I am starting this blog this weekend here in the Maine Lakes Region with more Powerball Mania around me than I have ever seen before! Everywhere I go these days – in line at the grocery store, visits to local convenience stores – and especially on social media it is certainly the talk of the town, and of the day.. And it will be each day, until someone wins I expect. No one was sure if the Powerball jackpot would be paid in millions.. Or in Billions. And if you have not yet checked your Saturday night Jan 9th ticket(s) – you may find some winnings of course, but not THE jackpot ticket – as it has yet to be sold. The coming draws will bring the winner over 1.3 Billion dollars or potentially much more, and someone will win of course.. And what I would like to suggest, is to really think about what is most important about this phenomenon: It is bringing out the power of dreaming, in most everyone. And there is real power in setting goals. So many people are talking about “what they would do” and what I am hearing, is not as much about “needing huge amounts of $$$” to do things.. It is more about what people would prefer to be doing. My point: Why aren’t you striving to do that – those things – anyway? Why wait? Are you living where you want, with whom you want, and in the environment you want? If not: why not? Are you doing what you love to do each day? Find a way to do that!! With land, real estate, vacation and year round homes in the greater Sebago Lakes area we are experts at helping both dreamers and realists, realize their dreams. We love assisting people towards fulfilling important life goals. Call us today at 207-693-5200 and you will be glad that you did!