favor the next day, the simple joy can be infectious in the best possible way. You can offer the coupons you may choose not to use, to the person behind you at the grocery store, and ask them to pass them on if that is not their thing.  Simple things each day, like holding a door open a bit longer than you might for someone at a store – and being mindful of when the person in front of you in line is holding a $20 bill and you hear the total is $20.12 and quickly grabbing the 12 cents out of your pocket and saying “Hey, here you go, instead of breaking another bill!” goes a long way to making everyone having a simple moment that can make a difference in someone’s day.

Along with random acts of kindness, come this Tuesday we will all need to be very mindful during our morning commutes to work – and later in the afternoon – of not only kindness, but important driver safety. The full School Bus schedules are now underway.  Here is our review and reminder of all of our responsibilities.
Maybe you are a young driver and this is your first season driving – congratulations! – and in that case you – along with everyone – needs to be very aware of the severe penalties for passing a stopped school bus. Where this takes place the most, is on a four-lane road like the entire Route 302 through Windham / North Windham from River Rd to Whites Bridge Rd. If a school bus is stopped with it’s Red Lights Flashing, all four lanes of traffic must stop – in both directions – and if you think a moment of distractioin can not make your life incredibly difficult, please remember that Maine Prosecutors and the Maine Courts take this infraction very seriously. And, if you possibly could have endangered a child and you have angered a parent into seeing you prosecuted – be aware that the absolute minimum fine is $250, with the following link being the reality based upon Maine Law 29-A §2308.

> $250-$1000 fine
> 30 day license suspension (administrative)
> Maximum of 6 months jail

Another good heads-up this week, is to look closely at your home heating needs. How much fuel do you have? This link can be helpful:



in finding your type of heating fuel, and up-to-the-day investments needed to fill your tank. We have seen gasoline and home heating oil prices rise over 25% in the past week due to last week’s Hurricane Harvey, and with Hurricane Irma heading towards the US Mainland this next week as it passes through the Carribean to points-unknown, it is important to understand when you will need to fill-up, and to plan accordingly.

Finally, on a fun note, coming up at Point Sebago is the annual Folk / Bluegrass Fest! Here are details for Saturday September 16th:

Maine Folk & Bluegrass

Be safe, and get out there and enjoy our great Maine Lakes Region!