Please remember that this Monday is October 31st and there will be many a child and children at heart wearing costumes out Trick-or-Treating starting in the late afternoon on the first weekday of this week, so please drive extra safely! We here at Maine Real Estate Choice know how important it is to remind everyone to drive extra safely, starting in the late afternoon as it gets dark early now, into the early evening hours as Halloween is celebrated this Monday.
Being extra attentive behind the wheel will help everyone to have a safe, and fun holiday this year. Almost every child and many children at heart look forward to Halloween as a holiday each year. Excited children, especially very young children, too often act impulsively with no idea of the dangers their actions might cause. Please expect the unexpected when behind the wheel this Monday afternoon and evening as we want everyone here in our great Maine Lakes Region to have a very safe and happy holiday. We are blessed with many neighborhoods that are traditionally safe haven locations for our trick or treaters, and the weather is predicted to be good this year so expect larger than ever crowds and everyone here at Maine Real Estate choice thanks you for driving extra carefully on Monday. Please remind your family and friends to do the same, and expecting the unexpected will help everyone here in our region have a great and safe holiday. Remember that if you and your friends need to run and hide on Monday, we suggest advocating against hiding behind the hanging chainsaws, and make it a great week as we enter November together! Thank you for listening and make it a great week.