Late October 2017 Information

As we enjoy this last weekend in October the weather is about to deal us a difficult blow as we start the week.  Overnight Sunday into Monday there is a storm that is on the brink of being classified a hurricane racing up the coast, so make sure to “batten down the hatches” where you are responsible, and prepare for possible power outages and localized flooding from the volume of rain predicted.

As we close out the month of September early this next week, this will also close out this year’s National Realtors Safety Awareness Month for this year. Topics of focus that you may or may not have in your occupation, is to “always have an out” and to always be thinking ahead as to emergency planning and preparedness for personal safety. Simple things like if your vehicle happens to break down, what do you have on hand for safety gear in the car should that happen? The nature of being a Real Estate Agent is that we are often meeting with people we do not know or that we are meeting in person for the first time, possibly in rural, vacant, remote locations, and recent National statistics demonstrate at least four out of ten Real Estate Agents had been in a situation where they’d experienced something odd or difficult which made them uncomfortable or fear either for their personal safety or for the privacy of their personal information. Sadly, in any professional business environment difficult situations can arise.  We each take very seriously the safety of everyone in our profession along with those here in our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region community we diligently serve. Safety matters for us all, and if you see what may or may not be suspicious or unsafe behavior, common sense is the best rule, as is doing our best to treat each other as if we are all valued neighbors as we go about our day to day.

I was made aware of a story this week where an acquaintance and her brother saw a dog that appeared confused or lost when they were leaving an event in a nearby town, and they took the time to safely approach the animal, remove it from the side of the very busy highway where they were, and they started knocking on doors and businesses in the area in both directions until they found someone who both knew the animal and pointed them in the right direction, returning the pet about a ¼ mile to the great appreciation of the animals owners. Safety matters. Make it a safe and great week!

Fall 2017 Late October Reminders

I Each year about this time everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice, located here in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region in Naples, Maine, wants to provide you some very friendly reminders, especially with so many people, locals and tourists alike, now enjoying the peak foliage season here in the area. We are only about a week away from the end of October, and with late October and early November each year we have some changes that take place each year that seem to creep up on us all, too quickly each year. And many of these reminders involve day to day safety issues that are worth writing down on a post-it-note and sticking on your dashboard! A week from Tuesday, for all of you and your family members who drive, we all need to pay extra special attention to the roads and streets and especially our own all-too-familiar neighborhoods when we rush home or rush out for something, as the streets will be filled with many young children out for Trick or Treats for Halloween who often tend to act unexpectedly, and it is getting darker earlier and earlier daily as we approach a week from Tuesday. Please take extra special caution driving your vehicle on Tuesday the 31st and again, sadly, most accidents that happen in neighborhoods, happen with drivers who live in their own neighborhood, and not from drivers from another area visiting that neighborhood. Also, a mere 4+ days after Halloween, on Saturday night early Sunday morning November 5th, we will be changing our clocks back. Remember, in the Fall, we “Fall Back One Hour” and in the Spring we “Spring ahead, we Spring Forward One Hour”. This means that at 2:00am on early Sunday morning, late Saturday night, it becomes 1:00am again on November 5th. Not this next weekend.  The weekend after Halloween.  Safety matters.  Do not text and drive.  Have your phone in a Hands-free situation as a driver, at all times.  Thank you.

