This Weekend It’s June!

Somehow we are all in the month of June this weekend and it is certainly still peak season in our industry here at Maine Real Estate Choice, located in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region here in Naples, ME on Route 302, directly across from Route 11. The reality with the real estate market for the foreseeable future, is that every season is continuing to be peak season due to high demand exceeding inventory, and it is rare these days for a home, land, waterfront, water view with water access, or Mountain View options to not end up exceeding asking price, due to competing multiple offers often being a reality. If you have any interest in finding out what your property could actually be worth in today’s unique environment, please call us, or better yet stop by today. We would love to meet you and have you meet our staff.  What sets us apart is our people. We are a team of dedicated individuals who each want you to be successful whether you are looking to get top value for your property, or you are seeking that special spot to call yours, either full-time or as a seasonal or weekend getaway spot, we have the people with the experience you need to maximize your success.
Here’s a tip from local weather folks, due to area headlines like this, this week:

What’s Going On? Warmest May In Portland & Record Dry Late Spring

Most yards, plans, and landscaping are literally starving for water compared to normal seasons. The best time to water is early morning pre-Dawn to early morning, and then again early evening to dusk. It’s okay to bucket water shrubs and landscaping as their roots systems can absorb and maintain one-time large waterings, and it’s the lawns that need the morning and early evening consistent waterings to give them a chance to start the season off right, due to the dry month of May that is now just behind us, this weekend. Good luck to all doing yard work, and please make sure that if you or anyone you know are interested in learning the true value of property, or if you are looking for just that special location here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, call us today at (207) 693-5200. Thank you!

The Beginning Of Summer Is Upon Us!

Even though it is not officially summer, this Memorial Day Holiday weekend always welcomes many regular visitors and seasonal property owners back to our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region for summer fun activities. Many are opening up their camps, getting their boats in the water, and there are several opportunities to have services taken care of for you, and here are a couple of examples:

Here are some of the popular Marina’s in the area for those with boats, or for those looking for a new or previously-owned boat, or a good place to keep your boat, and some great places to explore fun on our area waterways!


There are many great lakes and ponds and spots to explore with your canoe, kayak, sailboat, boat, or powered watercraft, and here are just some examples of popular places to put your craft, in the water:

Sebago Lake Station Landing

and for those interested in all of your options on every body of water, the State of Maine provides this excellent resource:

Remember that if you are planning on bringing a boat into the state that there are very clear requirement for the cleanliness of your watercraft here in the state. Milfoil has received recognition, and for your awareness you can familiarize yourself and your family with these facts:

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice located in the heart of the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region wants you and your family to have a great summer this 2018 season. If you are even remotely considering selling land, property, water-view, mountain-view, or waterfront real estate we strongly urge you to give us a call first, or last, but call us because due to our recent expansion we know that you will benefit from our important increase in area expertise! Our team has the facts, statistics, and hands-on years of knowledge necessary to provide you and your family the best possible experience during these crazy – crazy good! – times of still relatively low inventory and record price points. Let us help you negotiate your best opportunity for success. There has never been a more important time, to select the best possible Real Estate Agency and agent to represent you. Call us today. You will be glad that you did!
(207) 693-5200

Reminders This Spring

As the biggest of the snow piles disappear as if by magic and green overtakes brown here in the Sebago Lakes Region of Maine, there are a few reminders and thoughts we’d like to share with you. The first, is all about those of you who are looking at building lots, and lots of land whether you are thinking of selling, or you are in the market to buy land to build just what you have in mind. To really see what you will see from late November through late Spring, you will need to get out and see those spots, or show off your spots soon, if you want non-foliage views as there are now many buds starting to appear on the trees. For those of us who travel in New England, we can attest that the leaves budding out and turning into foliage that will block lot see through capabilities, are happening just an hour or two south via car, with the weather predicted likely to rapidly increase the greening, and spring foliage, of our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region. Another important reminder worthy of mention is that this season is being reported to be one that is very favorable for the possibility of you – and don’t forget your pets – to pick up deer and wood tics even if you are not spending much time in the woods. This appears to be a year due to conditions where the reminder that “the tics are thick” is a good one, and to always check yourselves and your pets for the pesky little pests.  Especially since our pets can easily bring them back into our homes, where they can jump or fall off ready to attach to any potential host. Now that the snow has finally melted, the adult tics that failed to find a host in the fall, are now out in substantial numbers throughout the spring, dying off in early summer.
The deer tick nymph season starts in early June, peaks in early July, and ends in August. The risk of contracting Lyme and other tick-borne diseases is highest then, because the small nymphs, smaller than a sesame seed, are difficult to see and their bite is painless. So remain diligent, be aware, and make it a great week!

