The view from Pleasant Mountain in Bridgton, Maine

Bridgton, with a population of just under 5,000, is located along the Route 302 corridor, 35 miles from Portland and 26 miles from North Conway, NH.

While it maintains its small town feel, Bridgton is a destination for many in the area because it offers a first class hospital with a full compliment of primary care physicians and services, a brand new movie house, two grocery stores, a leading Maine-based retailer, a large building supply company, several restaurants, and a vibrant downtown area featuring many small shops and businesses.

Just a few miles west of the village is Shawnee Peak ski area with its expanded trail system, night skiing, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Many lakes and ponds fall within the boundaries of Bridgton including Long Lake, Highland Lake, Woods Pond, Moose Pond, Ingalls Pond, and Peabody Pond. All of these water bodies offer clean, clear water and ample opportunities for boating, swimming, and fishing.

Cultural attractions include the Rufus Porter Museum where you can see many fine examples of the interior, decorative mural painting done by the master of the genre from the early 19th century. Also visit the 302 Gallery, an artist collaborative offering many fine and varied examples of artwork from the area located on Main Street, and “Narramissic”, the Peabody-Finch house located in South Bridgton where you can take a walk into past by touring this restored farmhouse and enjoy the surrounding vistas.

Outdoor recreation opportunities are numerous and varied, but worth mentioning is the new walking trail that begins at Pondicherry Park near the outlet to Highland Lake and follows Stevens Brook on its two mile journey to Long Lake. Also, hike up Bald Pate Mountian and enjoy the views, hike Pleasant Mountain from the Wilton Warren Road, visit the Holt Pond Preserve, take a class with the Lakes Environmental Association, or enjoy 18 holes of golf at the Bridgton Highlands Country Club, open to the public.

It is easy to see why Bridgton is a destination for many. Locals and visitors alike love it for its location, convenience, amenities, and friendliness.