imageWhile many of us find no pleasure that our New England Patriots are going to be watching the big game on TV just like many of us, no one can deny some other odd happenings for this week. What was supposed to be a nuisance 1 to 3 inches of snow on Friday, turned into more than 6″ to 10″ of the white stuff for most of us in the Maine Lakes Region, along with the majority of southern Maine. And we are told to brace for another storm coming in Monday night into and through most of Tuesday, if you have not heard. No shooting the messenger.. We just want you to be aware! Home heating oil is still hovering at $1.35 – $1.37 a gallon. And the only ice to be found in Sebago Lake, is really really bizarre! Have you seen all the ice balls?

Sebago Lake might be open water for the first time in many many years this first week of February, and here is an explanation of the hundreds of thousands of ice balls you’ll see if you’re on the downwind side of Sebago Lake:

So as the big game approaches, the likely big winners this week are going to be the Jenny Craig’s and the Weight Watchers programs of the region, as this weekend comes in second only to Thanksgiving, for those who choose to indulge in too much food. Enjoy, do not drink and drive – do not let anyone drink and drive – and make it a great week, from everyone here at Anne Plumber & Associates.