The Beginning Of Summer Is Upon Us!

Even though it is not officially summer, this Memorial Day Holiday weekend always welcomes many regular visitors and seasonal property owners back to our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region for summer fun activities. Many are opening up their camps, getting their boats in the water, and there are several opportunities to have services taken care of for you, and here are a couple of examples:

Here are some of the popular Marina’s in the area for those with boats, or for those looking for a new or previously-owned boat, or a good place to keep your boat, and some great places to explore fun on our area waterways!


There are many great lakes and ponds and spots to explore with your canoe, kayak, sailboat, boat, or powered watercraft, and here are just some examples of popular places to put your craft, in the water:

Sebago Lake Station Landing

and for those interested in all of your options on every body of water, the State of Maine provides this excellent resource:

Remember that if you are planning on bringing a boat into the state that there are very clear requirement for the cleanliness of your watercraft here in the state. Milfoil has received recognition, and for your awareness you can familiarize yourself and your family with these facts:

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice located in the heart of the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region wants you and your family to have a great summer this 2018 season. If you are even remotely considering selling land, property, water-view, mountain-view, or waterfront real estate we strongly urge you to give us a call first, or last, but call us because due to our recent expansion we know that you will benefit from our important increase in area expertise! Our team has the facts, statistics, and hands-on years of knowledge necessary to provide you and your family the best possible experience during these crazy – crazy good! – times of still relatively low inventory and record price points. Let us help you negotiate your best opportunity for success. There has never been a more important time, to select the best possible Real Estate Agency and agent to represent you. Call us today. You will be glad that you did!
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Reminders This Spring

As the biggest of the snow piles disappear as if by magic and green overtakes brown here in the Sebago Lakes Region of Maine, there are a few reminders and thoughts we’d like to share with you. The first, is all about those of you who are looking at building lots, and lots of land whether you are thinking of selling, or you are in the market to buy land to build just what you have in mind. To really see what you will see from late November through late Spring, you will need to get out and see those spots, or show off your spots soon, if you want non-foliage views as there are now many buds starting to appear on the trees. For those of us who travel in New England, we can attest that the leaves budding out and turning into foliage that will block lot see through capabilities, are happening just an hour or two south via car, with the weather predicted likely to rapidly increase the greening, and spring foliage, of our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region. Another important reminder worthy of mention is that this season is being reported to be one that is very favorable for the possibility of you – and don’t forget your pets – to pick up deer and wood tics even if you are not spending much time in the woods. This appears to be a year due to conditions where the reminder that “the tics are thick” is a good one, and to always check yourselves and your pets for the pesky little pests.  Especially since our pets can easily bring them back into our homes, where they can jump or fall off ready to attach to any potential host. Now that the snow has finally melted, the adult tics that failed to find a host in the fall, are now out in substantial numbers throughout the spring, dying off in early summer.
The deer tick nymph season starts in early June, peaks in early July, and ends in August. The risk of contracting Lyme and other tick-borne diseases is highest then, because the small nymphs, smaller than a sesame seed, are difficult to see and their bite is painless. So remain diligent, be aware, and make it a great week!