Our 1st full weekend in November in the Maine Lakes Region finds the weather unseasonably warm. Temperatures still hovering around 70° late into the evening is certainly both a rarity, and delightful. Many years we have had either a first snowfall, or a snowstorm that has lasted through the winter season by this timeframe. And it appears our blessings are forecast to continue, with more seasonable evening temperatures hovering around freezing, and the forecast highs for the next 10 days appear to be consistently hovering in the mid 50° range. Everyone here at Anne Plumber & Associates could not be more pleased about the easy access this fall to the many property options we have to show you. Whether you are interested in a waterfront or camp-type property, or any of the many options you might be looking for, this is an ideal time to look.  Right now you have a unique opportunity to see things as they truly look in the off-season, with the majority of the leaves now on the ground or falling from the trees. As we enjoy this stretch of weather, we would also like to heighten your awareness on safety. This is the time – just prior heating season – to check your smoke detectors and make sure you own a working carbon monoxide detector. If your smoke detectors are more than 10 years old, replace them today, and install fresh batteries if they are battery-operated. Our evening driving commute is now done mostly in complete darkness with dusk happening as early as 4:15pm, so please stay off your cell phones as you drive. Be very aware and alert as there have been some tragic crashes due to wildlife – Moose, Deer hits on our roads and highways – so pay attention, and do your best to avoid being that statistic of “1 per day state average” that results in injury. Be safe, and enjoy the week!