Post Tax Time Advantages

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice located in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region is excited about this time of year.  And for good business reasons beyond the grass turning green and the trees starting to bud with flowers, which are now appearing as the final snow piles swiftly melt away.  This is the timeframe each year when buyers and sellers who want to take that extra step for staging or final improvements, often have additional cash flow and down payment funds thanks to the IRS and state refunds that are now appearing in individuals mailboxes, and often now directly into bank accounts via Direct Deposit.  For those considering selling, as long as you have lived in the property you are considering selling for two of the past five years, here is something you want to understand fully.  The two year Ownership and Use Rule is as follows and here’s the most important thing you need to know: To qualify for the $250,000/$500,000 home sale exclusion, you must own and occupy the home as your principal residence for at least two years before you sell it, of the previous 5 years. Your home can be a house, apartment, condominium, stock-cooperative, or mobile home fixed to land. If you meet all the requirements for the exclusion, you can take the $250,000/$500,000 exclusion any number of times. But you may not use it more than once, every two years, and the two-year rule is really quite generous, since most people live in their home at least that long before they sell it, and we as Americans move on average, once every seven years. By wisely using the exclusion, you can buy and sell many homes over the years and avoid income taxes on your profits.

One aspect of the exclusion that can be confusing is that ownership and use of the home don’t need to occur at the same time. As long as you have at least two years of ownership and two years of use during the five years before you sell the home, the ownership and use can occur at different times. This is a fact many recent renters and new Landlords may not fully understand. And regardless of these facts, inventory is still historically low as are lending rates however we are seeing interest rates now trending upwards so there has never been a better time to call us to represent you, as a seller or as you seek that Maine Sebago Lakes Region spot ideal for you.   Call us today and make it a great week!

Feeling Like Spring 2018

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice – located in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region – is thrilled about the slow yet steady turn of the season towards a much warmer spring this year. The days have been quite bright, clear, and the warmer trends we are seeing here during the daytime here in region are starting to slowly yet surely get us out of the overnight temperatures still below freezing. For those who may have picked some of the latest “Ice Out Predictions” in years and possibly ever, good for you, as this year is predicted to possibly break records on our many Lakes and Ponds as to when the last ice will finally disappear below the surface in 2018. Looking forward past the beginning of this week, there are no more overnights nor days starting with a temperature below freezing, and for us to be able to say that only as we approach the end of April, should give everyone reading an excellent idea why our many lakes and ponds here in the great Maine Sebago Lake region, are yet to experience ice out.
You can follow the ice out dates on your favorite Maine lake or pond here:

And now is an excellent time to really plan your spring cleanup and small projects for early spring for your yard, and your properties. It looks like we are finally turning the corner towards what will hopefully be a very short next season here in the region, which we affectionately call “mud season”.

And due to our daytime temperatures having been much more reasonable these last couple of weeks even though it has been chilly at night, the frost will not be coming out of the ground “all at once” which does happen in some seasons, and it looks like this year we will not have much of a difficult “mud season”.


Make it a great week!

Patriots’ Day And Taxes Facts 2018

Well, if this weekend finds you scrambling to finish your Taxes and working to get them submitted on time, here are some Taxes Facts that might be of interest to you! If you are doing your taxes this weekend, you certainly are not alone. Last year proved to be the longest wait for people to submit their taxes in history. Per the IRS, 20% of all Americans did not file their taxes until after April 8th last year, which equals almost 30 Million Americans who were indeed, burning the midnight oil in this timeframe to file their Federal and State returns. The IRS feels that due to the vast increase in Online Filing – eliminating the rush to the Post Office to mail in tax returns “Snail Mail” at the final hour, which is normally anything postmarked by midnight on April 15th. However this year, with the normal deadline falling on a Sunday this year – which is this Weekend should this blog post find you unaware, and if so then this blog is likely a very helpful, important reminder for you – most people in the country have until midnight on Monday April 16th to be on time due to April 15th falling on a Sunday, however here in Maine and in Massachusetts, Monday happens to be an observed Federal Holiday, Patriots Day, so if you live in either Maine or the Bay State, be aware that Federal and State Taxes are not late if postmarked by Midnight, Tuesday April 17th this year. It seems that between 10 to 20% of Americans do not get their taxes submitted until the final couple of days possible, each year. That amounts to Tens of Millions of Tax Returns being submitted in the final hours before they are due.

