Summer 2018 Is Officially Here!

Each year we celebrate the first day of summer which is officially the longest day of the year this June 21st! As Summer officially arrives, so has some delightfully warm and even hot weather here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region.  The 4th of July is right around the corner in a couple of weeks, falling on a Wednesday this year, marking some of the busiest times here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region with our many waterfront and water veiw property owners arriving to enjoy the many events like the Maine Blues Festival – Always on Fathers Day Weekend! – being deemed a well-attended and rousing success again this year!  The parking lot at Tony’s and the Umbrella Factory outlet is always a great indicator of bustling activity here in town. Our Marinas all are very busy as watercraft lovers get out to enjoy the many area lakes and connecting waterways. There are many area 4th of July Fireworks displays and festivities planned, and like each year, Harrison Old Home days and Casco Days celebrations will be soon follow. 

Here is a great tool provided by the State of Maine, especially if you enjoy Fireworks displays! Check the many pages of events here at the official State of Maine website, and click the Search box half way down the page:

It is certainly a great and event-filled time of year to enjoy our region.

For your best possible real estate experience here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region, an area roughly 20-30+ miles west of Portland including Bridgton, Harrison, Naples, Casco, Raymond, Gray, Windham, Standish, Sebago, Denmark, Brownfield, Fryeburg, Lovell, Sweden, Stow, Stoneham, Norway, Oxford, Otisfield and Waterford – we want to help you with all of your Real Estate needs. Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice looks forward to providing you the Real Estate experience, that you desire! Call us today. You will be very glad, that you did!


Seems Like Summer 2018

With weekend activities in full swing this first week of June, and the increase in vehicle traffic here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, we can already remind you to head west early on Route 302 any Friday from now until the Fall, and start heading east early on any Sunday – if you want to maximize and be most efficient on how much time you’ll need to spend in your car in the area! It does seem like summer already with the marina slips full of boats and lake and nearby ocean moorings reaching capacity, even though technically it is not summer until the week after next. Does anyone else still find it odd, each year, that on the very first official day of summer, the days actually peak in length and then start to get shorter? It just simply feels wrong, for the last day of Spring to be the longest day and shortest night, of the year. Already here in the Sebago Lakes Region of Maine you can still see light in the sky and the last parts of a good sunset as late as nine-thirty in the evening, and that will extend to almost ten p.m. here in the area, as we approach the official Calendar start of summer 2018. Per the title of this blog, there is more excellent weather predicted for the next week and the immediate beyond, leading up to the first official day of summer. It is a very exciting time here in the region, with one of our major area events taking place next week – and always, on Fathers Day Weekend. We hope that you might visit us at our office here in Naples Maine sometime on Father’s Day Weekend, as here in Naples, the Maine Blues Festival that starts on Friday evening and runs through Sunday evening on several outdoor stages and within many Naples, Maine establishments during Father’s Day Weekend, is happening this next weekend, with Father’s day falling on the 17th of June this year. If you have never come to the Maine Blues Festival, it is almost impossible to have anything other than a delightful time. Please take a look at his year’s schedule of events, and everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice hopes that we will see you here in town, next weekend!

This Weekend It’s June!

Somehow we are all in the month of June this weekend and it is certainly still peak season in our industry here at Maine Real Estate Choice, located in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region here in Naples, ME on Route 302, directly across from Route 11. The reality with the real estate market for the foreseeable future, is that every season is continuing to be peak season due to high demand exceeding inventory, and it is rare these days for a home, land, waterfront, water view with water access, or Mountain View options to not end up exceeding asking price, due to competing multiple offers often being a reality. If you have any interest in finding out what your property could actually be worth in today’s unique environment, please call us, or better yet stop by today. We would love to meet you and have you meet our staff.  What sets us apart is our people. We are a team of dedicated individuals who each want you to be successful whether you are looking to get top value for your property, or you are seeking that special spot to call yours, either full-time or as a seasonal or weekend getaway spot, we have the people with the experience you need to maximize your success.
Here’s a tip from local weather folks, due to area headlines like this, this week:

What’s Going On? Warmest May In Portland & Record Dry Late Spring

Most yards, plans, and landscaping are literally starving for water compared to normal seasons. The best time to water is early morning pre-Dawn to early morning, and then again early evening to dusk. It’s okay to bucket water shrubs and landscaping as their roots systems can absorb and maintain one-time large waterings, and it’s the lawns that need the morning and early evening consistent waterings to give them a chance to start the season off right, due to the dry month of May that is now just behind us, this weekend. Good luck to all doing yard work, and please make sure that if you or anyone you know are interested in learning the true value of property, or if you are looking for just that special location here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, call us today at (207) 693-5200. Thank you!