Healthy Maine Walks

Did you know in Bridgton, Maine, there is a park called the Pondicherry Park – it co-exists with Stevens Brook Trail? It is a wonderful walk and perfect for kids of all ages, just not stroller friendly but a two year old could easily walk these trails. It is about a two mile walk and offers beautiful bridges. If you have never walked the trails I suggest starting at the Magic Lantern parking lot and go from there (the big wooden bridge marks the spot). The trail will take you a couple different ways and are coded by different colored wooden leaves marked on trees; kids will love this task! There are also log benches along the trail that will make scrapbook worthy pictures! There are also foundations of old structures with little educational plaques at certain spots. The trails could be walked at any season; just during the mud season, as we call it (spring/late winter), you will want water-proof footwear and during the winter some snow shoes. Fantastic walk!

25% of Consumers Have Errors on Credit Report

I was reading this article online and wanted to share it in our blog. Credit reports are free from all three reporting agencies, so it would be a good first step to get your credit report.
25% of Consumers Have Errors on Credit Report
Consumers need to be extra vigilant about checking for any errors on their credit reports, according to the Federal Trade Commission.
One in four Americans report they’ve found an error on their credit report, according to a study conducted by the FTC, which analyzed 1,001 consumers’ credit reports from the three major agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Researchers helped the consumers spot potential errors on their reports.
Five percent of the consumers found such large errors on their report that they could have gotten stuck paying more for mortgages or other financial products, if they hadn’t taken steps to correct it before applying, according to the study.
Twenty percent of the credit reports studied that were found to have errors in it were ultimately corrected after the consumer took steps to dispute it, which resulted in about 10 percent of consumers receiving a higher credit score, according to the study.
Consumers are entitled to receive a free copy of their credit report each year from the three reporting agencies.
Source “Study: 1 In 4 Consumers Had Error In Credit Report,” The Associated Press (Feb. 11, 2013)

Happy to see the diminishing snow

This weekend is the end of March and I am happy to see the diminishing snow leave my roof. There is a small patch left that with the rain today I expect it to be all gone. Now, I will start thinking about spring and watch to see when the ice goes out on Brandy Pond. As has been mentioned in the newspapers, it was quite early last year mid March as I recall but having lived here for many years, it has also had years when it went out much later. Brandy Pond has a large area of open water right now so I’m excited.


I live in Cape Monday Cove and, as I looked out from my deck this week, I was so happy to see that the ice houses are on Long Lake. This is a clear indication that the ice is finally safe to walk on.

Long Lake is open to fishing for:

Landlocked salmon, Lake trout (togue), Brook trout, Brown trout, Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, White perch, White sucker, Rainbow smelt, Common shiner, Fallfish (chub) Golden Shiner, Cusk, Pumkinseed sunfish and American eel.

Principle Fisher: Landlocked salmon, Smallmouth bass, Chain pickerel and largemouth bass. The lake is open to fishing for all fish both summer and winter under general law regulations.

Snowmobilers will now be able to access the lake and it will be so much fun!

My neighbor has just built a fish shack and I look forward to walking out to see it this week.

Living in Cape Monday Cove gives me such a beautiful view of so much that is going on at the lake.

Town of Naples

Naples is one of the most picturesque small towns in western Maine. While neighboring Windham is often called the “Gateway to the Lakes Region”, then Naples surely is the “Heart of the Lakes Region” with eight lakes and ponds falling within its borders. These clean and clear lakes include Sebago Lake, Long Lake, Brandy Pond, Trickey Pond, and Peabody Pond.

Summer visitors are drawn to the Causeway where they find lots of fun activities by day and spectacular sunsets, bustling nightlife, and restaurants and pubs by night. And no one should miss the chance to cruise Long Lake or travel through historic Songo Lock on a rented boat or cruise on the iconic Songo River Queen. Add in golf, hiking, biking, swimming and fishing and the active outdoor enthusiast will never lack for things to do in Naples

Local marinas provide many watercraft options for fun on the water. Enjoy over 40 continuous miles of boating in the region by going north the full distance of Long Lake to the village of Harrison or south through Brandy Pond, the Songo River and into the majestic Sebago Lake. Explore Sebago Lake’s many coves and islands, tie up at a local marina for gas and food, or fish to your heart’s content.

Whatever the season, Naples abounds with energy. Summer visitors, seasonal residents and campers look forward to the annual Blues Festival in June, the 4th of July parade and fireworks, community band concerts at the gazebo, mini-golf, arcades, novelty stores, antique shops and ice cream parlors. Fall brings leaf-peepers, hikers and nature lovers in search of brilliant foliage and clean, crisp air. For some, winter is best, with snowmobile rallies, ice fishing, and nearby skiing. If you’re looking for a place to make lasting memories, Naples is a great destination!