For those note sure what Patriots Day is all about, most are aware that the running of the Boston Marathon happens on Patriots day each year, and the Red Sox traditional host an early start home game at 11:05AM, this year hosting the Baltimore Orioles into town. Patriots Day is celebrated to signify and honor the Battles of Lexington and Concord fought on April 19th in 1775. The state of Wisconsin has been celebrating Patriots day on the third Monday in April for some time now as well, and the state of Connecticut is also observing Patriots Day starting in 2018. Florida Law now encourages residents to observe the Holiday, though it is not yet an official Holiday there. It is an observed Holiday for many New England colleges and Universities, along with public schools often starting their spring break week starting on Patriots Day. If you are heading to Boston this year for the Patriots Day festivities and to see the Boston Marathon in person or to take in the Red Sox early start game, there are showers expected with a high of 50 degrees and a low of 44 predicted. Think Spring everyone! And good luck to those of you in the 20% of Americans reading this, who are working to get their taxes in on time this year! Make it a great week!

Happy Easter Facts

With one of the earliest Easter dates happening as is possible this year, many of us are looking forward to weather that does not include snow and frozen precipitation. The temperatures are predicted to be fairly chilly over the next ten days with evening temperatures at or below freezing consistently here in the great Sebago Maine Lakes Region, with daytime highs ranging from the upper 30’s to into the 50’s a day or two.

The reason Easter came literally as early as Easter can happen, has everything to do with the Full Moon. This weekend there was a Blue moon, which happens only once on average every two to three years. A Blue moon happens when two consecutive full moons, take place within the same calendar month. March 31st marks such an event.

How many of you know how it is determined, exactly when Easter will fall each spring? Here is the official definition of when Easter Sunday will come up on the calendar. You will need to know the phases of the moon and when they will occur each Spring.

Easter Sunday will take place:
“On the First Sunday After the First full moon After the Spring Equinox.”

This is why Easter Sunday can vary so much on the calendar from year to year. So let’s break this down. The one constant is March 20th or 21st always being the first day of Spring, annually. The next thing that has to take place is to find out when will be the first full moon, After March 21st that year. And then, you look at the calendar for the Sunday that follows that first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, and that will be the Sunday for Easter that year.

Why is this? This link will help!

Make it a great week!

Looking Forward to 2018 Annual Events

Here in the great Maine Lakes Region near Sebago Lake, all of us at Maine Real Estate Choice take great pride in demonstrating to you the value that exists right here, and in our surrounding areas. There are few places on earth, in less than a one hour drive, you can be enjoying the ocean and world-class beaches, and also Mountain experiences that rival any on the planet. For those of us blessed to live and work everyday here in the area, sometimes it is easy to forget how important a destination we are for those “from away” who choose a day-to-day that is very urban, and yet we are only a couple of hours from Boston 118 miles to be exact – to reach the lake – and 320 Miles to the heart of Manhattan. In this day and age of easy planes, trains, and automobiles having a second true home ‘away’ is an important part of many people’s lives.

Due to the delightfully improving weather now this spring, we want to remind you of a few of the many annual events available to enjoy each year, just a few of the reasons why our Maine Lakes Region is such a desirable place to hang your hat!

Maine Blues Fest – Naples – Father’s Day Weekend Always!
June 15th, 16th, 17th
12th annual blues festival featuring over 40 Maine blues performers!
Father’s Day is Sunday the 17th, 2018

Fourth of July Celebrations – Fireworks, Road races, Strawberry Festivals
July 1st-4th
Naples, Bridgton, Windham, Raymond, Casco with Casco Days and other area towns offer parades, races, fireworks, and community meals throughout the holiday weekend. July 4th is a Wednesday this year.

