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Things To Do August 2022

It is mid-August here in the Great Sebago Lakes region here in Maine and remember, especially those of us who are blessed to live here full time – that well within a one hour drive,...
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Early August 2022 Thoughts

As we are now in the middle of the 3rd Quarter of 2022, we are seeing a few surprises to the housing market so far, including a slight dip in mortgage rates and signs of...
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Mid-June Thoughts 2022

With housing for sale inventory being at historically low levels this Mid-June – I read today that on June 17th in all counties, there were only 3636 single family homes and condominiums on the market,...
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Early June 2022 Thoughts

So as we enter June here in 2022 and as we all enjoy this prime Real Estate selling season now upon us, what things are different this year, than in years past?One key factor comes...
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Time For Some Thanks!

Giving Thanks, halfway towards the Holiday season.. We are approaching the 6-month mark from the Holiday season, which, like the saying Christmas in July, is a great reminder that events here in May leading up...
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Let’s Think Spring And Summer!

As we enter this first week in March there is some to-be-expected snow coming in our forecast, however the focus of this blog is that hope Springs Eternal! This March here in our great Maine...
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Approaching The Heart Of Winter

It’s that time of year for all of us to think about certain safety in our homes, the homes of other family members, and the homes of our neighbors. Each winter, people unknowingly put themselves...
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