With the local and regional craft fairs featuring many Made In Maine products in full swing, Thanksgiving can not be far behind. With this weekend marking 1/2 of November behind us already, most of us have 8 work days prior to the first big gathering of family and friends around tables filled with Turkey, fixings, and hopefully excellent company. Promote safe travel and do your best to leave your work at work, and focus on enjoying your time with family. Should you not have a family gathering, many churches have gatherings with everyone welcome, and Thanksgiving is an excellent day to consider volunteering to help feed those who may not be as fortunate as many in our communities. Whatever your plans, remember that “The Holidays” can often bring stress to many people, so just like the powerful TV Commercial that shows bubble-Captions for everyone’s thoughts as they walk a busy city intersection – a great reminder that everyone has things in their lives that are difficult – So, too, remember to quietly put yourself in the shoes of others. “What can I do to help?” is a great question to ask often, this time of year.
I can help you, with the weekend before Thanksgiving’s nearest Craft Show Events, happening here near our Maine Lakes Region next weekend:

Annual Maine Made Crafts Show – Westbrook Armory
Nov 21 thru Nov 22, 2015

120 Stroudwater Street
Westbrook, Maine
(706) 843-9188

The Annual Holiday Artisan Fair Fiddlehead Art & Science Center
25 Shaker Road
Gray, Maine 04039
Phone: (207) 657-2244

Nov 21, 2015. Annual Holiday Artisan Fair on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Event is free to the public from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Make it a great week and remember, now is the time to order what you need in +\- ten days to make sure everyone gets to enjoy their favorite side, fixing, and dessert!