Yarmouth Clam Festival – The Third Friday in July
July 20, 21, 22
Awesome food, parade, arts & crafts, music, and carnival.

Naples Arts On The Causeway
August 4th
Area artisans display many different and unique offerings along the Naples causeway

Naples Wooden Boat Show – Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Show
Saturday August 11th
This year will make the 25th annual wooden boat show located on the causeway in Naples, Maine

Lakes Region Brewfest – South Casco
September 29th
Over 30 brewers with food, live music, an Artisans Craft Fair and a beach environment on Sebago Lake. And Please.. Do not drink and drive!

Fryeburg Fair – Maine’s Annual Classic Country Fair
September 30th – October 7th 2018
Maine’s largest agricultural fair – over 3,000 animals, great food, great fun

We hope you too are looking forward to enjoying everything 2018 has to offer.

Make it a great week!

Looking Forward To Spring 2018

The numbers are in, and very thankfully for those who participated in this year’s Shaw’s Polar Dip which is part of the annual Maine Sebago Lake Ice Fishing Derby and festivities. Fundraising efforts are appreciated from those who plunged into the open hole cut in the ice into the icy waters this year reaching the $15,000+ mark raised for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program. Shaw’s grocery stores raised $31,000 additional in their stores for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program, all funds staying local, bringing this year’s total donation to more than $45,000 thanks to the Shaw’s efforts, and the Polar Dip fundraising. Many thanks to those who donated both in the stores and via raising funds for the icy plunge, this late winter season 2018.

Coming right up in a couple of weekends, it is that time of Year again, and a true sign of Spring despite the snow predicted in our regional forecasts. We can look forward to a great couple of events always fun to take the family to: both Maine Maple Sunday and the annual Portland Flower show are fast approaching.

Here’s a link to the all of the listed Maine Maple producers in the association, and I expect you too may be amazed as to the depth of this list!

Member Directory

There was a lot of excellent information available on different links of this website. Get out and enjoy a unique regional tradition! And here are the details to the upcoming annual regional Flower Show, which means that opening up camps and seasonal Waterfront properties can not be far behind:


All of us here at the Maine Real Estate Choice Team located in the heart of the Sebago Lakes Region here in Naples, Maine, could not be more excited about the marketplace today and about the opportunities for mutual success and satisfaction for all of your Real Estate Needs. We hope that you will call us today to discuss your search criteria, or for a real-world evaluation of your property. And we always welcome and appreciate all who walk-in to our office to meet us here on Route 302 across from the intersection of Route 11, Naples, Maine.

Get Out And Enjoy Safely !!

As a reminder this weekend marks the annual Sebago Lakes Ice Fishing derby, all Info here:

Sebago Derby

And with the unseasonably warm weather we’ve enjoyed this last week, everyone’s mind should be on safety first! The annual Ice Fishing Derby not too far away, in Meredith, N.H. had to be postponed further into late February early March in hopes for colder night temperatures to allow for a safe event, and there is a lot of ice fishing here in Maine that is already very challenged if it takes place on active, moving waters. Here is an article from one of the three major local networks that highlights the challenges the sport of ice fishing and the many who love to get out on safe ice, are facing this year:

Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants you to enjoy the season and everything our great Sebago Lakes Region here in Maine has to offer. Please be extra-careful when it comes to getting out on the ice, especially on any waterway that experiences any type of flow, which need not be a “river or stream”. Here is an example that many will understand. As you drive west past our office in Naples going by the intersection of Rte 11 on Route 302, after you go by Brays – many of us locals will reger to Gary’s Olde Towne Tavern as “Brays” out of habit, for a long time to come – and you approach the water just past Merced’s on your left and the giant flagpole on your right, take a moment sometime to stop near the causeway and take notice of this natural consistent condition. The water that flows near the Causeway Bridge, especially looking south the opposite direction from the magnificent view of Mt. Washington off to your right traveling westward, and notice the open water. The consistent very slow current keeps the northernmost end of Brandy Pond open water year-round, and notice how far the open water extends from the causeway. Heed the Maine Warden Service warnings please!

After 9 snowmobilers land in the water, Mainers are warned about dangerously thin ice

Be safe, enjoy our special Sebago Lakes Region Of Maine, and make it a great week!