Sebago Lakes Region ME Mid-October 2017

This weekend brings us exactly to the middle of October, with Halloween falling on a Tuesday this year. With our sunset already happening before 6:00 PM, if things seem to be changing rapidly in that department, they really are. We lose, on average, 3 minutes of daylight every single day these days. So next weekend, when our next Sebago Lakes Region Maine Real Estate Choice blog comes around, there will be 21-24 less minutes of daylight than there are today. Which adds up to between now and December 21st, we’ll enjoy one hour less of daylight, every 3 weeks. And the reverse is also thankfully true. Once we get into January and February, we will once again gain the daylight back until the entire process slows down and flips again on June 21st.  And while we are discussing interesting facts:  From a line drawn through our great state of Maine starting in Perry to the east through Dexter to Rangeley in the west, is the 45th parallel. This is the halfway point between the North Pole and the equator. Drive due north, or due south from that line, and 3107 miles later you will reach your desired destination.  When entering the state crossing the Portsmouth bridge driving northward, it is 170 miles and about a 3 hour drive to reach the 45th in Dexter.. and what many don’t realize is that during that drive to your left and right you’ve passed almost 70% of the State of Maine’s population.. however you have covered only about 1/3rd of our state’s land mass, with almost 65% of the State of Maine’s land area being located north of the 45th Parallel. Hope you’ve enjoyed these facts, and maybe given you some ideas for fun day trips especially now with the leaves turning their various colors and hues, is now very close to peak status!

Make it a great week!

The Time For Color Is Now

Here in the great Sebago Lakes Region of Maine it is now time to really enjoy the leaves turning their various interesting colors, and there are a lot of things that you can get out and do here in the region to add to your leaf-peeping drives. Here’s an example.  Located just east of Gray, Maine at the Pineland complex in New Gloucester, Maine, Pineland Farms has a world-class Corn Maze. They call theirs a “Corn Maize” – and from personal recent experience some might call it a Corn Trap! It is great family fun, and there are maps available to assist you in your search for the Maze Exit.  Plan on a couple of hours for the Maze and delightful other things to see and do. There is the Dairy Barn, the Poultry Barn and Family Fun area – where there are goats, more chickens than you may have seen in a long time, and a great play area and critter petting opportunities.  It’s a great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and admirable work that the Libra Foundation has done with Pineland Farms. The successful integration of campus businesses and the working Farm is a success story in progress. If you have not been to the Pineland facility in recent years, you will find the working Farm impressive.

Pineland began as the Maine School for the Feeble Minded in 1908 which was then envisioned as a coed residential facility for the mentally disabled and for those with epilepsy, to have a place to reside and the ability to help work the farm giving the facility both structured and productive activities for the residents, also making the facility more self-sufficient. The State of Maine changed the name to be “Pownal State School” in 1925, which in 1957 became the Pineland Hospital and Training Center, with the name shortened in the early 1970’s to simply the Pineland Center. There is much history in our region to learn about, enjoy, and visit within very short drive times. All of us here at Maine Real Estate Choice encourage you to get out and enjoy them if you are blessed to live here, and, to come and visit if you are “from away”. Who knows.. you might want to stay! Or, enjoy a 2nd home, in an area we are very blessed to call home. Make it a great week!

Welcoming October 2017

This Weekend will mark the real beginning of the Fall Season here in the great Sebago Lakes Region of Maine, with many homeowners looking at the upcoming week’s weather and finally being able to be comfortable removing the Air Conditioner from the window of their primary residence, and looking towards whatever may be needed for cleaning things up and getting a secondary Lakefront, Waterfront, or Water Access property ready for the upcoming winter season.  We are very fortunate this year to still be experiencing lovely day time temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s, however our overnight lows are now reaching down in the lower 40’s and upper 30’s with some frost on the Pumpkin in the more northern and western Mountain regions of the state, which means something very important here in our area:  Leaf Season is now in full force for the next few weeks.  There is already significant color in our more northern and mountainous regions of the State, and here is a great site to keep you informed as to Peak Foliage updates:

This is a Maine.Gov website that is updated very regularly, and there is a lot of helpful information. The When and Where To Visit tab gives you Places to Go and Plan Your Trip advice and though you will find other options for tracking foliage and the changing of the leaves here in the region, I have found no better site than this one.

As we welcome October this weekend, you can still visit the end of the Cumberland Fair, and this weekend marks the beginning of most popular Sebago Lakes Region annual event, the Fryeburg Fair starting Sunday October 1st and running through Sunday October 8th. Here is the link to check this year’s schedule of events:

Make it a great week as we all say hello to October!