As we put away all of the Halloween lights and goulish lawn ornaments, witches, spider webs, headstones and Jack-O-Lantern decorations for this 2018 season, here are some thoughts as to some soon must-do’s and seasonal should-do’s.

Before the white stuff really starts to fly, do you want to have – or do you already have – a “plow guy” for big storms? Now is the best time to confirm things, or, to ask around for those providing residential plowing service this season.  The worst time to need assistance getting plowed-out is when that unexpected first snow happens to be a 24” to 36” event, and you then need to scramble to find someone to help you – when everyone needs help! So discuss your needs, plan expectations, and you can avoid unexpected difficulties!

If you have not yet cleaned your furnace, get it done, and you will maximize your fuel efficiency by making sure all is running in top shape. It is also the best time to fuel up.  Typically, once the first cold snap happens, we see a rush to demand and a rise in home heating fuel pricing. The average price of home heating oil right now is in the $2.80-$2.90 range here regionally this first week of November, 2018. No one expects those prices to drop any time soon.

Words of Safety:  Look carefully at the exhaust of your heating units. Should they exit via the wall of your home as many do today, is there anything located outside underneath that vent, that would allow for the snow to quickly build-up and then cover up your vent? Have any creatures like birds, mice or squirrels built any nests where you might not expect? Now is the time to look carefully for safety reasons. And along with safety, as we change the clocks and ‘Fall Back’ 1 hour, it is prudent to change the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at this time.  We want a very safe and enjoyable upcoming winter season for everyone here in our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region.
Make it a great week!