Square Miles – 36.5
Population – 4,200
Distance to Portland – 30 miles
Type of Government – Town Manager/Select Board
2010 Tax Rate – $11.60/per thousand

Visit the town of Naples website at


Bridgton $739,900
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The World of Being a Landlord

The world of being a landlord – it does have its pros and cons; is it for you? If you are thinking of owning a home but you don’t want to stress about a mortgage from month to month you may want to look into owning a rental or a multi-family home, where you have one or two apartments you rent out while you live in one of the units. I personally own a three family home with my husband, it is our first home. We chose that path because with being self-employed it gave us a crutch if work ever slowed down, and we could get out of the in-laws. Let’s face it no matter who your in-laws are you still want your own place! Click hear to get started – just remember to switch the property type from Single to Multi-family –
You may also want to consider buying a water-front property as an investment to rent out on a weekly or monthly basis and save a week or month for yourself as a vacation home. One in the lakes region would be key; you could rent year round, advertising the ponds and lakes for fishing or ice fishing, snowmobiling, and swimming and the mountains for hiking, snowshoeing, or hunting. With the rental income you may be able to cover your mortgage and even make a profit depending on location and how many weeks you want to rent. But doing so there will be quite a few repairs and most likely higher cost in home owners’ insurance. Use the link to search for waterfront properties by pointing at the lakes

Showing property in the Lakes Region

Showing property in the Lakes Region can be interesting sometimes. I showed a Fryeburg property last night at 6:30 to some great clients. Knowing it was going to be very cold and dark out and a vacant property with a long drive way that was not plowed; I knew to dress warm and to wear my high boots! On the way to the property, the listing agent called to tell me he plowed the driveway himself (with his own snow blower), left the porch light on and turned up the heat. What a great agent! Especially since I had every warm weather clothing on except…… I still had my slip on shoes……. that was close!!!! You have to love Real Estate in Maine!

Naples Public Library

As a volunteer for the Naples Public Library located at 940 Roosevelt Trail in Naples Maine I wanted to share some important information that people from away may or may not know about the library. It has been serving the residents and visitors of the Lakes’ Region since 1907 and continues to thrive today.
The Library offers a variety of regular meetings, social events, and other services designed to entertain, educate, and meet the needs of our patrons and visitors.

1. • Free Wireless connection both within the Library and on the grounds
2. • Free use of our desktop and laptop computers in the Adult and Children’s Library
3. • Interlibrary Loan – if we do not have your desired book, we can offer find it for you for a $2 fee
4. • Copying, faxing, scanning available at a nominal charge
5. • Meeting room available, by reservation, for local non-profit groups
6. • Meet the Author events
7. • Monthly Book Discussion Group: get together with fellow book-lovers to read and discuss
8. • Fancy a game of Scrabble? Our Scrabble Club is always looking for new players
9. • Mini-Art Show Walk/Bake Sale every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving
10. • Educational and entertainment programs for adults and children offered regularly on many topics
11. • Gently used books, videos, and puzzles at bargain prices in our Book Barn. Open all library hours

For Kids & Family
1. • Kids N’ Kameras Photography Workshops
2. • Story Time for Beginning Readers offered weekly
3. • Special events for children and the young at heart
4. • Family Art Night each month, bring the family and create your own masterpieces
5. • Free movie nights for kids and families, often offering the latest popular films
6. • Discounted passes to Gray Animal Farm, USM Planetarium and Children’s Museum by reservation

If you have any time, please stop by and meet the people who continue to make the library worth entering.

The website is:

Mortgage Loan Inspections vs. Surveys

Surveyor, Jim Nadeau shared the following information for Mortgage Loan Inspections vs. Surveys:

Mortgage loan inspection vs. survey – by Nadeau Land Surveys
The intention of a mortgage loan inspection product is to evaluate building setback compliance at the time of construction and if National Flood Insurance Program mandatory flood insurance is required. These two items, and only these two items, are satisfied in a mortgage loan inspection. In the simplest of terms, the mortgage note creates an investment and the mortgage loan inspection aids in determining risk for the investor. It does not establish or identify boundary lines.

What makes a boundary survey different? A boundary survey does not rely upon the current deed in the locus chain of title, but actually uses the first deed from the original grantor regardless of how distant in the past this operative deed rests. Additionally, the operative deeds of all applicable neighboring chains of title are analyzed to determine the sequential or simultaneous order of lot or line creation. It is the best method to properly render a strong professional opinion as to the location of a record boundary line. In addition, boundary surveys also identify rights of way and easement locations, on-site encroachments, an accurate area, differences in record and occupation lines, and of course, an accurate location of a boundary line defendable in a boundary dispute.

A mortgage loan inspection on the other hand often assumes the field evidence found is correct, uses the description on the current or proposed deed, does not evaluate neighbors’ deeds, and assumes no typographical errors exist in the deed description.

In summary, a mortgage loan inspection is an investment tool and though paid for at closing by the applicant, it is not intended to be used by a homeowner, an architect, Realtor, engineer, or municipality for planning, design, permitting, or construction purposes. The location of a record boundary line cannot be determined without formal records research, in-depth field reconnaissance and location, and mathematical computation. Take time to read the many qualifications often present on the face of a mortgage loan inspection as it is a product extremely deficient of the efforts required for a boundary survey. I do support the mortgage loan inspection as a professional product, but only when properly used, which is never for boundary line determination, land divisions, or municipal approvals.

Jodi Chute

Appreciating Maine

Appreciate Maine and everything it has to offer! Until you live here you just don’t realize the things we take for granted. Friendly people, clean air, fresh water, lobsters and beautiful wildlife everywhere.

The four-seasons with the vibrant colors in the fall of yellow, red and orange so vivid you almost drive off the road when the sun hits them, or when there is a northeaster and a blanket of white covers everything, we build a fire in the woodstove and cook something yummy. It’s true no two snowflakes are alike! When spring arrives and the crocus breaks through the snow to tell us the long, cold winter is through. Summer is flowers blooming, warm sunny days and all the wildlife teaching their young how to survive.

Sure we have -20 degree days and muddy springs, but if you are reading this and you haven’t been to Maine, you need to find out “you can get there from heyah” Ahhhhh!!

P.S. If you couldn’t tell, I appreciate where I live!!

Anne Plummer Legere