As this unseasonably warm first full weekend in November draws to a close, we are all today getting used to the time falling back an hour last night, along with these unusually warm 70+ degree days and nights in the 60’s here in the great Sebago Lakes region of Maine. Per the forecast, we have maybe another day of this warm weather before hard frost and seasonal temperatures will return.

With the return of fall and pre-winter temperatures, here are some thoughts as to some upcoming chores if you have not already tacked them.

Before the first big snowfall of the season, do you want to have or might you already have a “plow guy” lined up either full time, or on-call for bigger storms this year?  Now is the best time to set up and confirm these relationships, for residential plowing services.  The worst time to need assistance getting plowed-out is when that unexpected first snow happens to be a huge snowstorm, and you only then are looking for someone to help you, at a moment when everyone else is also seeking help. Discussing needs and planning expectations now with a provider, is helpful for all parties involved.

If you have not yet had your furnace cleaned, doing so will help to maximize your fuel efficiency by making sure all is running well, especially with the price of home heating oil topping $5 per gallon these days. Every gallon counts! Typically, once the first really cold snap sets in, we see a rush to demand and a rise in home heating fuel pricing, and finding someone with the time for regular maintenance can become more difficult.

And while thinking about your heating systems, please look carefully at the exhaust of your heating units. Should they exit via the wall of your home as many do, is there anything located outside or underneath your exhaust vent, that would allow for snow or ice to quickly build-up and possibly cover your vent? Have any creatures like birds, mice or squirrels built any nests where you might not expect? And one more safety thought is that it is a good idea to change the batteries in your smoke detectors in your home if they are not directly wired, and if you do not have a carbon monoxide detector in your basement or near your heating system, you should have one in good working order.  Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants only a safe and enjoyable upcoming winter season for everyone in our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, and beyond.
And as always:  Make it a great week!