Local Holiday Events

This weekend brings us one week remaining prior to the Christmas Holiday weekend with the 25th falling on a Monday this year. There are excellent annual events taking place this week coming, some of them at the same venue in Portland and if you think about the statement of “there is something for everybody” then let’s first discuss the events scheduled for the Merrill Auditorium coming right up. On Tuesday the 19th is the annual Christmas with Cornils.  Ray Cornish has been the municipal organist for the City of Portland for the past 28 years, with this being the final annual Kotzschmar Christmas show.  This will be Mr. Ray Cornils final performance. This year’s program will feature a number of organ arrangements from playful to powerful favorite Christmas carols, per the website. The Kortzschmar Festival Brass comprised of many members of the Portland Symphony Orchestra will be there, along with several special guests. From everyone here in the great Maine Lakes Region, we thank Mr. Cornils for his almost 30 years of musical service and tenure here in Portland, taking care of one of the finest municipal instruments – the  Kortzschmar organ – anywhere in the world. On Saturday next weekend, December 23rd, there are two performances by the Portland Ballet of the Victorian Nutcracker. Two performances this weekend, taking place on the 16th and 17th at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center, are followed by next Saturday at 7:30pm and then Sunday at 2:00pm at the Merrill Auditorium. And to round out the “something for everyone” category with a smile and more, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening New Year’s Eve, the annual end-of-the-year performances of local favorite comedian Bob Marley will take place when Bob takes the stage at the Merrill for the last 3 nights of the year.  Bob Marley’s topical and regional perspectives and insights, bring many smiles and laughs thanks to Bob’s unique delivery and demeanor. And for something a different, you can take the family to any of a number of shows next week at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland as Disney On Ice – FROZEN takes to the ice locally, with the company adding another show to the schedule due to popular demand.  You can check the Civic Center website for updated details on the several performances of this year’s Ice Show. Whatever your plans may be this week: Make it a safe Holiday week!

Practicing Kindness

The Holiday spirit is in full force here at Main Real Estate Choice, Naples in the heart of the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region. With this weekend bringing us our first lasting snowfall of the season, in the prediction for the weather this upcoming week includes temperatures cold enough to keep the fallen snow, with additions to the fallen snowpack midweek. Since this is the traditional season for giving, there is a core sentiment and attitude of gratitude that allows for each of us to be more effective in our personal and professional lives each day: And that is practicing kindness.

“Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and a concern for others. It is known as a virtue, and is recognized as a value in many cultures and religions”

We have all heard and hopefully experienced random acts of kindness.
Arriving at the drive-thru window to find your order paid by the person who passed through before you, is a common one.  Getting to the final total at the grocery store and learning the person who checked out before you contributed $20, $40, some gift amount anonymously to the next person in line – you. These appreciated gestures have great power towards the positive for both the giver and the recipient, and even more powerful is the effect an individual can have, in the most simple day to day actions with those we are closest to in our lives.  Kindness also equals practicing clearly communicated consideration for those we live with, work with, work for, and those who work for us. Setting clear expectations with as much lead time as possible is kind. Making those around us aware of unexpected and unanticipated changes in schedules as soon as we are aware is both helpful, kind, considerate, and appreciated. Think kindness and clear communications this Holiday – and every – Season!
Make it a great week!

The First Full Week Of December 2017

Welcome to the first full week of December 2017 as we await the first significant snowfall of the upcoming ‘17-‘18 winter season here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region. Be aware:  several of us have heard about trusted local residential plowing contractors, who for varying reasons this year have chosen to focus their efforts on commercial plowing, sending out notices explaining that they will not be plowing individual residences starting this season. Personally having reached out to one still servicing residential customers, he explained that he cannot take on new customers based on having lost two of his trusted drivers in recent weeks, also explaining that he understands the trend. We mention this to point out the current lack of depth for residential plowing, and our recommendation is:  Do not wait another day, and certainly not until the first storm if you need a residential plowing relationship this season, which is looming to begin possibly late this week with a potential for predicted snowfall.
There is one other very important item to prepare for diligent attention, that we want to mention again this year.  It is very important for the safety of your loved ones, your home, and if applicable your tenants. Many homes these days have heating systems that are not vented to a chimney or to the top of the structures roof. If your home or building has a direct-vent exhaust, which often looks like a round stainless steel or aluminum cage about the size of a small pizza or smaller, these often vent only a very few feet above the ground. A sudden heavy snow, especially when accompanied by blowing and drifting snow, can cover the furnace vent outside, causing dangerous and lethal gasses to build up inside the structure. This carbon monoxide is odorless, and it can and has led to tragedy. Make sure that there is nothing stacked or leaning near any direct-vent  exhaust, and regularly thoughout the winter, make absolutely sure your direct vent area is shoveled clear allowing for a heavy snow or drifting snow to not turn swiftly into a tragedy. Please also share this information with anyone you may know, and let’s help keep everyone safe here in our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region!