Get Out And Enjoy Safely !!

As a reminder this weekend marks the annual Sebago Lakes Ice Fishing derby, all Info here:

Sebago Derby

And with the unseasonably warm weather we’ve enjoyed this last week, everyone’s mind should be on safety first! The annual Ice Fishing Derby not too far away, in Meredith, N.H. had to be postponed further into late February early March in hopes for colder night temperatures to allow for a safe event, and there is a lot of ice fishing here in Maine that is already very challenged if it takes place on active, moving waters. Here is an article from one of the three major local networks that highlights the challenges the sport of ice fishing and the many who love to get out on safe ice, are facing this year:

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants you to enjoy the season and everything our great Sebago Lakes Region here in Maine has to offer. Please be extra-careful when it comes to getting out on the ice, especially on any waterway that experiences any type of flow, which need not be a “river or stream”. Here is an example that many will understand. As you drive west past our office in Naples going by the intersection of Rte 11 on Route 302, after you go by Brays – many of us locals will reger to Gary’s Olde Towne Tavern as “Brays” out of habit, for a long time to come – and you approach the water just past Merced’s on your left and the giant flagpole on your right, take a moment sometime to stop near the causeway and take notice of this natural consistent condition. The water that flows near the Causeway Bridge, especially looking south the opposite direction from the magnificent view of Mt. Washington off to your right traveling westward, and notice the open water. The consistent very slow current keeps the northernmost end of Brandy Pond open water year-round, and notice how far the open water extends from the causeway. Heed the Maine Warden Service warnings please!

After 9 snowmobilers land in the water, Mainers are warned about dangerously thin ice

Be safe, enjoy our special Sebago Lakes Region Of Maine, and make it a great week!

Mid February Reminders!

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice adores the opportunity to help people make their dreams come true. Where you choose to live is a proven large factor in our individual satisfaction and enjoyment. Also important, is thinking of others. This weekend is a very important time in that regard, when it comes to deciding how you are going to celebrate Valentines Day this year, fast approaching on Wednesday this coming week. This is a great time to think about what is really important to your special someone and how, can you help make that happen? Maybe there is a bucket-list concert you know she or he would really like to attend this coming summer. Have you really listened to what is of most interest to them? Maybe signing up for the gym, or a Yoga class, or planning time together for hikes or adventures in our great Sebago Lake Region here in Maine will generate smiles! Those who have studied what makes relationships work and last over time, all are in agreement that listening, and then acting on your listening skills, is a great way to keep you and your partner open to new adventures and possibilities. Speaking of adventures and things to do: The annual Sebago Lakes Ice Fishing Derby


Sebago Derby


starts on Saturday February 24th, and if a togue is pulled out of the ice that is larger than the State 31lb 8oz current record, the prize is listed on the website is $100,000.00! Yes:  One Hundred Thousand Dollars! And the same weekend on Saturday February 24th the Microtel Inn and Suites Windham – 965 Roosevelt Trail Windham, ME 04062 – will be hosting the second annual Arctic Spirits Ice Bar in their Roosevelt Room from 5:00pm – 10:00pm and Tickets include one drink ticket. Entertainment includes a DJ, a silent auction, rafflle, surprises, and all types of beverages will be served. Tickets are $30 each, or a couples tickets is $50.00, with the amazing Camp Sunshine with the kids-in-need and their families benefiting from your generous donations.  Make it a great week!

2018 Trends Continued..

As we approach Super Bowl Sunday this weekend with what many consider the turning point of the beginning of the end of winter, with many looking forward to spring thanks to the daily increases in sunlight’s duration and power, we’d like to continue our discussion of 2018 trends in Real Estate that we started in last week’s blog.
As we mentioned there are many trends in Real Estate coming into 2018 that are a bit different and growing in popularity than in years past. If you are not familiar with the tiny house trend, there is a lot to learn and understand about this choice, which most agree is as much a choice about generally minimalist lifestyles as it is being able to swiftly change where you chose to locate your tiny residence. A common theme in our great Sebago Lakes Region here in Maine is about neighboorhood development in the area which has become very commonplace and popular in recent years with contractors working directly with building development providing new construction options of several different home plans to select from, allowing for the customization of inside amenities designed to the homeowner’s taste, budget, and desires. And area building supply companies now have teams of individuals who will custom design your home of choice at little to no cost to the homebuilder, as long as you buy the materials for the new home from them. The realities of lower availability of property for sale inventory has created other options for new construction both fixed, and with the ability to take your home where you prefer to be!  Next week we will look at options, value, and savings that you can enjoy whether you currently rent, own, or are now creating your new living arrangements.
Make it a great week!