So as we enter June here in 2022 and as we all enjoy this prime Real Estate selling season now upon us, what things are different this year, than in years past?
One key factor comes as direct result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which as of this writing thankfully has been more and more manageable each passing month, here in our area and region. One key difference this year is that the majority of larger-company employers in the area have found that their valuable employees are more, or at least as productive, working from home as they were when based only in-office only a couple of years ago, and because of this, many employers now allow their employees to work from anywhere and enjoy true “Remote Worker” status. And this fact is true not just here in our area, but also now on a nationwide basis.
In years past, buyers who may have only considered themselves as a seasonal buyer for a waterfront or a water access property, can now move to this region full-time and work-from-home and keep their job which is located and based far from Maine, maybe in New York, Boston, or far beyond, as they can work productively “at home” here in our region.
Another key factor in this discussion of those “from away” being able to enjoy a primary residence here are measurable improvements in southern Maine with all transportation options and facilities which also allow for more comfortable travel options. Amtrak and the Portland Jetport in recent years have made great improvements in their facilities and capacities. The Maine Turnpike has been successfully widened to allow for easier travel and fewer slowdowns both northbound and southbound.
And the largest and most attractive factor for those seeking to work remotely, is strong High Speed Internet options, and southern maine was one of the first places in the USA to test and deploy High Speed Cable modems in the United States. There are many areas in the USA that only recently have begun to enjoy the kind of Internet Speeds that we here in our area have now almost taken for granted and enjoyed for over 25 years now, and solid Internet is a necessity for anyone wanting their home to also include their day-to-day work from home office.
So there is an importance these days is to also understand, and be able to speak clearly to the High Speed Internet options of a property along with the usual line-item factors of water, waste, heating and cooling, as for many families, their primary employment now by choice, exists from wherever they choose to live, which has to have a reliable High Speed Internet connection.
And in this still very strong seller’s market, as we enter the summer season we are experiencing realities of the cost of funds and Interest rates rising in recent months, which is a trend that is currently predicted this late spring to continue at least through this year’s summer season, and very likely through this fall and the rest of this year.
So it makes makes great sense to give us a call today, for a great Maine Lakes Region Real Estate experience!